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Conversation: how it is beautiful to sound?

the Voice - the predecessor of the speech and its basis. Beauty of sounding of a voice is very important for the person. With its help it is possible to open better the feelings, to express emotions, to interest, convince, touch... That is it is possible to influence the interlocutor.

The voice can be pleasant and melodious, touching, velvet, influential, memorable, sexual, fresh and strong. And can be sharp and irritating.

Frequent reasons of bad sounding of a voice: wrong breath, tension and stiffness of the person, and also not really good shape of its health. To keep freshness and force of a voice, to make vocal chords more hardy, it is enough to carry out breathing exercises.

Before starting occupations by respiratory gymnastics, address the otolaryngologist. Only if all bodies which are taking part in a phonation are healthy, it is possible to start occupations.

Breath can be top - so-so - and nizhnereberny. Some people during the long speech raise shoulders, straining a thorax and a neck. At such breath the voice device works with tension. In order that the bodies forming a voice did not experience excessive strain, it is necessary to use a diaphragm (nizhnereberny breath). The following exercises are directed to training of such breath.

Exercise 1.

the Starting position - lying on a back, legs together, the right hand on a stomach, left under a waist. Into the account time, two, three make a deep breath through a nose, sticking out at the same time a stomach. Into the account four, five hold the breath. Slowly exhale, pulling in a stomach. At the same time lingeringly you say sounds with - with - with or - - sh .

Exercise 2.

Get up directly. Develop and slightly lower shoulders, the back at the same time remains to a straight line. Make a deep breath through a nose, representing that you inhale aroma of a flower. Slowly exhale through a mouth, as if warming hands a stream of the exhaled air. The exhalation surely has to be longer than a breath approximately for five seconds.

Exercise 3.

Slow walking with controlled breath. On the first occupation the breath and an exhalation have to be lasting two steps. From occupation to occupation, without changing breath time, extend an exhalation to 4, 6, 8, 10 steps.

Exercise 4.

can do This exercise both in a sitting position, and in a standing position. Inhale through a nose, for couple of seconds hold the breath. Then, accurately uttering figures from one to five, with each word do a short exhalation. Inhale once again and continue the account to ten.

Exercise 5.

Get up directly. Put hands on width of shoulders. Close hands in the lock over the head. Inhale through a nose, having slightly caved in back. Slowly exhale, bending forward. At the same time you say every time a new vowel: and about at e and . Try to finish exhalation duration till 5 - 7 seconds.

Carry out each exercise 4 - 5 times, paying attention to smoothness and duration of an exhalation.

By means of regular trainings you not only will master technology of the correct breath and exempt the voice from unnecessary tension, but also you will begin to develop its natural potential which is not involved earlier. You are convinced that in order that the voice was strong, fascinating and harmonious it is not necessary to strain excessively physically.

Except exercises on development of nizhnereberny breath, there is also a special gymnastics for the articulation device, for the top and lower resonators. But about it is in the following article!