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What we love " for; Hobotov ?

Actors often become hostages of one, successfully played role. Vyacheslav Tikhonov, for example, in memory of the audience is always associated with Stierlitz though on the account of this outstanding master there are a lot of successful film works. Similar history occurred and with Anatoly Ravikovich who brilliantly played a role mumble - the intellectual Hobotov in the legendary television movie of Mikhail Kazakov Pokrovsk gate . More than twenty years this nickname it was tightly pasted to the talented actor. And with what its long way to glory top began?


In the childhood did not even dream of actor`s career of Shreds, though visited a school theatrical circle, but it is more from - for existence of the good company and presence of the weaker sex, at that time training was separate. When the time for choice of profession came, it became clear: bad progress does not give the slightest chance to enter to the prestigious UNIVERSITY. On the horizon lit theatrical institute, but the father of future actor was categorically against such levity of the son as considered actors, to put it mildly, dishonest . Agreed on a compromise: in the film engineering institute chosen by the father the original certificate, and in theatrical - the copy moves. Anatoly solved on entrance examinations in fatherly The HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION not to go at all, and to concentrate completely on preparation of repertoire for receipt in theatrical institute. Here is how the actor today, many years later, with humour remembers this important point of life: I a toneless voice read Mayakovsky, in the fable The Wolf on a kennel represented Kutuzov, for descriptive reasons closing one eye a hand. Chose a fragment in which Taras Bulba killed the son from prose. I represent how it looked from outside when the thin Jewish boy severely questioned: Well, the sonny, you were helped by your Poles? And for singing chose On valleys ipo to hills - too the heroic, but tiresome song with infinite number of couplets in which capture of all cities on the way of Red army to Vladivostok is described. From the first couplet got not into that tonality. The pianist adapted, and I again exactly so began to sing above. Around capture of Nikolaevsk - on - Cupid got already on such heights that from tension rolled up eyes to a ceiling. At last, when Vladivostok fell, looked down, but did not see the commission - it rode under a table from laughter. It appears, there long ago shouted: Let he will become silent! Take away it! but I did not hear. To institute I was admitted. When our master collected arrived and characterized everyone, spoke me that supposedly took only because long ago did not see such idiot. I seemed amusing, and he assumed, maybe, really, from me something will turn out?


in the course of preparation of this article I with big surprise found out that before emergence Pokrovsk gate Anatoly Ravikovich was practically not removed, and actually Lev Evgenyevich Hobotov`s role (and the actor at that time was 46 years old) became a peculiar admission on the big screen. Really film directors did not seek to remove this bright actor?

In one of telecasts Anatoly Yuryevich very colourfully told about one unfortunate film epic connected with shootings of the well-known movie Sannikov`s Earth . The assistant to the director addressed the actor and began to beg tearfully to act as the Russian servant (!) . It - a star role, you with it will travel over all Soviet Union! - he set on Ravikovich. Frankly speaking, I do not know what rich imagination and the violent imagination needs to be had to present Ravikovich in similar role, but, eventually, the young man agreed though for movie tests it had to replace completely image, having recoloured hair. For cinema similar executions are not a rarity. So, for example, the brunette Alexander Demyanenko at will of the director Leonid Gaidai turned into the blonde, and there is a lot of such examples. Aggravating the actor`s eyebrows which reduced all idea " served as circumstance; paintings on is not present. Then the assistant to the director ordered to paint also them. We pozhzht to the actor of an eyebrow! - the unfortunate make-up artist begged, but the execution came true, and Ravikovich turned into the blonde. On the film platform habitual vanity reigned, and the actor was not even given the chance to be adjusted for a role. He shy uttered indistinctly something to the director, but that with the Caucasian temperament exclaimed: By the way, it is production! and right there addressed the operator: And well raise a chamber down! .

