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Whether the secret of Stonehenge will be revealed?

Doctor Wilmore Trever called this huge construction A stone riddle in the center of Europe . Stonehenge is located in England and it is considered one of the most ancient constructions of this country. It is considered that construction of this stone giant was made in three stages, and construction of this megalytic construction was conducted between 3500 and 1100 BC of

Stonehenge, perhaps, served as a cemetery and presented itself a huge ditch in the form of a ring. In it there were two halls. Around there are 56 holes for the first time described and called in honor of John Aubrey are small funeral Aubrey`s holes .

Stonehenge in general is the huge stone construction built from 82 five-ton megaliths, thirty stone blocks each of which weighs about 25 tons, and also so-called trilit - fifty-ton huge stones. These put stones form themselves huge arch constructions which as was considered earlier, served for supervision over the sun and the moon.

But recently those data which are possessed today by scientists demand new, detailed revision of all available historical data on this construction.

Still in 20 - x years of last century by the scientist H. Thomas it was established that stones were delivered to this district from stone quarries which were more than in 300 kilometers from a site. And quite recently professor of the Welsh university (David Bowen) declared possible age of Stonehenge - it is 140 000 years. It is possible to guess only why people in so ancient times needed such construction and for what such titanic work, difficult transportation of monoliths practically for 300 kilometers was conducted. Nobody about one today can give the intelligible answer to this question.

One more guess of mission of Stonehenge. Ten years ago scientists thanks to computer technologies defined that except a lunar and solar calendar, Stonehenge represents the exact copy of model of Solar system in a section.

What is interesting, this section shows that the Solar system consists of twelve planets (but not of nine - as it was supposed earlier).

It is also possible to note that feature of all ancient megaliths that they were seismically steady. The researches conducted by scientists proved that these constructions (as well as ancient temples and huge constructions) were under construction on a special platform which, except the seismic stability, did not give sag that practically always occurs when build up modern civilized rooms.

Up to now remained a riddle for what ancient people needed to build up such grandiose observatory. Whoever were these ancient people, it is possible to tell with an accuracy that they had huge knowledge in the field of geology, architecture, mathematics and astronomy.

But while scientists solve all secrets of our last history, Stonehenge lives life. There are various legends which say that these stones to show the force and power, was placed here by the English wizard Merlin. He transferred them from Ireland.

Very long Stonehenge was considered as a construction which was used in the rituals by priests - druids. But modern history rejects this fact. Perhaps, they also used, but definitely not they built up.

At the same time Stonehenge remains to one of the most high sights of eternally wet and dim England. Will pass even many centuries while we learn all secrets of our history and we will solve these riddles. Until then Stonehenge and other megalytic ancient constructions will keep the secrets.