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What do you want, the person? Evolution of the Person Ishchushchego

So, the person learned Truth! Well, or thinks that learned. It is not important at all that it he learned. Most likely, just received the first insayt - a brain orgasm, click. Here it! And the world began to look, be felt in a different way. In everything the Sense appeared. It seems to the person that now everything will be differently. And, of course, he hurries to share the knowledge with the World.

The new adherent with burning looks around brothers on reason . Tries to open eyes to people around on the fact that they live not so; do not that; got into a groove and a dullness. Generally, receive, the world, new Christ Redeemer! Bruce Willis with the tough nuts nervously smokes aside.

There passes a little time, and our adherent notices a strange thing. The world somehow cool perceives attempts to escape. And close there is no time to hear in general people want nothing about your yoga (a rebefing, a transerfing, a church community, the NLP or - than you decided to make happy them there?) . Moreover, your environment begins to show the discontent - in the beginning hidden then is more and more obvious. And someone even becomes before the ridiculous choice: Either I, or your searches!

Strange! In brains of the adherent the disagreement appears. Cognitive dissonance. There is something inexplicable., It seems: here it is Truth! I give it to you, oh, Cheloveki! But instead of gratitude - aggression. You point a finger at me and consider nearly mad??

There comes the new stage of spiritual searches. The person Ishchushchy tries to understand the arisen dissonance and, most often, solves: The world is too spoiled to accept Light of which I try to inform! It is all about it! The mankind wallowed in lie and debauchery. To me with it not on the way - the adherent solves. He already actively tries on on himself a suit of the Last Romantic or Electee! By the way, you notice how there is a lot of applicants for a role of the Last Romantic now? Just the Romantic to be uninteresting. Somehow it is banal. And here the Last Romantic - he Is elected. Neo, following a white rabbit in the Matrix

It is possible, at this stage the adherent will begin to create the School - School of the Elite, those who did not lose still a human appearance. Their task - now the whole community to try to call the World for Truth. Financially it appears quite favourably. Especially for those who create System. However it is a bit different subject. It though is crossed with a subject of spiritual searches, but not always directly is connected with it. Therefore we will return to our adherent.

If it has enough courage to glance in itself, then, perhaps, will see that the world is not so bad. Around there are other people - too looking for the way. And there is a lot of them. Earlier something prevented to notice it. Complexes, fears, arrogance. To recognize it oh as it is unpleasant. Feeling, as if you as the spoiled kitten, life tycht a nose in your own excrements. Of course, it is much easier to consider good himself. And then nothing remains to the World how to be in your eyes a sin nursery.

In a Gestalt - for example, it is considered therapies that the person himself bears responsibility that he notices around. What it is connected with how you think?

Let`s review a simple example. If you are thirsty, the first that you will notice, entering on kitchen, there will be water. So? If it is hungry, most likely, at the beginning you will notice something from food. Though you will enter on the same kitchen. In other words, the person chooses from all flow of information that for it most actually at present. That to conformably his internal state. What he aspires to.

What forces you to see around what you see? What do your look, hearing, sense of smell snatch out from world around at present? Why it, but not that? Perhaps your soul responds to it now?

If the adherent manages to make out own arrogance in idea of sinfulness of the world, it moves to a new level. Probably, it is possible to call it the level of Integration, Integrity. By and large, the person begins to realize the shady sides. To find in them resources. To perceive itself and the world more volume. He ceases to think of binary codes: black - white and - is not present, it is good - badly. There are shades, reverse sides of reverse sides. The life situation is considered not as good or the evil, but as a certain lesson.

Searches cease to carry an areola of secret or a selectness. They become natural state. And, about the Miracle! The person Ishchushchy begins to notice similar. He with pleasure studies at them and shares to what came. Association of people at this stage is not any more attempt to create an island Sveta in the world of Darkness. Here people unite because to them is what to tell each other about. There is an effect of mutually strengthening - a synergy. It the relations by the principle the Prize - the Prize.

In this place at me a pause. I do not know, what will be farther. Perhaps, there will come the new stage. Or perhaps the circle will become isolated and will begin new - with feeling that I want to endow the world with True Knowledge again Arrogance - piece resourceful: you will not manage to look back as you will get in the next trap. If suddenly you decide that already understood everything about this world.

One my acquaintance told a remarkable thing: I prefer to remain always slightly - slightly green. The following state behind it is ripeness. If to consider itself ripe, then at the following stage you become rotten . She told it about business, but, in my opinion, quite approaches also a subject of spiritual searches.

On it I want to finish. With wishes always to remain slightly - slightly green.