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How to jump to heaven? Put on Skye!

the Ancient entertainment - stilts - are gradually forgotten. Once buffoons on long legs were indispensable attribute of fairs. About forty years ago stilts children were amused, and today not all representatives of younger generation even know value of this word. What, ancient stilts died, without having sustained a progress impact?

Not here - that was! Having ruthlessly processed the millstones unpretentious pieces of wood and having connected them with modern to no - Hau, NTP spat out his majesty on the Skye market - fantastic boots - fast walkers, synthesis of century traditions and space technologies, an innocent entertainment and the extreme sport, entertainment and the tool which is repeatedly increasing possibilities of a human body.

The elastic tools fastening to a foot and a shin not just increase human height, but allow to run with great strides and to make dizzy tumbling stunts. Emergence of unusual stock provoked about five years ago the birth of a new informal sport - of a skaing . The name arose as synthesis of the English words sky and jumping, something it seems jumping in the sky .

Before the Olympic recognition it is still far, but the skaing attracts everything new and new supporters in ranks of the fans. It is simple to run quite boringly, it is far more cheerful to put on Skye and to move with a speed up to 30 kilometers per hour, making at the same time two-meter high jumps.

Initial scope of the invention - the exercise machine for professional athletes - quickly extended. Acrobats, gymnasts and ordinary fans of active recreation became interested in Skayami. They say that in Germany the innovation even drew attention of law enforcement agencies. To escape from the ordinary law enforcement officer on skayakh even to the trained athlete it is rather problematic.

Can seem that a skaing - potentially injury-causing sport. But skayer are convinced of the return, observance of rules and instructions, use of defensors practically eliminates any possibility of injuries. On statistical data of national university sports association of the USA, contact sports, such as hockey, boxing, rugby are most injury-causing. The new, habitually called extreme types, for example, a skateboarding, a snowboard or the mountain bicycle, strangely enough, are connected with injuries less than the others.

One of the reasons - application of modern designs of a sports equipment and protective accessories. Also the athlete`s purpose is important. The fan - play sports just for the hell of it, but not for achievement of outstanding results.

The first steps on skayakh are available already at children`s age, initial models are calculated on loading of 25 - 30 kilograms, but the senior even weight over a centner - not an obstacle. However, at regular trainings extreme kilograms will quickly return to normal.

Skye are selected and adapt individually, taking into account growth, weight and the sizes. With technology of movement the beginning skayer accustom quickly, already on the second occupation it is possible to move independently though the first steps are recommended to be made under supervision and after instructing of the instructor.

Skye is not more terrible than the bicycle. Very few people are capable to sit down on it and to go at once, but it is even less the people incapable to be trained in driving. The same situation and from a skayama. Try, at you surely it will turn out. Good luck.

Illustrations are taken from the website www. skyer. info