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Pipe or small jug? Modern formation of myths and plasticity of public consciousness of

... The transfer piece about Petrosyan and his creativity got to me here recently. Transfer was laudatory: told what he is a good person and the conscientious toiler (willingly I trust and I can tell nothing against). Another thing is that his creativity - that is called, not in my taste, its sketches and jokes are not pleasant to me, but if it is pleasant to the people - remarkably. I here am not going to discuss Petrosyan`s creativity at all though it in itself - an interesting phenomenon: nobody ever saw anybody who would tell I like Petrosyan (on the contrary, all roll up eyes and speak fiiiya ) nevertheless he most successfully gives concerts, puts performances, does not descend from the screen, collects packed houses and in general prospers.

I was interested in another. The anchorman told that in 90 - x Petrosyan completely changed subject and the concept of the concerts, and completely refused satire in favor of humour to help the audience to cope with a depression. The depression everywhere mowed millions on the occasion of so-called horrors 90 - x as DO 90 - x everything was good years, and here literally since 91 everything so never became suddenly unexpected badly and and did not improve. I did not listen to the further story about a labor way of Evgeny Vaganovich any more, and thought the thought about 90 - x.

And I already here wrote about difficulties of this period ( Riddle of terrible " trousers; and Self-financing on a vychtsentra ) and others wrote - yes probably, everyone who in the 90th years was already adult can a lot of interesting porasskazat about unusual ways of earnings in unusual economic conditions of that time. It was difficult, and even not always was what to eat. At night on streets postrelivat - there was a repartition of zones of influence of bandits and the criminal public was painfully spliced with state structures (did not grow together yet). In a set vacant Soviet offices, CB and institutes where it was possible to drink carefree tea with 9 to 18 burst and disappeared and to wait for pension. On streets and in the yards commercial booths grew and burned...

I in the middle of all this we lived, confused, with nobody interesting rombiky and inapplicable experience in new conditions in sovok establishment with trade-union committee, local committee and Communist Party committee (so-called triangle ) . Even it was a little frightening, but unless it was the depression?

Whom I will ask from the friends and interlocutors - all remember this time as fresh wind as time of hopes, and a surprising, unusual sense of responsibility when you at last were responsible for yourself. It was for want of habit difficult and chilly on this wind, it was difficult and uncomfortable without the leading hand - but as it was easily breathed!

Why and for what purposes now so powerfully this time is pushed in public consciousness in a depression, continuous decline and ruin - it is only possible to assume. Yes, a lot of things failed, but a lot of things also appeared. I will not go deep into details not to load a note - the Inquisitive Reader in the form of separate exercise itself can make a tablichechka of two kolonochek where in one will list that was gone, and in another - those opportunities which at us appeared. I emphasize: OPPORTUNITIES which need to be realized, i.e. to move, but not to write applications in trade-union committee.

Here to me V. Katayev`s tale about a small jug and a pipe was remembered. The mocking gnome gave to the girl collecting wild strawberry, a pipe (which showed it where berries hide), but in exchange took a small jug. Without pipe of berry it is necessary to look for on one, bowing to each bush, and without small jug all berries are easily available, but... they could not be brought together. It is easy to guess that without pipe nevertheless can be gathered berries on jam if to work - and without small jug it is necessary only to sit and admire them. What good analogy - in the conditions of planning of all and distribution of the vital benefits on command it is possible to do nothing from above, in the press and on TV show that everything at us fully and here trouble - to us - that (means not allowed to partiyno - a trade-union feeding trough the population) gets nothing. Though the pipe plays the pipe without ceasing. And in the conditions of the wild market and primitive capitalism everyone, you understand, the cheesecake should be got, looked for and in general to strain, but if there is a desire - the small jug will be replenished.

Logically grounded reader will ask, and to a hda the description of two other cases - when is both a small jug and a pipe and when there is nothing. Having thought, it is possible to come to a conclusion that though it is at first sight best of all that everything was - actually it not so. Because for lack of that and another the berry collector from a grief can weave some basket out of rods, but without hoping on any pipes - to invent some device for finding of berries. While the spoiled owner of a pipe and small jug will quickly devastate all glade clean and that it will begin to do when the Owner Zemlyaniki comes and will ask: and what you dispersed here?

There now, as a result one learned to do without pipe, and others without pipe and a small jug do not want - cry on never to the existing paradise when everything was on 2 - 20 and all 240 million had annually free of charge a rest in Livadiya`s palaces . It seems, the new myth amazingly resistant and universal is before our eyes formed: that in Soviet period though there was so and so (the list of nasty things of a scoop depends on the myth carrier) - but all - now practically is to all WORSE (except for rich men), and all public institutes became worse too or fell into full decay.

