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What is a fish rooster and where he needs to be looked for? What

such fish rooster? It still that for snowstorm?! And any not snowstorm. Still tell that chicken does not fly. Like, chicken - not a bird, Poland - not the abroad. It is not necessary It is not necessary to scoop data from the forgotten newspapers, times of conquest of the Crimea by deputies of the State Duma of current convocation.

It, maybe, at the Soviet power, Poland the abroad was not. And generation shuttle traders what in 90 - x weekly dragged goods on the markets of Smolensk, Pskov or Kaliningrad not from Turkey, namely from this European country, very much even well knows both about customs, and about frontier guards, and that there it is better not to get the charter and to zholner especially, if they in a police uniform not to point a finger at it. So - the abroad, the abroad. And chicken - flies.

Well if to be exact, then not absolutely chicken. Namely this, fish rooster. And not so foolish fairy tales. Is. Chesslovo, is such - the flying fish rooster. Who knows Esa Pakarinen, that even on stolechko On stolechko will not doubt. Is The Flying fish rooster !

Esa is one of the most famous Finnish film actors. About it even in Wikipedia is. He acted in this movie of 1953 Lent ä v ä kalakukko - The Flying fish rooster if literally and into Russian. That movie, where several bad guys under Kulaus`s leadership with pogonyalovy Cripple on hop - stop is broken by good money. And to dump where there to go in hiding on - silent - at once legs in hands and on the fast train Helsinki - Kuopio which just on - company was also called The Flying fish rooster .

But Not about that today, generally, there was a wish.

By the way if who attentively read, so the answer to the question which is taken out in the title of article was already heard. What as that fast to Kuopio, flew by the station and was not noticed? By the way. Swedish name of this movie Finland the bilingual country and Swedish there - the second state, on which The Flying fish rooster (Lent ä v ä kalakukko) has other name: Esa flyger till Kuopio, or in translation Esa flies in Kuopio .

Well? Again - anybody and anything?! All right, we change on passenger and slowly, with all stops. On what train got the Cripple with the company? To fast Helsinki - Kuopio. Where flies Esa? In Kuopio And here already most part of a solution.

Kuopio is the city and port in Finland, on the lake Kallavesi. Administrative center of the province Northern Savoniya. The capital as Finns call, the Lake-land. And there, in all these numerous reservoirs, ryapushka Probably - it is invisible. They say that if in the spring in any of these lakes to scoop the bucket of water, then a bottom - you will not see. It is a lot of in it whitebaits of a ryapushka - a small small fish from family sigovy. That to which by right it is possible to carry our well-known small but precious . The ryapushka is good!

Both Finns, and Karelians well know it and very much appreciate this small fish. And, not only figuratively this word. In the Finnish markets the ryapushka goes to one price with a whitefish. Therefore it is not necessary to look down on this trifle. Who - who, and Finns are a good judge of fish.

With an ulterior motive the ryapushka makes a traditional basis of the Finnish fish pie of the fresh rye test - kalakukko (kalakukko) . Or, if same name yes in Russian, fish rooster . Of course, in Russia the ryapushka meets not everywhere. Only in the north. In such lakes, as Ladoga, Onega, Chudsky, White, Pleshcheevo.

Therefore if who has ryapushka and is not present near at hand, - it does not matter. Traditional - does not mean, exclusive . Instead of a ryapushka it is possible to use also other river fish: burbot, pike, perch, whitefish, iridescent trout. You watch what is available in shop or in the market.

Finns, for example, quite often and arrive. Moreover, in east Finland prepare not only purely fish roosters but also so-called double where one part from fish, and the second - from vegetables (usually turnips and swedes) or wild sour berry. Such as cranberry. Bake in Suomi not fish pies at all. For example, combined vegetable nauriskukko (nauriskukko) is done with a turnip stuffing, by swedes, pork and salty mushrooms.

But with fish kalakukko is much more tasty. And the name obliges. And it is worth preparing it. Not only because it is tasty. If in kalakeytto the first feature of the Finnish ethnic cuisine - simultaneous use at preparation of some dishes of milk and fish, then kalakukko - a bright illustration of its second characteristic feature is shown: combinations in dishes of meat and fish. Yes, in fish rooster - not only fish. But One after another.

It will be necessary for pie for us : 200 g rye and as much - wheat flour; 1 glass of water; 60 g of butter; 800 g of fillet of river fish; 200 g of salted pork fat; 2 bulbs; 2 tablespoons of cream, yolk; melted fat, ground black pepper, salt - to taste.

And now We mix both types of flour in a deep bowl and, gradually adding water, we knead dough. We add to it oil and salt. Then we roll dough with not really thin round layer. Round! But about it is a bit later. For now we put the rolled dough in half and for about 20 - 30 minutes we put it in the refrigerator or as it was done earlier by the Finnish hostesses, in a shade.

- to a finishing table. We cut salted pork fat cubes, we slice onions large half rings which still few times we cut across. And all this is on a frying pan. We fry. As slightly podostynt - we pass all this via the meat grinder together with fish fillet. We add cream, salt to already made forcemeat and we pepper. For some pepper - we do not feel sorry.

What? Half an hour was already passed? We get dough from the refrigerator. Or from an outer entrance hall. We develop on a table and we put forcemeat on one its half, we cover another. We pinch edges and we grease them with a yolk. And here before putting pie in an oven Stopped and looked narrowly. What it at us turned out? Some such shtukention with the direct basis from which there is a wavy, zashchipanny semicircle up. Reminds nothing? Correctly! Cock crest. Perhaps, for this reason and kalakukko? Fish rooster

So if where you will see the recipe which suggests to roll dough with a rectangle, postpone it with quiet conscience away. It can do also fish pie, but not kalakukko.

Admired creation of the hands? And now a fish rooster - in an oven. It is necessary to bake on weak fire not less than 3 hours, from time to time greasing pie with melted fat. And there is more to come. Usually, after kalakukko get from the furnace, it hours five still weary, having wrapped up in a towel. Here such they, Finns. Thorough, persistent and patient.

Before giving on a table at pie cut off the top crust and water with the kindled butter. Contents are eaten with spoons, and in end of a meal also the crackling grain cover is eaten. Obligatory neighbor kalakukko on a table - other not less known Finnish product - milk.

Though this dish - the real national culinary symbol not to find it in restaurant. Yes it also is clear. What client will wait so much?

But good super - a market kalakukko is registered in any almost constantly. And in the well-known Helsinki old covered " market; Vankh of a kauppakhalla - always. So you will be in Finland Now you know where to look for it?

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a picture from Wikipedia website (article about Flying kalakukko )