Movie tests took place unsuccessfully therefore other actor got a role of the Russian servant, but on it Anatoly`s adventures did not end. Shows took place in Moscow, and next day the actor had to play in native Leningrad, and the hero with a black hair color. Before departure Ravikovich came into shop and shy asked a black hair-dye, and already at the exit from department heard as one shop assistant complained to the girlfriend: You know, from these blue there is no life at all! . In a train toilet the actor began to recolour hair, at the same time completely soiled a suit and a shirt, however to St. Petersburg arrived in an image of the burning brunette.


Ya that for many audience Ravikovich - first of all Lev Evgenyevich Hobotov from Pokrovsk gate but if stars disposed in a different way, then we never saw it in this role. The matter is that there were two casts - star and usual. Andrey Mironov became the first applicant for Hobotov`s role, however Mikhail Kazakov decided to risk and chose an alternating cast where there were no sonorous names. Thus, Hobotov`s role was played by Anatoly Ravikovich. Why to the audience the image of the spineless four-eyes - " was so fallen in love; botany not adapted for household problems of life at all? His hero, despite all eccentricity and absurdity, is in own way lyrical and gentle, is an antipode of practical and hard-working Savva Ignatyich with which it is elementary boring for the main character of a picture Margarita Pavlovna as it suits only as the strong back for providing life, but does not approach as a hobby at all. The paradoxical fact is also explained by it that the former spouse just does not want to release Hobotov, - it is necessary to her even if in other quality. Anatoly Ravikovich it is very bright and convex shows us as it is hard for person to live on light other-wordly for which there is other scale of values. When Hobotov really falls in love with Lyudochka (in brilliant execution of Elena Koreneva), at him opens second wind and life finds sense again, however artful Margarita Pavlovna does not believe in sincerity of feelings ex-the spouse and does everything possible to destroy this union. The movie final fantastically - is optimistical: Hobotov manages to run away from darling, let to the future, but it already and not so important. The main thing - forever to escape an eye vigilant trustees for some reason got a false idea herself ultimate truth . Hobotov`s role became business card actor, and movie Pokrovsk gate collected the whole constellation of remarkable actors, still remains to one of favourite teletapes.


And still to the actor was succeeded to escape from iron embraces of Hobotov and to play an opposite role. The detective Hercule Poirot became his character. Here is how the actor estimates the film work, comparing it to execution of the same image by Peter Ustinov and the Land: I consider that I played better. Peter Ustinov who played Poirot too is pleasant to me, frankly speaking, more, than the Land. Though it is less similar to what was written by Agatha Christie. In his hero there is more naivety, ease, despite him scales . The most interesting that when the director Derbenyov invited me to this role, he already watched series with the Land abroad (I - did not see that). Very much it was pleasant to it how played to the Land, and he looked for here the actor who could repeat it. It seemed to it that I something remind this actor (I already understood then it when I watched those series), and in the course of our work it forced down me all the time on paints which are at the Land. Naturally, he did not manage to make it up to the end. I all - other type. I imagined Poirot differently: the easy, mobile person absolutely not similar to the detective, I would even tell - excentric, making impression of the half-mad old man. And Derbenyov forced me to be solid, sluggish. I love this role. It is pleasant to me how I played it. Recently again some channel showed the movie, I looked

In the past Anatoly Ravikovich appeared in absolutely unexpected image, having played in continuation of series Two destinies it got a role of the commercial director of the gold mine, not the poor person, businessman, and money own work, talent. In this type there is no slightest hint even on hobotovshchina . Execution of this drama role (on the movie course the only daughter of his hero tragicly perishes) once again proves that for the actor there are no borders, and his artistic palette of a raznotsvetn also is many-sided.


