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How to secure itself against theft of ICQ number?

If you the active user of the Network, then absolutely precisely that you at least once came across the offer to buy beautiful number ICQ. Short are considered as elite numbers: to five and six-digit, and also numbers with easily memorable sets of figures. The prices, depending on beauty numbers, usually lie ranging from 1 to 300 c.u., and happen above. To sell combinations of figures - quite good business, agree. If to count number possible to five - and six-digit numbers, then it will turn out that not so there is a lot of them, their registration terminated for a long time - not surprisingly that 90% of these numbers more than once replaced the owners. And not always - at will of owners.

It is known that the enemy needs to be known by sight therefore I will try to list the main ways of theft of ICQ and, naturally, - ways of protection.

1. Brute Force

Behind the scary name, is covered quite clear and logical translation. Brute Force - a brute force. The burglar tries to pick up the password simple search (of course, it will do it not manually, and using special programs). And not necessarily it means direct search of all possible options, in the password lines from various dictionaries which freely extend on the Internet for these purposes can be substituted.

Several other approach is also possible: the burglar can touch numbers according to the password. It means that in some range of numbers the same password is substituted and if you have a password qwerty your number can be easily stolen.

Create the password which it will be unreal or, at least, it is very difficult to pick up. It is the best of all that the password contained both big, and small letters and, of course, figures (for example: k8PkI9e - quite will approach).


you Remember a post method, at registration of number ICQ you entered the e-mail address - Primary - mail. To this address by means of the ICQ service it is possible to send the new password - old will become invalid. In this case the thief should break the e-mail server that is not really real. The malefactor will be able to spot your e-mail address in your personal data, besides on the Internet there is a mass of databases where for almost any number it is possible to learn registration data.

That though somehow to be protected from this way of breaking, state in personal data of Primary - mail and hide it, and for contact leave only Secondary. Also it is not necessary to specify full information on himself in personal data of ICQ: the malefactor can convince technical support of ICQ that you lost the password, and Primary - soap does not work, and the password will be sent on Secondary - mail.

Also it makes sense to change sometimes the e - mail.

3. Infection with a virus

Walking on Network open spaces, you very just can pick up a virus - a trojan which will transfer important data including the password to ICQ, in hands to the thief.

For safe travel on the Internet surely put the anti-virus program and fayervol. If you do not understand their settings, then leave everything by default, it will be quite enough, and do not forget about updating of anti-virus bases.

It is also possible to advise to use alternative ICQ - clients, such as QiP, &RQ, Miranda, Trillian.

4. Udalennyydostup to system to

If on your computer it is established ON, allowing remote users to download information from the hard drive, pay attention to the list of catalogs to which access is allowed: in it there should not be system folders.

5. Social engineering

Very interesting way. The thief can extend deception from you the password. Let`s say that you received the letter in which the administration of ICQ, apologizes, reports about some technical malfunctions and asks you to send them the password repeatedly. Do not trust, for 100% it is deception.

You remember, being registered on free mail - the server, you filled the field confidential question ? For example, it could be the question: How call my dog? . The thief easily can in lovely conversation on expert it is accurate to extend from you a name of your pet.

Try to leave as little as possible about yourself information in the Network and if it appears, then to reduce probability that it can contain the answer to a confidential question.

I listed the most widespread ways of theft number ICQ. You should not fall into paranoia and to subject yourself to some excessive and sophisticated measures of protection - there will be enough also the most elementary which I listed.

Kind to you messages!