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What is Shanghai interesting by?

the City which grew from a fishing small village, turned into the port which expanded and absorbed in itself many cultures, being called at various times that East Paris Whore of Asia .

Shanghai - the city with the richest history, very Chinese and at the same time a little allocated, unlike anything another. What is only stood by Huanp River Embankment which is called the museum of foreign architecture. And it is valid, you are often lost in time and space, only then understanding that all this is heritage of centuries-old trade with the West, Opium wars, big foreign diaspora. (England and the USA formed the International settlement, France - separately).

Even during revolt of taypin in the 19th century when the city was occupied by a triad Societies of small swords foreign its part did not suffer, the part of the old Chinese city was destroyed.

Two old cities: Chinese and European, and - the new city with modern architecture, with UFOs above buildings. If to drive to the city in the evening when all fires burn, and automobile outcomes are arranged at the highest level (platforms, tunnels, ring) - a show truly phantasmagoric. Especially - the region of a television tower.

One more singularity of Shanghai is a confirmation of gossips about the man - henpecked . Most likely, this legend arose not from scratch. In any case, typical phenomenon: the going couple, the man bears a ladies` handbag on the shoulder. So, speak, it is accepted. And the Shanghai women are satisfied with the birth of one child though can financially pay for crime rebirth. But many say that they already and do not want. And matter not only in a long state policy, but also in an opportunity to work, do career. For some reason the emancipated Shanghai women need it. Though unclear up to the end - why.

Now Shanghai - one of the largest cities of the world (about 17 million people) and one of the largest ports, financial centers. The youth diligently studies, in the course the English, German, Japanese languages. And speak on the Shanghai a dialect under the name at or on standard Chinese.

As well as everywhere in China, elderly people always at business. If do not sit with the grandson or the granddaughter, then on the street: songs, dances, gymnastics. And average life expectancy at the Shanghai men - 77 years

Of course, at all not everything is so cloudless in this city. And communal flats, speak, remained in old areas. And, when are switched off " at night; fires of the big city it is possible to encounter extremely strange persons who will stick, frightening by one appearance.

Feature of the city - the big, historically developed from pre-revolutionary commercial relations Russian diaspora in Shanghai is known to all. There was a regular steamship line Vladivostok - Shanghai, in the city there was always the Russian consulate. During civil war thousands of refugees were taken out. Refugees were flown down also from Harbin.

About twenty thousand Russians in the Chinese city are small city already in itself! It was the biggest foreign colony in Shanghai. Even all territory of the French concession began to be called the Russian, with Russkaya Street - the most brisk of all shopping streets. There was the Russian drama theater, the Russian ballet school, the Russian newspaper was issued. The Orthodox church and a cathedral was built. Emigrants raised money and built a monument And. To Pushkin - in China it is the only monument to the foreign figure

there lived Here Vertinsky, the jazz musician Oleg Lundstrem whose well-known orchestra we have an opportunity to listen and up to that moment. History of the Russian Shanghai ended during the Japanese occupation, about 8 thousand people could return home.

Now that, old there are no Russians. There were new: students, businessmen, journalists. Here the Russian club in Shanghai also consists of them now.

The city will develop. And to continue to absorb brought cultural traditions, being, nevertheless, oneself.