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Whether the truth that before pigeons was much more, but they spoiled much less? About youth and poetry of

For a start - several quotes.

our youth loves luxury, it is badly brought up, she sneers at the administration and does not respect old men at all. Our present children became tyrants; they do not get up when the room is entered by the elderly person, contradict the parents. Simply speaking, they are very bad. ( Socrates , apprx. 380 BC)

I lost any hopes concerning the future of our country if today`s youth takes in hand tomorrow reins of government because this youth is intolerable, unrestrained, simply awful. ( Hesiod , apprx. 720 BC)

This youth is corrupted up to the soul depth. Young people of a zlokoznenna are also careless. They will never resemble youth of former times. The young generation of today will not manage to keep our culture. ( the Inscription on a pot in ruins of Babylon , apprx. 3000 BC)

Priss`s Papyrus (Prisse papyrus) written in the III millennium B.C. is considered one of the oldest books on light. Our earth falls into decay, immorality and corruption prosper, Children ceased to obey the parents, everyone wants to write the book. And the doomsday is already close. Priss`s papyrus is dated 3350th year BC .

... I remember all these magnificent texts when I hear from old men that present youth spiritless and in general any such. And these old men are much younger than me.

Here and about poetry. Earlier supposedly and that and it, and now as common as dirt and in general in any gate, tear off yes throw. And meanwhile, if to strain and set to ubiquitous Yandex the simple phrase favourite verses we will receive half a million references for a minute! Estimate scale? And users - that the Internet - in the majority youth. I will not claim that all half a million are loved it is direct so Petrarch and Brodsky, but even if Asadov or Vasya Pupkin - it is better and better, than to hang up cats on attics as my mammy used to say.

I to you that I will tell. I somehow got the website for the verses which were pleasant to me about 7 years ago. Gradually it expanded, got what is called at youth dezign there different young people also began me to send the opuses. There was, of course, also a miscellaneous love - " carrots; and you came me found (I about it will separately write when there is a mood to mock), but there was very much and quite qualitative, competent, talented and difficult verses. When quantity first-class (well I selected!) reached young poets on the website 250, I under this freight died and threw the website. Unfortunately - there was just not enough time. Several years as threw. I do not advance, I do not advertize anywhere, to update too there is no time. And verses still come! Write - page

Moreover, in passing in the course of link exchange - banners and an other frendovaniye (then this word was not yet, but the phenomenon already was) I surveyed and in process of forces esteemed still - I will not be afraid of this word - many tens if not hundreds of the poetic websites. Russian and foreign. Among which there was also quite enough very competent and good (and places even remarkable) verses on what verses it was clear that their young authors read much and well know poetry from Hesiod up to now. Both Russian, and far foreign.

And also the many people ( besides mainly young because such trilobit as I, will tell without false modesty, in a network it is not much ) absolutely disinterestedly in the free time created and support on the Internet of the anthology of poetry - absolutely any poetry, zadolbatsya to list - from lyrics of ancient shumer and to the verses which are naturally written in kvenye language (it is the language of Sredizemya created by Tolkien).

That is also they know poetry, both love it, and communicate, and in process of forces create it. Both lyrics, and humour, and philosophy, and what only not. Both simple chastushkas, and irregular shapes like gazelles and other intricate terza rimas, the rondeau and triolets. One mailings with verses - and that tens. Someone does them, and someone them reads (thousands). Both competitions are held and which - that from network poetry is noticed by already solid publishers and let out on paper. I do not speak about the literary critic, about litforuma where poets nail each other with a strange force. Life boils! And how many poets in LJ! And I do not undertake to list - there will not be enough forces any.

Poetic resources on the Internet in Russian is a subject not for one thesis. To me, a retired goat to the mathematician, there is nothing to do here. But nevertheless there is a wish to tell about one branch of this huge tree: tercets of a hokku or HAIKU. What I will also make in the following article.

And in conclusion - verses.

Anna Gershanik

the Gipsy tracks of the Russian verses -

of the Tilt cart, structures, outposts.

Rattles in the dark, bezgolos, is confused,

I my hand bell having a burr.

Why from an alcove of far day

the crow Stole - the Gipsy me

Why led for itself

the Incorrect animal track?

Here is not present to anybody without hearth or home - What

of the yard and a stake to them?

open Melancholy as a vein, since morning,

I twilight foams bark.

the Dense grass, lifeless water,

I in the sky night - the Golden Horde,

A in the morning - salty

I dews certain death - unvoiced.

For memory from mother of

called to me vorony memory Got -

Ya I see the ship in a knotty log,

Grain in the eddish which turned gray from heat, a coin Circle at a kruzhechny bottom,

Sleeplessness - in a dream, black from half of the night,

the Laughing hook I see

in each wall.

I my look will not be tired in any way.

And where the track proceeds, there

the poet Mandelstam

I in a frame of hempen ancient

Sucks chernozem blood Marin`s bird Cannot stop. There not to pass

, and back - in any way.

my angel with a sword - my laughing enemy -

Mixed voices. Also the head,

hoots When from it take out words,

As pearls from a dead cockleshell,

As time from a bird - a cuckoo.