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How to choose an ordinary bathtub?

Repair of a bathroom differ from repair of other rooms in the fact that besides actually repair you should choose also the sanitary equipment. It has to, in - the first, to be pleasant to you externally, in - the second, to be technologically convenient and functional, and, in - the third, stylistically to correspond to everything that is in a bathroom. The choice of bathroom equipment should be begun, naturally, with the most important subject in a bathroom - from a bathtub.

To choose a bathtub presently it is difficult. The choice is huge. Different materials: cast iron, steel, acryle. Different forms: bathtubs are angular, round and even six-sided. Producers of the different countries: Italy, Turkey, Russia. And prices in general incomparable.

The Italian bathtubs of the road, the Spanish analogs are 2 - 3 times cheaper, but on quality do not concede. The Turkish bathtubs are three more times cheaper. And production of domestic producer is absolutely cheap and available.

In the majority of houses use pig-iron bathtubs to this day. Their biggest shortcoming - weight. From - for big weight it is difficult to transport and mount them. But, for the rest, pig-iron bathtubs very much are even good. These bathtubs long hold heat, water in them can not cool down till one and a half o`clock. They are steady against corrosion, but enamel on them insufficiently resistant to mechanical damages.

The bathtub from cast iron will serve long. Therefore - that pig-iron bathtubs are also popular. Buying a pig-iron bathtub, pay attention to uniformity of color, flatness of a covering, lack of smudges of enamel and chips.

Steel bathtubs have two advantages - the price and weight. They are easy and convenient in transit and installation, but are not so convenient in operation. Water in a bathtub is poured with such ring that neighbors learn at once about your intention to take a bath. It is better to put such bathtub at the dacha.

Thickness of walls of a steel bathtub has to be not less than 3,5 mm. Otherwise when filling a bathtub with water, the steel sheet is deformed, sides of a bathtub are bent. On enamel small cracks appear. Guarantee period of a steel bathtub, if thickness of walls not less than 3,5 mm - 20 - 30 years.

Acrylic bathtubs appeared in the market of bathroom equipment after the others. They are distinguished on design, acryle grades, quantity of layers of reinforcing. Thickness of acryle has to be not less than 5 - 6 mm. The acryle is better, the worse it bends. Therefore bathtubs of intricate design do of acryle of more poor quality. For the greater durability of a bathtub reinforce fiber glass.

Upon purchase of a bathtub it is possible to knock on a bathtub. The more deafly sound, the mnogosloyny bathtub. Respectively, such bathtubs on quality it is better. Acrylic bathtubs are steady against attrition. At them good heat and sound insulation. They can be restored quietly.

Acrylic bathtubs at sale have to be completed with fittings (system of plums - a modulation). Plastic hoses allow to connect a bathtub to sewer communications easily.

Sizes of bathtubs various. The most widespread sizes of pig-iron bathtubs 150x70, 170x70, 75, 80 cm. But there are on sale also shortened options 105 and 120 see. At acrylic bathtubs the range of the sizes is wider. The most popular size 18080 or 85 see

Color scale of bathtubs it is extensive too, from white to aristocratic black.