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Mobile books - to read or not to read?

we cannot Often read the book because we do not have enough time. Not to sit for days on end in front of the computer only because there is a wish to learn that further - that was! And to carry with itself the computer even if it is the laptop, it is not always convenient too. How to be? Whether there is an opportunity to read the e-book without computer? There are several ways.

To unpack on paper and to read as the usual book, but it too is unprofitable if, of course, your father does not work at paper-mill. And if you read much, then you ruin it.

To convert the book into audio - the file and to listen on a MP3 - a player. It is very convenient. It is possible to find many in the Internet of both good, and bad programs of recognition of the speech and voice cursors to them. Each of them has pluses and minuses and not really distinct pronunciation and incorrect arrangement of an accent is considered one general minus. Though it can be corrected if it is good to study setting up these programs.

But today I would like to talk about other way. Many people most well perceive the text as the text, but not a soundtrack. Submit them the text that it was possible to see it that it was possible to stop on some paragraph, and even to return on the previous page.

It is possible to find the BookReader program in the Internet (www. tequilacat. nm. ru). With its help it is possible to convert text files into the jar format , suitable for reading books in the majority mobile phones. And it is very convenient - to read the book not of the house where at you and so put fully, and on the way to work.

Having downloaded the program, you will read in the reference that it understands it is a lot of computer formats: FB2, HTML, MS Office, PDF, PDB and others. But in practice it will turn out that it works only with the texts having the txt expansions. Why it occurs? Because it is necessary to load the plug-ins allowing to work with other formats into the program. But even if you do not have these plug-ins and laziness to look for them on the Internet, it it does not matter!

Downloaded the book in the PDF format and you do not know how to be? Just you copy the text, you create the new document in the MS Word program, you insert this text and you keep with the txt expansion! The situation is also with other formats of books - e - book compiled by html - the file, html - the document. The main thing that it was possible to copy the text from this file. And here to convert books of the djvu format , alas, it will not turn out. The matter is that they are created on the basis of images, but not the text.

How to work with the program? Having started it, first of all it is necessary to choose phone model. The program works with all known phones and shows several models of each brand. If your model is not in a window, then put the most suitable (for example if you have nokia5300, and it is not there, then expose 5800). In case you have of fly (in the program about this model nothing is specified), then option mid1 is calculated on similar cases. 0 basic fone which has to support all phones.

After that you should make the mobile book such what you want to see it in the phone. Settings include the size of fonts, color of a background, the screen size, transfers, a paragraph space, line spacings, and also a skrolling, manual and automatic.

After you adjusted properties of the future java - the book , it is possible to start its creation. If the initial doc, rtf, PDF or html file, then copy the text and keep it in the file with the txt expansion. Then press the " tab; Books and heads in the developed list choose To Add the book . You find the file in the opened window and you choose it. In the browser which is in the right part of the program there will be a folder of your book, and in a window - the beginning of the text.

If you decide to check at first the text, and already then to load it into phone, then put a tick To Show the text completely . After you added the book to the browser, in the bottom right corner of the program there is active a " button; To Create books . If you are not going to break the text into chapters and paragraphs, then can press this button at once and in the same folder where there is your text file, the book in a mobile format is created. Connect phone, load into it the book and read it with pleasure.

But it is possible to break also the book into chapters - if the text quite long, then it will be more convenient to read, than entirely. It becomes so. In a text window put the cursor in the right place, and then press the " tab; To Break chapter here and your text will be broken into separate parts.

That`s all that I wanted to tell about mobile books. In the program there is still which - what settings, but everything except that I already wrote, insignificantly. The main thing that you created the book in the java format, adjusted it under themselves and you go to the subway, enjoying reading. Your favourite book always with you!