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From where the Solovki fish soup came to the Solovki?

For a start, probably, should be told and that it, actually, this most Solovki " fish soup;? If on fish soup, it seems, everything is clear - a unique first hot dish on a fish basis, then by definition of the place is There are questions. In what regional differences of the Solovki fish soup from Don, for example, or Onega?

In technology of preparation - any. Fish soup - it and in Africa fish soup. And here on the components used in the course of preparation of a dish Quite right! If Don is a fish soup in which, in addition, put tomatoes, Onega - welded from a sushchik (dried small fish, mainly smelts) with addition of salty saffron milk caps, then in Solovki when it is already almost ready, accurately, stirring slowly with contents of a kettle or a saucepan, pour in the milk diluted with water in a proportion 1:1. Still slightly warm up on small fire, from the edge of a fire and Plates - forward. Spoons - action!

By the way, not only it is nutritious, but also is quite tasty. Behind ears peeps - it is precisely. It is checked.

Only from where the Solovki monks have such love to milk in an ear? No, so - that is clear. A post, the restrictions imposed by it including on food. And an organism - live. Demands protein and amino acids of an animal origin. Here, when it is possible, and this stock due to addition in glass fish soup - other divorced milk is filled.

But What, monks guessed? Or borrowed from whom? If borrowed - from whom specifically? From where the Solovki fish soup came to the Solovki?

Unambiguously, probably, already to answer this question. If the people already the second hundred years continue to argue concerning that and who all - invented radio Alexander Popov? Or Guglielmo Marconi?! That concerning fish soup which name is assigned only to a fish dish since the end of XVII - the beginning of the 18th century Unambiguously - hardly.

And here to try to think, reflect, compare. Same to us nobody prohibits? If is not present, then I have such suspicion that in transit through Karelia - from Finland. I explain why.

One of characteristic features of Finnish cuisine is a traditional combination of fish and dairy products. What - what, and this good at our neighbors always a pile was. Not without reason Finns call Suomi the Country thousands of lakes. And Baltic Here it, under the side. And dairy animal husbandry Who does not know cheese the Viol or Valio`s oil? But both that, and another Correctly! Do of milk. And when there is a lot of it? Not all on cheese and oil? Here also such original dish - rybno - milk soup appeared in traditional Finnish cuisine.

However, someone can object. Like, at what here Finns? They have soups not in special honor! But Delusion it. Soups in Finnish cuisine borrow important and, without any exaggeration it is possible to tell, the central place. The menu of any, national, national and just family holiday does not do without soup. And the first hot dish in it, as a rule, ceremonial. Just Finnish cuisine, as well as many other national cuisines of the Baltic States, developed under strong Swedish (Scandinavian) and German (Hanseatic) influence. And the cold table was always characteristic of them. Sandwich-type or, if into Swedish of manners, - smorgosburdt .

Therefore Finns hospitable in character always put before guests on a table bread, oil, boiled or salty fish, milk. Cold dishes. What, by the way, steadily surprised us, Russians - as so? Butter on a table, and hot Russian cabbage soup, let and empty, will not be poured. The rich people, but to what stingy! . Absolutely not so. Finns - the people, amazing on a shchedrota of the soul. Traditions And in order that is hotter on a table to put - same bake it is necessary to kindle. And the guest after the journey, got hungry. Why for it to keep waiting?

Finns are respectful to soups. Also know how to cook them. But even among all variety of the first hot dishes of the Finnish ethnic cuisine there is a milk or low-fat cream fish soup, especially in a cold season, - the invariable favourite. However, it can have different names.

Usually, potatoes, onions fish soup and addition of milk is kalakeytto (kalakeitto) . It noble option - lokhikeytto (lohikeitto) . When for preparation of a dish not some there fish, namely a salmon undertakes. What points also the name to. On - Finnish lohi - it also is salmon . At such option in a dish of already any milk. Only cream. To a noble fish basis - honourable dairy maintenance.

Sometimes dairy - fish soup occurs in the Finnish menu under other name - kaynulaynen (kainuulainen) though all ingredients and a way of preparation it is absolute the same. Most likely, just as we have the Don fish soup or Arkhangelsk, it is a version kalakeyto, territorially attached to one of the cities of the Central Finland, Kayani, and his vicinities.

To speak about the Finnish fish milk soup as the direct senior relative Solovki " fish soup; is possible much, but Than hundred times to listen or read, can better one, but the hands? In principle, anything difficult.

To prepare traditional kalakeytto , 1 kg of fish, 1 l of water, 1 bulb, 4 large potatoes, 6 peas of allspice, 400 ml of low-fat cream, 1 tablespoon of flour is required; parsley, fennel, ground white pepper, salt - to taste.

We clean fish, we clean and we undress on fillet. From the head, a tail and a spine we cook transparent broth to which in the course of cooking to taste we add largely cut onions, allspice and salt. Yes! And still When cooking fish broth for a minute we do not forget that the real Finn will not assume at all that fish soup in which fish is already lowered boiled. For it it, not by the night it be remembered, the real blasphemy. Fie - fie!

All? Broth is ready? We filter it in a pure pan, we bring to boiling. At once we add potatoes cut in small cubes. We diminish fire Here and we cook minutes 15. For now in a pan cooks About fillet did not forget yet? We cut fish small pieces and we put in soup. Even minutes 5 We remember? We do not boil. And so that it is silent - quietly. And small bubbles from a bottom - to a surface.

By what another from a plate we are not distracted and we do not waste time. We have still cream! We mix with them flour to a uniform consistence. For what slowly we add cream to flour. It is on the contrary better not to try. As cream thickened flour, at continuous stirring we pour in them in soup. A little we heat already almost ready dish on small fire, to taste we add seasoning and It is possible to give to a table, having strewed with parsley or fennel. It is possible for both those, and others. It is not forbidden.

Of course, it not absolutely that. In total - the best, real, versions kalakeytto traditionally prepare in pig-iron ware and by all means in the furnace. Only where and who has in kitchen that furnace now?!

Besides. After preparation of an ear surely it has to be drawn approximately days. Well, as, for example, our daily Russian cabbage soup or borsch. Only later this rather big time the Finnish fish soup is warmed and given to a table. So, speak, it turns out much more tasty.

I do not know. I, unlike hot Finnish guys, had never enough patience


by way of illustration used a picture from the website - clubwings. ru