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As are connected with ancient gods... cats?

Mysterious, independent, incredibly graceful beings - cats. Attribute them much mysterious How treated them in the ancient time, before the Middle Ages when all cat`s sort was accused of what is an embodiment of cunning, deception, darkness, rage, death?

The special relation to cat`s breed was tested by ancient Egyptians. The most solar god R was often called Great Kot and represented in the corresponding image. It agrees To the Book of the dead in this shape he won a huge motley Dragon Them - Ukhenef under sacred sikomory Heliopolis.

The Ancient Egyptian goddess Bastet esteemed as the patroness of love, the defender of the house, a family, women and children was represented in the form of a female figure from a-headed cat around whom kittens frolic. The people sacredly believed in this regard that any images of pussycats, including figurines and amulets, bring success in love, preserve against the evil and powers of darkness.

Bastet`s sanctuary was actively visited by pilgrims who bought in the temple of a mummy of cats and transferred to priests for burial. Ritual meant transfer of a request to the goddess. In the east of Sakkara, in the location of the temple of Bastet archeologists found at the end of the 20th century a cat`s necropolis in which several tens of thousands of mummies and skeletons both a wild cane cat, and the cultivated steppe cat are buried.

And the majority of them finished life aged about six months, more than two thirds accepted violent death. To sacrifice a cat it was permitted only to priests - we designate, encroached on a sacred animal, the death penalty threatened. And to whom it could come to mind - owners at whom the cat died, as a sign of mourning shaved off eyebrows and cut off hair.

In mythological history of Ancient Greece the hunter Artemis knowing also fertility, female chastity etc. is accompanied by an enormous scientific white cat of Veros who except that he is clever, also is immortal. Similar to it Romans made a cat by Diana`s companion. Yes it as approves the myth also, accepted an image of a cat to escape a terrible monster of Typhon.

But also at legs of the goddess of freedom Libertas settles down having a tail a murlyka. In Ancient Rome he became a symbol of freedom and at the same time - spirit - the guardian of a home. It is easy to notice echoes of the Egyptian beliefs, especially, if to consider that Diana was engaged, to all other, obstetric aid.

Scandinavian Freya, the goddess of beauty, love and fertility, was very not indifferent to cats too. They to it, probably, too, and differently unless to force these to be put extremely independent creations to the chariot of excellently beautiful inhabitant of heaven!

The Lithuanian tradition according to which in shape of a cat god`s opponent - Perkunas`s gromovnik appears drops out of this radiant row. However, Celts considered it as htonichesky force too, and on this basis often sacrificed.

And what rusich? Whether they saw murok as confidants of any deity? And as! And that the most remarkable, is the goddess too, and too with maternal functions in a pantheon. It is about Makosha who is considered to be as the patroness of the earth, crops, fertility, the defender of women, the trustee of a child-bearing and needlework, for example, of spinning.

It is represented that powers are actually wider than it. For example, monitoring spinning occupation suggests an idea about Moyrakh that was spun by destiny threads. Besides and the academician B. A. Rybakov pointed to value of the root kosh koshch as on concept of a lot, destiny ( ma - undoubtedly, means mother).

And twelve holidays in a year devoted Makosha i.e. monthly glorification, tell about communication it with an annual cycle and world movement. About same also distinctions in images of the goddess at different times force to think year: in the spring - with the raised hands (the appeal to grant the sun and a rain on fields), in the summer - with raskinuty (protection, saving of crops), is closer to fall - with lowered (the help in harvesting and acceptance by the earth of seeds winter).

Due to the conversation on a cat there is a wish to pay special attention to coincidence of a root basis in their patrimonial name from one of components of a name of the Great Goddess. Bukvenno - phonetic education kosh is a part of a number of words: a burse, a koshar, koshevy (ataman), kosh (camp), a koshm, a money (maintenance, receiving - an otdavaniye), a kokoshnik.

If to understand, all of them are related to the movement and storage, protection: kosh - a marching camp or property; koshma - a marching laying; koshevy - the marching ataman; a kokoshnik - and put on the headdress covering the head (god Velez keeps in the most ancient image on the head a duck - Makosh as a destiny sign), which is removed; the burse is carried with themselves, money comes to it and leaves; and to get profit - to take, to grasp a money .

But and here cat? Cats were connected with destiny too, not for nothing observed and reeled up on a sign mustache, connected with their behavior