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Whether there can to be a designer who created an image of Bugatti and Fiat useful to your house?

Are women to whom look following. They are beautiful and refined. Their fine-molded figures, correct proportions... All this bewitches.

There are men on whom stop a look. They look respectably. Well-groomed and accurate...

Is things which possess the same qualities. We define at once that it is qualitative products. Anything superfluous. It is visible that each detail is worked out, in it the heart and soul - a part of the master who laid a hand to it is put.

Most often it is some tiny objects. At once the figurine, a vase or a candlestick is represented... And doors?

The door is an ordinary, household thing from which we do not wait for grace and identity. It is more functional subject, than an interior subject... Though...

Perhaps, we simply know not everything about doors? Presently became fashionable to have unique things. About five years ago even tried to sell me the mobile phone from platinum... Then it seemed to me nonsense. To spend a fantastic sum for a means of communication! Ridiculously! And now I think that it is a work of art. And such things appear in all branches. Any subject can become ornament. Whether we could present earlier that plates will be square, will produce furniture from glass, and toilet paper will become flavored moreover and with drawing?

Therefore I can safely tell, as the door can cause admiration and to become ornament. This so habitual subject can bring a part of the creator to the house too.

But will not be unfounded...

Get acquainted: Giugiaro collection. It is really noteworthy. Of such doors it is possible to be lost in contemplation, as of the beautiful woman. It is possible to estimate and mark out her respectability, quality, reliability... It combines female and male qualities... A unisex - a collection. Fashionable, stylish. But at the same time I cannot call it shouting. It is simply unusual.

Also believe, it has in itself character of her creator. The matter is that this collection was created by the famous designer, whose name it and carries - Giugiaro.

You heard about cars Bugatti, Fiat, SEAT, Subaru, Maserati, Lexus? Their design created Giugiaro. Besides, it worked on design of hours (Swatch), household appliances (Siemens, Indesit), photoequipments (Nikon), computers (Apple) and even cosmetics (L`Oreal)! After such transfers in the head dials, chips, lipsticks, cowls and tires turn... To imagine a door which such person, hardly could invent...

I will not decide to undertake to describe any of them... I will emphasize several details uniting all collection: the correct geometrical forms in combination with ease. Really modern appearance. Unique handles!

It is doors on the fan . Someone fell in love with them from the first, they surprised someone, someone was shocked... But all noticed them and remembered. This new word in design of doors. The collection generated a set of caricatures... Yes! Not copies, namely caricatures. These doors cannot be forged, the difference can be seen, even without being an expert.

It is impossible to tell more. There is a game of the imagination further

And each of us knows - a picture is worth a thousand words, than to hear one thousand times.