Even it is dangerous to argue with it - will just fill up, will flood with some tsunami of examples and arguments: as everything is bad how everything is awful. That is here to listen - the CIS countries promptly plunge into abysses of poverty and here - hunger and epidemics here will begin, nobody treats anybody and does not learn! Guard - where bezenchuk with coffins? Already before were added that a certain lady told me that her mother in 70 - e for 40 rubles of a grant provided years all family and everything is regular on same a sorokovnik went to Sochi! And in general everywhere continuous Artek was a circle. The youth, maybe, will also believe it, but I - that remember that in 70 - e neither on 40 grants, nor for the 65th salaries (were such) nor on 25 r the collective-farm pension could not live, without speaking about resorts.

Children, that at you with memory?

Oh, gave apartments to all free of charge, and now DO NOT GIVE. Yes we remember how gave - on 15, for 20 years stood in a queue, with a registration of what only did not vykomarivat while stood - the grandfather died, all - to you is not necessary on metric area, 8 meters on the person and all! And how it turns out now what communal flats are not condensed and settled? Is under construction much and very quickly - ah, apartments incredibly expensive even if to save all life, not to buy the apartment!

I is right: expensively, and for nothing do not give. But are under construction! Expensive apartments, which to nobody - nobody not on pockets - and what, empty is cost? Fig. Who lives there? Entirely oligarchs ? Here in all these hundreds domishch - all oligarchs? In each window on the oligarch?

of Shops - a dime a dozen that manufactured goods that provisions (it at us, can in other places and there are no shops and neither products nor another ?) . Supermarkets and boutiques. Ah, well in the same place everything is expensive and low-quality! Ah, all food genno - modified, and all manufactured goods - Chinese, ah what faugh!

About quality, dear defenders of a scoop, keep silent, well? Just keep silent. It is a shame. I trust more cats who did not eat the Soviet sausage from any hunger, and they are eat and additives ask. But also about the fact that everything expensively and is too expensive to the population - yes! Expensively. It would be desirable cheaper. But shops - as it is strange - for some reason are not ruined. If to ALL it is expensive there why they are not closed, and extend (besides at us)? And not on a draw (that is ours) the state money, and on the, owners. Martians buy from them, perhaps? Or again oligarchs? Do not do shopping oligarchs in a supermarket at the corner, I assure you. And buy there those who choked behind a frozen pollock 30 years ago and at work received rations with a sprat in a tomato. And those who during that time bribed the seller BUYING though something - a nose twists now: Chinese faugh, Turkish fi, give the Italian?

Bums rummage in garbage cans? Aha - rummage. And earlier did not rummage, it is right - because we threw out nothing. Probably from the Soviet abundance we altered it and turned old things, erased paper bags, constructed rugs from toothbrushes, darned socks and cooked jam from water-melon crusts? And now from poverty and an impoverishment - we throw out both glassware and other. Really all already forgot how we lived - lifted loops on tights? You wear fragmentary tights in repair now?

No, I do not say that there are no problems now. It is not necessary to list me present problems. Attention: it is not NECESSARY to list me today`s problems of your country . Problems of a dofigishch. Including at me. Just some monblana of problems. Therefore it is not necessary to list them. I do not list the? Here and you relieve me, and that I will begin to sob. But endlessly stop squealing about a total impoverishment. Eyes undress. 120 all there were no place to sit in office for the put teas to drive and to wait for pension?

Surprisingly pliable mass consciousness was already practically digested by all that is fresher that we received (both won, and earned) ourselves with dying off of stagnant times. Got used to do shopping in super, to go on vacation to Turkey, not to worry on the occasion of relatives abroad, got used to expressions of the " type; to sell - to buy the apartment etc. And here rotten stuff of legends of the past general paradise, when everything was provided to all - lies completely - everything will not digest in any way. Forgot about pensioners who endured blockade and war, but did not endure the communal flat under vigorous singing about honor and respect?

Now again by all means will object me, despite of the prevention: and now - that how many old men live in misery and all the same lives in communal flats? And I will answer: in - the first, I write not about now, and about the 90th years. Now absolutely - absolutely other song in addition and different in the different countries. And in - the second how so left that such great number of veterans now still needs improvement of living conditions? Even if to take for gospel what now the new power bad and cruel - the Soviet power loved by you, it seems, had time from the end of war and until the end of 80 - x years to arrange a comfortable old age to THOSE WHO on the to a hump took out THIS POWER and rescued from death? How it is combined with songs that all had a provided future?

And here still such convenience - only - only it seems something like that was drawn as very successfully crisis came. Again is on whom to dump own defects! Convenience, baushka, big convenience.

But here that I will especially ask for commentators - pay attention - it is ma - and - an alenky favor: I SHOULD not give vital examples and the situations and then one tovarishch brought - gave the sorrows and somehow so blabbed out that in kind Soviet period lived in a commune, and from present trouble at it the mansion, the car new and the son in business, and then poudalyal both the arguments, and remarks on them, and deprived of me two hundred comments and a deserved wreath of the multicommented author: took offense.

And what to take offense? I am not the hair dryer - Shui I criticize, and even not simoron. Just like that to myself I reflect on pipes yes small jugs.