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How to use a camomile at problems with skin?

If you had problems with skin (spots, dryness, pallor), then this article for you.

At problems with skin you can use any means, but not all means help and if help, then cost a fantastic sum. I offer you an economic and effective way of disposal of this problem.

the best way is to use “grandmother`s methods“, namely various herbs, for example, a pharmaceutical camomile.

Infusion of inflorescences of a camomile raises a skin tone, removes irritation and clears it.

to get rid of eels, it is necessary to steam out camomile inflorescences, to cool them, to place in a gauze napkin and to wipe face skin. The course from 20 procedures will promote clarification of skin from eels.

If skin dry, it is necessary to wipe and rinse it with solution of the following structure:

1 tablespoon of infusion of a camomile on a glass of water. And if to mix infusion of a camomile with vodka, then lotion, well disinfecting and clearing skin will turn out. Only this lotion is intended not for internal application, and that result zero will (be checked).

At pale skin are recommended hot compresses with camomile infusion. They improve blood circulation, open face pores and strengthen sweating.

If you have oily hair, here you will be helped by an all-powerful camomile again: wash the head infusion of inflorescences in the ratio 1:10, 2 - 3 times a week. Carry out 15 procedures, do a break for 2 - 3 weeks and repeat a course of treatment. After that you can not remember an oily hair, it to you not some “Hed and Sholders“.

Infusion of a camomile is effective also at an intertrigo.

the Intertrigo is an inflammation of skin on those parts of the body which were exposed to long influence of moisture or the increased friction.

For their treatment needs to do lotions of camomile infusion daily. And in a week you will notice improvements.

Infusion in the ratio 1:3 rinse a fair or gray hair after washing if you want to make them brighter.

And in general from - for what the person has problems with skin? Yes, you are absolutely right, from - for insufficient care of it, improper feeding and a way of life.

If my councils help you, then further if you do not want repeated emergence of problems, look after the person. After work or study come, wash the favourite face with soap, before going to bed wipe it with lotion. Perhaps, men, having read this article, will tell: - what I, the woman - to smear the person with some nonsense? But personally I in it see nothing shameful, it is better so, than to go with the ugly person.

Anyway I wish you to look good, good luck and are happy.