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Punks and anarchists: who, for as why?

Now, as well as twenty, and thirty years ago, on streets of all cities are full of punks. Part of them it is visible for kilometer thanks to meter mohawks, the part is dressed more modestly, the majority by sight does not differ from the peers. Those who regularly have money go to concerts and thump who has less money - just thump. And for all of them, regardless of age, appearance and degree of alcoholic intoxication, the punk is a protest. A protest against morals, against laws, against society. One in protest drink on vodka liter in an evening, others beat rappers, the third paint walls, the fourth already the appearance break lessons at school. And only the few from them recognize that there is no protest. Because all others, irrespective of subculture, drink too, fight and draw on walls.

Most of punks sincerely consider themselves as anarchists. At the same time majority such anarchists do not know who such Kropotkin. But it does not prevent them to deny any form of the power and violence both from teachers, and from parents.

There are also such representatives the punk - cultures as Nazi - punks. As well as other punks, they consider themselves as anarchists and ardent fighters against system, but at the same time want to see only the people in the country. Only such people, as Nazi - punks, are capable to combine in the ideology incompatible - freedom and discrimination, anarchy and fascism.

Absolute most of punks, despite " stripes; Anarchy - mother of an order are completely apolitical and, by and large, do not distinguish communism from socialism. They will never stage a demonstration under the flag of anarchists because they vaguely represent who such these presents anarchists.

They, anarkho - punks - most socially - active representatives the punk - cultures. They bring together people on meetings and feed beggars, they draw graffiti and beat nazis. anarkho - punks, to the end of the ends, arranged the march which thundered all over the country a year ago against a cops` lawlessness, rise to which beating of nonconformists in police station gave.

Many anarkho - punks are followers of the movement Straight Edge which main idea - and finishing conscious refusal of any substances changing consciousness, beginning with drugs cigarettes. Some of them refuse even tea from - for contents of caffeine in it. Streytedzhera also oppose abortions, any forms of discrimination (racial, age, religious etc.) against a vivisection (animal experiments), against environmental pollution.

In number anarkho - punks also vegans - the people considering freedom of animals same natural as well as freedom of people. Veganism - the most radical direction of vegetarianism, it denies application of any products of an animal origin, and not only in food, but also in clothes, cosmetics, production of furniture and other spheres of production.

But why punks of the last generation who lead extremely a healthy lifestyle care for animals and the nature, resist to fascism, are not accepted by our society? Why word punk continues to cause a negative in most of the population? Why punks continue to be detained and taken away in offices only for appearance?

With the authorities everything is clear - they are afraid of anarchists, as well as any other opposition, especially anarkhopanka - the most radical on socially - political arena. But why of them inhabitants are afraid? The basic principle of anarchy - live as you want, only do not prevent to live another - nobody denies?

Here the main problem of society - illiteracy emerges. People just do not know what is anarchy. Schools and higher education institutions tell about feudalism, communism, democracy, even about fascism, and about anarchy - words. All know such people as Lev Tolstoy, Harry Garrison, Paulo Coelho, but nobody knows that they were anarchists. From - for such ignorances in the opinion of absolute majority anarchy is a chaos, and punks, as well as all anarchists - just goofs, the dissoluteness constituting danger to society. Only from - for banal illiteracy people who more than others appreciate life and freedom which are not afraid of either OMON, or fascists become derelicts of society.