Unlike Hobotva, the egg which did not learn to cook, Anatoly Yuryevich feels in kitchen in the plate as very much loves, and, above all - knows how to cook. Its house specialty - the stuffed fish, but me was succeeded to get only the recipe of a forshmak which I want to offer our readers:

Forshmak from Anatoly Ravikovich: to

So, we take herring. It is possible to turn it on the meat grinder, but it is better to poskoblit as did earlier. Then other taste turns out a little bit. A knife to poskoblit herring, to turn a piece of a roll on the meat grinder, sour apple, it is better an antonovka, to rub on a large grater, small - small to cut onions, boiled egg, to add slightly - slightly sugar, slightly - slightly vinegar, a little bit sunflower oil and all this properly to mix. Such paste, such soft vkusnyushchy weight which approaches everything turns out: and to tea, and just like that, on snack.


Anatoly Ravikovich is, first of all, a theatrical actor. To a great regret, its role in theater could see and estimate the few. The big piece of theater life of the master was connected with work in Lensovet Theatre when it was headed by the director Igor Vladimirov, and the actor remembers that time with gratitude: These are the best years. All of us were young, ambitious. All loved each other - as far as it is possible in our profession. In any case, the relations were friendly, at least. We loved theater more, than, maybe, even the personal career. It happens seldom. It happens in schools, in studios - in the first years. But it usually not for long lasts, and stratification begins then, envy comes: someone were given a rank, to someone - no, someone has a life, at someone more successfully - less. It is inevitable, and then already the theater passes to the usual life in which a lot of place are taken by jealousy, fight, an intriguing. As, actually, and everywhere. And if at the same time there is no strong hand of the head, then all creativity goes generally to secret life. There are exceptional cases when such person as Tovstonogov who just did not allow actor`s ambitions to be splashed out outside is at the head of theater. And everyone knew: both Georgy Aleksandrovich will tell, and will be. Also could grumble only at home in kitchen. Never dared to show it in theater, to rehearse carelessly, to be drunk. But, generally, it is a little such theaters .

Now Anatoly Ravikovich serves in troupe of comedy theater, and also participates in enterprises of Moscow: Pose of the emigrant The Dinner with the fool and Prices but its career of an actor began on a scene of peripheral theater of Komsomolsk-on-Amur where the actor had to pass severe humdrum of life . The matter is that the spectator contingent consisted, generally of the persons released from jails therefore all events on a scene were perceived by them as the vital truth, but not art fiction. Sometimes it led also to tragicomic situations. So, for example, in the play about the heroine of the Great Patriotic War Zoya Kosmodemyanskaya after a scene of its beating the huge jockstrap came to Gestapo behind the scenes, having promised that if from Zoya`s head a hair falls though, then he with boys will deal with actors on to the full " program;. Vainly Gestapo men tried to explain to the trustful viewer that it is the play, and they are only characters, - that was unshakable as the rock. After an interval the scene of interrogation renewed, but when the fascist - the executioner only threatened on Zoya, the viewer - the jockstrap a firm step jerked to a scene, and only by miracle it was succeeded to avoid a fight.


Anatoly Ravikovich is the brilliant story-teller. It possesses surprising property not just to tell, and to transfer images of the characters . Therefore he does not want to write books as on paper it is very difficult to transfer intonation and gesticulation, so necessary for full disclosure of an image. It is possible to listen to the actor for hours and hours, every time being surprised to versatility of his talent. Any appearance of Anatoly in any telecast, for example, +TV " Theatre; guarantees the last full success at spectator audience.


the Charming spouse of Anatoly Yuryevich is many years the actress Irina Mazurkevich. Despite a solid age difference (twenty one year), spouses remarkably get on with each other, and Ravikovich removed a secret of family happiness: It is impossible to look at the partner as on the person forever given you in use. It is necessary to live with consciousness that it at any time can leave if you make something not so. It gives sharpness to the relations, adds responsibility and causes feeling of gratitude to destiny for the fact that it reduced it with you. Otherwise marriage turns into boring mechanical piece. Now spouses, naturally, live in the isolated apartment, but from time to time of communal flats Anatoly Yuryevich does not feel nostalgia at all.