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For what surprises to wait from bank in connection with the signed contract of a mortgage?

Yet quite recently nearly each lamppost shouted take a mortgage, take a mortgage! . Hundred five, no, hundred ten percent from the pledge sum! Without the first payment! Credit vacation for a year! For two years! A real estate assessment within one day! In general without departure on object! At reduced prices! Well, buy an elephant, well to you, it is a pity, perhaps?!

Difficult to reproach the people who bought the apartment in a mortgage with something: it is necessary to live somewhere, and to earn and save up for housing in conditions when apartments promptly rose in price, and savings depreciated, it was not represented possible. And in general, gorged on standings in turns on the apartment during the Soviet Union people were glad though such opportunity. Also were ready to plow on bank the next 20 - 30 years, giving up to 40% of a salary and paying the sum, as a result twice the exceeding purchase cost.

Banks, in turn, in eager rivalry distributed the credits, especially without counting risks, the pledge price on the credit constantly grew, and demand for real estate increased. Each credit institution tried to snip off at any cost a piece of pie more. To pursue conservative policy meant hopelessly to lag behind competitors. The world financial crisis caused, by the way, by similar processes in the American economy led to the fact that a share bad mortgage loans sharply increased from - for the increased unemployment.

Times to scatter stones were replaced by times to collect stones. Even the tendency was designated that natives of the organizations which are engaged in return of debts began to hold the highest positions in banks. If earlier banks promised credit vacation on a case of problems, then now when the person who lost work asks about a delay, they raise a rate, proving it by the fact that quality of the credit worsened and the risk of its non-return increased.

Documents which the bank which gave a mortgage can theoretically demand are listed below. Its requirements to provide these or those documents are how proved, depends first of all on the contract of a mortgage. Credit institutions - different, their contracts - too different. What is written in yours, only you therefore the first and the most competent is can know to be guided in own mortgage contract and to check under it all requirements and claims of bank.

On the other hand, standard lines nevertheless are present. Concerning certain average hypothetical contracts of a mortgage, in decreasing order of their validity, it is possible to call the following requirements.

Most likely reasonable requirements of bank:

- the paid bill for utilities;

- the reference from a house management on lack of debts (in principle, would be enough and the paid bill but the recipient of the credit has nothing to borrow more, except as collecting references for bank);

- the certificate of payment of social and income taxes (demonstrates that the recipient of the credit did not lose work);

- the certificate of payment of a real estate tax or the earth (if it is applicable in a concrete case).

Suspicious requirements of bank:

- the credit agreement (it is obvious to be convinced that the recipient of the credit still stores the copy of the contract).

Most likely, unreasonable requirements of bank:

- the list of all registered persons (declaring the real estate as the main permanent residence put on a mortgage);

- an extract from the salary account;

- the list of all actually living persons;

- a set of certificates of the income of all full age family members (the set is the reference from work, an extract from the salary account, the reference from tax administration).

In contracts the real pearls sometimes come across. Here, for example: The Recipient of the credit undertakes not to worsen the financial position without the permission of " Bank; . It is possible to think, most of people intentionally to do much harm to Bank, lose work now. As a rule, under this ridiculous formulation the ban on receiving the new credits disappears in other credit institutions.

Best of all, of course, that this article never became for you actual, but forewarned is forearmed. Now, at least, you will pay as required attention to the necessary moments, and it will be much more difficult to the trained staff of bank to take you unawares. Read before you sign!