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I am Lyubov! I am Sil! I am Happiness!

Energy of Love.

Present in the operated imagination that before you a door, it opens also you repeating the key phrase: I am Lyubov! I am Sil! I am Happiness!

you enter the world of love and fulfillment of desires. Welcome we are in Constellation of Love

We entered the world where the unconditional love and happiness reigns, there is a lot of light, happiness, pleasure. The bright sun, an inexhaustible source of vital energy shines, Sveta of life, fine landscapes napityvat a pacification, you hear magnificent music which sounds around. This place your new reality. Fantastic gardens, singing of birds, magnificent lakes and amazing landscapes all this creates the atmosphere of happiness, improves mood and health. Energy of Love fills this place, this energy napityvat all your being and fills your heart. Relax and let your imagination, will help you to imagine the world where harmony and love fill all with light, sense and harmony.

You see all magnificence of paints of the Universe, Here you will be able to find a useful experience of soul, to learn laws of Life and Love Universal. You will be able to be here at any time when you wish, to remain so much how many you want, without losing physical life and a body.

We are in Constellation of Love, here all surprises with the magnificence, singularity, attracts and attracts as a source of pleasure and pleasure

Ya I will be your guide, your translator from language of the Highest wisdom. I will help to understand this world and to come into contact with true I . Here and only here, it is possible to learn to love, without got down also despair, without grief and offenses. To give the feelings, certainly, to trust and feel pleasure from the return, without expecting anything in exchange. And it leads to performance of the main task which our soul has! To learn to love and be darlings!

I will acquaint you with local sights, I will show where all information on feelings and emotions of people contains, I will tell how it influences our real life. And search of mutual love, search of harmony in themselves, in life will be a main goal of our travel. It is a way of our souls in the Highest projection, he will teach to show us and to develop the best qualities, to allocate with sense each lived day and to create space of love and happiness which will fill your soul and life with pleasure, wisdom, knowledge, happiness. You learn to create for yourself the best reality in life and space where you would not be. Visit of Constellation of Love will give you a lot of things. You will be easier guided in life, will become purposeful, will find belief in the forces, and learn to trust self-confidence to the heart, stop not the necessary throwings, accurately define the purposes, and learn to reach them, granting the desires, realizing the plans.

We begin travel to the childhood, memoirs return you during this period of your life, and everyone works with these memoirs, memoirs not necessarily can be light, it depends on what was left by your memory that you endured, and you sending energy of love to that little person, napityvat, surround it with love. You overcome this piece of a way, remembering the children`s feelings, manifestations, you understand emotions, is yours passed, it will always remain with you, it is your baggage, your experience of life, but you changed to it the relation, you saturated your past with energy of love, so changed to it the relation, and changed these your present and the future. You release the past, with pleasure and gratitude.

this stage of a way is passed.

The following stage is much more difficult - you to be necessary ability to dominate itself, the emotions. You are adjusted on positive mood. You come back to the last events when experienced such emotions as feelings, as fear, anger, offenses, disappointments, a despair when not you operated events, and your negative emotions. You at those moments did not wish to realize that you lose an opportunity to change a situation in the favorable party, do not allow yourselves to get out of the crisis situation, do not dare to become a master of the situation and for the good to change itself all events. Exhausting itself, losing in vain enormous volume of vital energy and cutting off itself from an opportunity to move forward and be happy, you created to yourself problems which will long halloo and to pull you back, disturbing you, creating problems, not allowing you to become the happy person. And it occurred only because you did not wish to change the state, gave vent to negative emotions to get the best of itself. Could not be adjusted on a positive image of thinking. Each person is given chance to change and become happy, going on the way of evolution and success. Those people who save in themselves offenses revenge, receive in reply the same. They miss, reject chance for luck and wellbeing. Quantity of a negative at them it is much bigger, they are absorbed by negative energy, and they already have no desire something to change in itself, the life, they on it simply have no forces and energy. They are closed from a net energy of the Universe, and ruin themselves in blackness of the negative thoughts. They closed heart from love because they are filled with offense, the evil, revenge. They do not hear any more the internal voice, a voice of reason which urges to forgive, be kinder, to believe in love. Of course, it cannot but affect their life, a negative which absorbed them, is the prime cause of failures, diseases, problems. Under laws of the Universe the internal state, influences on external, i.e. everyone has that wished.

When the person wishes to change events in the life, he can learn on the mistakes, gaining experience he will manage to avoid similar mistakes in the future. Each person passes the lessons and studies of negative emotions differently therefore also living conditions at everyone the because each person himself chooses for himself the way and according to the choice, has those living conditions which he for himself creates. You release from yourself all negative emotions, the fears, offenses, anger, you understand that you do not need it, you wish to become happy and successful. You understand that the love to itself, to surrounding people, the relatives and this world opens all doors conducting to success, happiness, pleasure, love.

We through the arch sparkling optimistic light enter into Constellation of Love! The arch is an energy of love. I always go on To the Bridge of desire and it is my constant way. So, I lead you to truth in love, to ability to love and extend happiness around myself!!!

Before us, a majestic construction, a huge mirror circle, it rotates clockwise, it is a circle of events. The huge crystal lies in the center of a circle and is poured by multi-colored sides. All huge, majestic hall, in the center which, the circle of events rotates, represents multi-colored power funnels, they holographic spirals draw entrances to unknown portals Room walls, consist of power streams. Everything surrounding seems not real, in any case, it cannot be seen even on laser show. The poured waves of unclear structure and light mirages constantly as in a kaleidoscope, change the image, only all this harmoniously and smoothly flows from one color and is information - a power stream in another.

There is no limitation of space, apparently, this world it is possible to increase, but it is impossible to comprehend up to the end. From this beauty it is impossible to tear off a look, I am a skilled guest here, and all the same this show bewitches.

This mirror circle - a matrix of the Program of finding of mutual Love. Everyone takes one step, and begins to rotate in the Highest and best projection of private life.

I get up on a mirror circle of the first, knowing that in several seconds I will get to the Highest projection, to the relations with darling, to the unconditional love, and pleasure of each lived day. I know, my relations are for me the Highest projection of Love, and having entered on this circle, I found the Lyubov! I love You the Creator! I THANK You the Creator!

Full success! Steadily, I am a happy person. I am a successful person. I am Lyubov! I am Sil! I am Happiness!