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What miner`s city is compared to Paris? Which - that about Donetsk

there are cities which faces are so many-sided that it is sometimes difficult to understand, having turned on the next street or the square where you are. Donetsk - one of the similar cities. The city of miner`s glory, the toiler, industrial heart of Ukraine - well what pictures can cause these words in imagination? Plants and mines, gloomy or concentrated expressions, labor everyday life, dirty miners and gray houses... Yes, such Donetsk is too, but there is and absolutely another.

Other Donetsk is so surprising that having sent its photos to the girlfriend to Washington, I heard in reply that she does not trust me, and a photo, most likely - some Western European city. Yes I also would not believe on its place. However, there`s nothing to be done - the truth! Though, from time to time, looks as the fairy tale.

The fairy tale begins in park of shod figures which appeared in the square near the building of regional administration in 2004. And all thanks to the " festival; Roza Donetska . Every year masters of blacksmithing from all Ukraine gather in Donetsk thanks to what on a square teriitoriya already tens of big and small shod figures. A bouquet of roses - such presents, let and iron, all zodiac signs placed between paths and benches, an arbor of lovers and scales on which it is possible to try weight with the girlfriend, ridiculous Kolobok and Tsokotukh`s fly. Yes not to list all, masters - smiths on pleasure to citizens and city visitors were too prolific. And every year this collection of masterpieces and shedevrik under the open sky is replenished.

And is slightly farther, one more most beloved place of citizens - Pushkin Boulevard stretches. There in the evenings it is always crowded. Because it is very beautiful. And therefore that is very interesting. Children find there an opportunity to gambol at playgrounds, which in the boulevard a little, and adults... well, here, who has what interests.

It is possible to admire works of the artists exposed at the very beginning of the boulevard. And even to buy kind to a look and heart the picture.

Further on the boulevard it was stretched Scythian steppe - park of sculptures in Scythian style, presented to Donetsk by the Ukrainian and German sculptors. Scythian woman adjoins to pagan god Yarila here. Wonderfully to them David with Goliath wormed way into the company. Generally, is what to look at, and even to be photographed.

In the boulevard it is possible to meet the wooden flying ship, the wooden Old Russian fortress almost real too (which is carrying out hard function of a playground) and to admire fountains. One of them - light organ. And to enjoy a landscape delicacy. Or to sit in one of a set of cafes.

Well, but not inclined to romanticism, but eager for glory in the boulevard invites Avenue of stars where everyone zhedayushchiya can glorify the name, having pressed to the sidewalk the name or a name of darling, firm and whom or anything! For quite moderate payment. It, let the perverted embodiment of the Hollywood idea serves, however, business of glorification of Donetsk and Donetsk residents.

Generally, in Pushkin Boulevard everyone will find the corner lovely to his heart. For Donetsk residents this place just incredibly popular. In the evenings in the summer there are no empty benches just, kids creep on hills and short flights of stairs at playgrounds, teenagers dissect on rollers, music in cafe rattles, there is no place to sit down simply - around pesioner and the kissing couples, and the atmosphere of a general holiday fills the boulevard.

And about other incredibly interesting and beautiful places of Donetsk (including about the tsar - a down, park of skateboarders, Scherbakov`s park and monuments of Donetsk) - in continuation.