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And whether correctly we speak?

Russian, probably, the most rich language in the world and, nevertheless, many words in it are borrowed from other languages. And quite often initial meaning of these words is lost or perceived generally. Even many words and phrases of the native language absolutely lost the initial sense though are said and written as well as many years ago.

Here the most widespread generalizations:

The jeep - so we call all SUVs. Actually Jeep - it is a make of the car, same as " Zhiguli; or Volga . But this word so strongly sat down in our minds that, pronouncing the word the jeep, we always mean the big SUV.

When we want to make the copy of any document, we speak - To Make the " copier;. It is very big mistake. Xerox is only brand of the device which is called the copier. Therefore it will be more correct to speak - To Make the copy . For the foreigner the phrase To Make the " copier; sounds approximately just as To Make the Polaroid .

Favourite New Year`s drink of any Soviet citizen - sparkling . It is forced to afflict you. What we use on New Year`s Eve is called just sparkling wine. The real champagne is done in France, in the Province of Champagne and its small bottle will cost you in 50 - 200 evergreen. Besides, wine makers of other countries have no right to call the made sparkling wine champagne, this privilege only wine from the Province of Champagne is awarded.

When we see the beautiful, long car, the phrase often sounds - Watch what smart limousine . This phrase in a root is not right. Word limousine means body type as sedan compartment or " station wagon;. For the Russian person, the word the limousine and association of the long, comfortable car became a single whole. We do not speak - Watch what hatchback passed! .

The first Soviet synthesizers made revolution in minds of people. Music became available to much, and all ensemble replaced one keyboard tool. The Soviet people long time called all synthesizers - ionics . Though it is all - navsy brand of one of them ( Lel Platform Ionics ) . Even when on the Soviet market monsters " broke; Yamaha Roland and Korg people and them called ionics .

Offensive word fool actually carried absolutely other sense in ancient times. Sometimes so even called children, and in most cases - the youngest. Nothing offensive in this word was. It meant more often than the younger child of a male in a family.

Is still the version that the lash by means of which the husband brought up the bad wife so was called. Abusive word fool became about 300 years ago.

Quite rough curse swine actually meant people of workers. At Peter I there was a terrible shortage of labor. And it, as we know, built much. And so on shipyard many general workers were necessary and they were just dragged (dragged) from different places and the cities of the state. All of them received the generalized name - swine . Well, and as the people it were generally ignorant and rough, the word it became abusive.

In conclusion there is a wish to tell that in Russian there are enough words to express the thought. The abundance of synonyms does our language to one of the richest in the world. Let`s respect the native speech and if we have incorrect associations, we will teach children to speak correctly.