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Tsvetoterapiya: how to present cheerfulness to soul and a body?

We flush with anger, we test green or we watch melancholy at the world through pink glasses. Every color radiates the energy and directly influences our intellectual, sincere and physical state. Not incidentally the tsvetoterapiya belongs to the most popular directions of alternative medicine.

Private medical practitioners and the whole clinics even more often resort today to this method of treatment at the most various states.

Therapeutic effect

in principle can use all shades of a solar range. But in most cases choose primary colors - red, yellow and blue, and also mixed tone - orange, violet and green. White and black do not approach as the first reflects all bunch of beams, and the last absorbs all light beams.

Red color has the warming, recovering effect. It strengthens heart and the blood circulatory system. Speeds up work of a liver and supports formation of red blood cells.

Orange color awakens pleasure of life and fun. It helps at depressions, apathy and loss of appetite. This color well influences glands and lungs.

Yellow color improves mood and positively influences nervous system and internals. Calms a spleen, makes active to limfosisty, helps at problems with a liver.

Green color renders strong antistress effect as calms nerves, eliminates conditions of extreme fatigue. It restores balance between a liver and a spleen, makes the regenerating impact on muscles and connecting fabric.

Blue color reduces an inflammation and helps at sleep disorders, and also at headaches. Blue color cools. Therefore it is useful at burns and the increased temperature.

Violet tone promote the best concentration of attention, considerably remove mental stress. Stimulate activity of a spleen, weaken, kill pain, support to limfosisty.

Independent treatment

to Tsvetoterapy in house conditions can be used independently. Ways a little.

Instead of special professional devices apply a lamp with color filters or with pieces of color (stained glass) glass. Such lamas use for theatrical lighting, and it is possible to buy them in shop of a theatrical requisite.

Impose a special colored film on skin and direct to it a beam from a pocket lamp.

Use a color additive for a bathtub. Our skin will perceive the smallest fluctuations of every color through water.

Also the color clothes work.

Try at arrangement of the place where you during the day spend most of all time, to use stimulating tone. Sometimes happens to hang up enough a picture or to put a small subject which color will allow you to be loaded with new energy.

Every time when you manage to stay alone, practice visualization. The imagined brush paint the room in which you are at present, at color, pleasant for you, and plunge into a state of bliss. After a while you feel inflow of forces or, on the contrary, pleasant slackness.

As works the therapist

Treatment is appointed after inspection and on the basis of the exact medical diagnosis.

the Specialist in a tsvetoterapiya applies a professional color lamp which radiates five various color streams. At treatment streams of beams of one certain shade are used. Color is chosen depending on the frequency of fluctuations and its influence on internals of the specific patient.

Thus, there is a purposeful influence by a light source on all organism. One session lasts about an hour. The course of treatment in most cases proceeds about several weeks.