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Whether there are a lot of billionaires on the first five pages of an absolute rating of Shkolyzhizni. ru?

carefully trace the Famous magazine Forbes who is who in the world of business, regularly counting others billions and making prestigious ratings. Ask any lucky whose name appeared on pages of the edition as he came to such life and in reply you will surely hear as the slogger in the childhood lived from hand to mouth, and then long and worked hard, purposefully, step by step moving ahead to the planned purpose.

But ubiquitous journalists not just listen, having listened openmouthed, but also analyze all available information about the heroes. What unites and at the same time divides several hundreds of billionaires inhabiting the planet Earth? A strange question, all of them people, so everything were born under any zodiac sign.

It appears, more than others care for financial affairs of the wards of the Maiden . Under this sign most of the richest people, 12% from more than six hundred billionaires which data underwent researches was born.

And as the situation among the best authors of Shkolyzhizni is. ru? To learn it, I studied the first five pages of an absolute rating on which data on 85 authors who are not hiding the date of birth from colleagues and readers went in.

Given rise under the sign of the Maiden there were seven, or 8,2%. Namely: Yulia Gertsvolf, Nina Grishchuk, Lyudmila Yesipova, Svetlana Gubanova, Zhanna Maginya, Denis Misyulya and the passionate popular writer of idea to earn in the Network one million for a year Mikhail Gruzdev . I congratulate, friends, the destiny gave you most impressively financial opportunities. Reflect if they are still realized not completely. It is time to remember the natural qualities granted by stars - diligence, attentiveness to trifles and analytical brains.

As we see, unlike the Forbes list, most of our Maidens - women. However, it is the general tendency of an absolute rating, men on the first five pages only one third.

What to do if the destiny needed to publish you under other combination of stars? To lower hands and to forget about material welfare? Of course, no. Billionaires from Forbes are among citizens of any zodiac sign.

Natural aggressiveness of Arieses provided them 8% of treasured places on Olympus rich men. Of course, it is less significant result in comparison with Maidens, but all the same impresses. And how among our authors? Under the sign of their Aries eight, or 9,87% were born. Here they, examples of obstinacy and persistence: Theodor Moroz, Elena Ivshina, Marina Borodina Stein, Oleg Antonov, Natalya Protsenko, Anna Berdnikova, Sergey Zinovyev, Laura Li .

Idealists - to Aquarius in the most difficult fight against obstacles of a material world managed to divide in Forbes rating the honourable second place together with Arieses. In our list of Aquarius of only 6,2%, four who are given rytsaritsa keyboard and ball pen: Liouba Sergacheva, Marina Oparina, Olga Slesarchuk and Alexander Gajah among which the only man - Boris Rokhlenko wormed way . Yes, its fate - to represent in the good women`s company all male is heavy

For many years a prestigious rating of economic demigods Bill Gates, the Scorpion on the birth headed. On the first pages of a rating of School was six him odnoznachnik : Oleg Agayev, Galina Moskalenko, Queen Victoria, Andrey Gusev, Elizabeth Kovalyova, Egor Gazarov . In 2007 Scorpions were pressed by Aquarius Carlos Slim. But by results of 2008 - go the new king - Warren Buffett is elected. What to do, Maidens do not forget about the wards.

Who unlucky ? Alas, but Sagittariuses , what among the coolest rich men only 6%. Alas - because I, hotly favourite, treat Sagittariuses, and together with me ten more of authors: Olga Litvinchuk, Svetlana Zuu, Kazimir Kashkur, Nikita Shubnikov, Denis Leontyev, Olga Konodyuk, Margarita Melnikova, Tatyana Morozova, Galya Konstantinova, Valentina Ponomareva . Sagittariuses - the most numerous group among leaders of an absolute rating of School, us nearly 13,6%.

As we see, distribution on zodiac signs among financial bigwigs and among modest authors the Internet is the magazine even if such remarkable as ours, does not coincide. Probably, opposite would be strange, all - the economy and journalism demand several different qualities. Therefore also our permanent leader Yury Moskalenko is helped by not Maidens, but judges of various information - Scales .

However, it is not still lost. According to the estimates of Forbes the world capital of billionaires in 2008 moved across the ocean. Now it is not New any more - York, and Moscow. And the quantity earned a treasured round sum, despite horrors of world crisis, significantly grew, them 1125 now, and in article data only on the first half of the extensive list.

Progress. Both creative, and material.