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How to find a common language with all zodiac signs? Councils for Capricorns of

the Capricorn - hardy (both physically, and morally), the firm and purposeful person. But Capricorns are reserved, closed and often hardly express the feelings. To avoid half-words in communication, do the amendment on zodiac sign of people.

A goat , being an integral personality and having understood itself, it is capable of the strong friendly union with the same Capricorn. Who as not you is capable to understand silence of the Capricorn and to estimate thirst for stability. Together you not just will surely go towards any aim, but also learn happiness of mutual understanding. Only do not forget about other people whom your doubled care can push away.

Aquariuses love changes, they are spontaneous, do not love routine, sometimes are lazy. But despite it, the Capricorn secretly is pleasant to them for its stability, reliability and thoroughness. Be not strict to Aquarius, do not limit their independence, then they will always come to the rescue of you and will infect with enthusiasm.

Fishes are lovely and charming. They understand you and your secret desires. If you are not closed from them, Fishes will soften you and will make wiser. Do not control Fishes, they are quite independent if constantly not to look them through a shoulder. They will introduce a little imagination, ease and depth in your life.

Care and prudence - such qualities are unknown to the Aries. They are rough, quick-tempered, aggressive, want that the whole world rotated around them. But if not to throw down them a cold challenge, Arieses are capable to touch you the sincerity and openness. And if you have common goals, your team will be an alloy of explosive energy with strategic calculation.

The Taurus will admire your practicality and common sense. It has same qualities also. Still it is patient and hardy, sure and reliable, as well as the Capricorn. Tauruses will help you to release the emotions clamped in a vice if do not get to your vice. But you do not rebuke them for periodic attacks of a capriciousness and laziness, your example them disciplines best of all.

Twins with pleasure interweave imagination into a material world. They will seem to you thoughtless and frivolous. But you are capable to stir the whole eternity about everything on light and not to hear each other. Just you are clever differently, at you honor different views on everything. But it will help you to solve together the most unsoluble riddles if the Capricorn teaches patience and Twins.

Cancer - an antisign of the Capricorn. Strong emotions and sensitivity of Cancer can irritate you, but look at its whims from the irrational point of view: can, they just lack your approval? Each of you is allocated with those qualities of which another therefore do not use Cancers dreams (they will feel it at once), and then you will become two halves of a single whole.

Lions are impulsive, several teatralna, but are charming and sociable. You are capable to be pleasant to Lev the good breeding, patience and diligence. Trust Lions, and it will not be a shame to you with them. You, of course, very different, but are capable to study and grow together. And to go to the general success.

Almost the Maiden you will communicate with any as old friends even if you for the first time see each other. Maidens are self-sacrificing and tireless, but moderate the egoism and do not exploit them without need. Your friendship will be quiet and reliable.

Scales do not take out restrictions, they are people of different moods. But most often they are lovely, eloquent and graceful. Do not push away them, do not deprive of independence and opportunities to be themselves, and Scales will bring a lot of participation and a little disorder which will even be pleasant to you in your life (Scales will be circumspect and will not be beyond permitted to them).

Scorpions same reliable and circumspect as you, but in them are something fascinating, mysterious and at the same time such cozy. You can soften each other with mutual respect. Despite self-sufficiency, you are capable to create the general world in which to you to two it will be quite comfortable.

Sagittariuses are witty, but their public behavior is not always successful (offensive remarks and in general rough manners are not rare). Sagittariuses are spontaneous, do not take offense at them. Their awkwardness and a sharp tongue it is possible to forgive, knowing this their astrological weakness. And their kindness and indefatigability will please you in reply.

Try to look for in people of advantage - and let communication will be in pleasure!

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