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What lines of national character found the reflection in Finnish cuisine?

the Nature - our Mother. But not only. And them is too. And a lot of things depend on parents if not all...

The North is not only the poetics sung by Jack London white silence . It is, first of all, the severe climate, poor lands difficult for economic development of the wood and a bog. Everything, combined, promoted that here could survive not only strong in spirit, but still hardworking, patient, persistent and thorough.

Cut off once - it is about them, Finns. Everything should be done once, but carefully and thoroughly. And if measured not so, and cut off - in vain. It is necessary - on new. But whether you will be in time? Whether the second chance will give northern summer? It - short, and summer day, it everywhere - year feeds. And therefore the wood was rooted out also carefully, as well as the soil was processed. And the housing was under construction not less thoroughly, than the earth was sowed.

Without patience, persistence and the validity which is surely accompanying them in these northern regions there is nothing to do. Both then, earlier, and now. It is not surprising that these human qualities are traditional lines of the Finnish national character. What is not denied, by the way, also by residents of Suomi. Here, look. Now quite often on our roads it is possible to see the powerful " trucks; Sisu whose automobile name in translation means not only bravery but also will power, persistence .

And what priest, such is and his arrival. Cannot be in itself the person and the culture created by him. All personal features of the creator are surely shown in his work. Respectively, and the cookery as part of culture, absorbs in itself traits of character of those people who prepare. Every day and in each house. And not only in order that to eat. But also to treat.

When eat, maybe, and do not notice, and here to the one who was treated From outside, speak, more visible. Here and I, look Yes what Finns Thorough, patient, persistent Just the same at them and kitchen!

Here, for example, - about kalakeytto, dairy - fish soup. So to it before on a table to put, it is necessary to give days that it was drawn! Or kalakukko. Fish pie from the fresh rye test. Its three hours should be baked! And then even hours five, having covered with a towel, to weary. This what patience and persistence should be had that to prepare such dishes?

And unless only kalakeytto or kalakukko? It is possible and to tell the same about a set of other Finnish dishes. Syar , for example. To the recipe of this dish from pair mutton it is already more than one thousand years. Seasonings and a garnish to syarya, as well as it, are plain: salt and the baked potatoes. But here this delicacy prepares Nine hours! Moreover and with a small tail. But taste Not that you will lick fingers, you will swallow all brush together with syarya!

Between Lapperanta and Kuovola, there is a small town of Lemi in which the small restaurant " works; KIPPURASARVI having in the menu only one dish. You guess what? And so. In a year this institution of the Finnish public catering standing at all not on a beaten track is visited by 20 (!) thousands of guests.

However, I have no special hunting to paint the recipe syarya somehow. Hardly who will be able to use it. And not only because to potter long. Preparation syarya requires special, hollowed from a tree, a trough. And who has it in a kitchen locker?

If according to the recipe, then now, literally minute.

Simply, I am afraid, as if the reader did not have an impression that behind validity and persistence hides such reticent a beech. It not absolutely so. More true - it is absolutely not so! Yes, Finns, do not love verbosity, but they appreciate a good, kind joke, and with humour in Suomi all in a full order. If who did not read the flashing story Maya Lassila Behind matches (1910), in amazing translation of Mikhail Zoshchenko, the movie of Leonid Gaidai of the same name was seen by many. And, I want to believe that, sincerely empathizing Evgeny Leonov and Vyacheslav Nevinny`s heroes, infectiously laughed at the arising comedy situations and indulgently smiled to the jokes which are generously scattered on a tape.

This kind unostentatious humour, natural resourcefulness and ingenuity They with the Finn always. No matter where it - in the forest road shivering on potholes to the cart or at the stove.

Here, look: Shoemaker`s Salmon (suutarinlohi) . Finns so joke Like, expensive salmon, here he and " is too expensive for the rascal to the shoemaker; stitches from improvised material, a sprat, something on it very similar. Yes you try, try In any case, it is not worse than this praised salmon. But at the price Obvious economy! Gaulle, it, appears, not only at us on inventions is cunning.

But How many talk - that can be conducted? Let`s get down to work! we Take

500 g of a salty sprat; 50 ml of 3% vinegar; 100 ml of cold boiled water; 4 tablespoons of sugar; 2 bulbs; 2 bay leaves; a tablespoon of shredded allspice and a floor - spoons of the same, shredded, but already white pepper.

For a start we clean a sprat. Already cleared we soak from o`clock in water. For now there is time - prepare marinade. For what we mix vinegar, spices, sugar and we dissolve this solution with boiled water.

All? The sprat wetted through? We undress it on fillet - we disorganize fish in half and we take out bones. We displace each half a dense roll and, having laid a side (skin up) on a bottom of a wide, rectangular, superficial dish, we fill in with marinade. The onions chopped by rings are displayed on rolls, without closing them completely. Then with quiet conscience we put a dish with salmon where to the cool place.

Minutes we suffer thirty... Truth Still we remember the Finnish persistence and patience? Then it is better that the dish pomarinovatsya a two-three of hours. From it it will only become better and more tasty.

By what this recipe is interesting? In it as in a mirror, not only features of the Finnish character are reflected, but also culinary receptions, traditional for kitchen of this country. Such as solka and soaking. A large amount of sugar and spices (pepper) - too that raisin without which many Finnish dishes are simply inconceivable. Well, and secrets. What hostess does not have them? Secret shoemaker`s salmons - in a way of laying of rolls (sideways). At such provision of the pickled basis liquid of marinade gets through skin of a sprat more slowly usual that provides formation of delicate and gentle taste. Lososinny Ouch yes shoemaker!

So - I advise. Try.

Well and if in the nearest shop there is no sprat, then, maybe, it is worth paying attention on glazier`s herring ? Truth Besides. No, to prepare this dish it is short. At most - half an hour. But here to soak a salty small fish (it is possible in milk) - hours 12. And then to insist in marinade of day 3 - 4. Such they, Finns. Thorough.

But, unlike the rascal and a hitrovan - the shoemaker, the Finnish glazier from anybody does not hide that product that uses for preparation of a dish: Here, look! Though so, though through transparent " glass;. By the way. Sincerity and honesty are traits of character too