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Phobias. Why they appear and how to fight with them?

Think about good, and it will be good. The Rebbe

Very often mental disorder of the person can cause involuntary painful fear. And the fear can be caused even by safe objects and situations. As a result of experiences and fear sometimes there are different types of phobias, for example: claustrophobia is a fear of the closed space, a spidofobiya - fear to ache with AIDS, an agoraphobia - fear of open space, an aulofobiya - fear of sounds of a flute, a radio phobia - fear of radiation, an iofobiya - fear of poisoning, panophobia - fear only. Fears can be caused by fear of acts of terrorism, violence, death, a flood etc. of

Unfortunately, not all people are capable to reflect on the fears sensibly. As a result this feeling completely begins to dominate over the person and to destroy it. Psychiatrists call them precisely phobias - complexes. There is a lot of reasons from which various phobias result.

One of them can call of violation of a vestibular mechanism . The vestibular mechanism is a body which is responsible for orientation in space. At the person who begins to suffer from violations of a vestibular mechanism uncertainty which develops further into fear or any fear develops.

The reason of emergence of a phobia it is possible to call also of experience which the person had to test in the childhood. Children`s experiences remain in our memory very brightly. Therefore at certain vital moments children`s fears just begin to recur to the memory and to develop even more. Almost at each person is what to remember from the childhood. Many are afraid of water, height, darkness, loneliness because in the childhood endured some terrible event connected with it.

People emotional and very sensitive are most often subject to fears. It is worth emphasizing that people with weak mentality are most inclined to formation and development of a phobia. Phobias can appear at people with the rich imagination as it is quite difficult to them to distinguish real danger from imagined. It is much more difficult to them to resist this negative feeling, than people with steadier and strong mentality. People who are subject to such fear actually are afraid of what is not present. The phobia is a fear of the fear. The person just is afraid to be afraid.

It is possible to cope with a phobia . For this purpose the person needs to drive from himself all thoughts terrible, negative, unpleasant to it. When the imagination begins to draw terrible pictures of the future, it is necessary to try this picture to turn and make so that it became cheerful and cheerful. It is necessary to think about good, pleasant and to adjust itself on a positive. To struggle with the fears and not to allow them to be fixed in consciousness.

Most often to overcome the fear, it is necessary to meet it face to face. Agree that all people who suffer from these or those types of phobias just avoid situations of which most of all are afraid. For example, if the person is afraid of the closed space, he does not come into the elevator, does not close a door. If is afraid of water, then avoids bathings in the sea. If is afraid of the dark, it all night long turned on the light. But it is possible to win against fear, it is necessary to cease to avoid only it!

If to the person does not manage to avoid the fear and he understands that he in a certain life situation begins to panic, then he needs to try to distract and relax somehow. For example, much are helped by reading or singing. Someone begins to consider or to talk loudly. The main thing - to monitor the breath. It has to be deep and rhythmical.

If you really want that the cloud disappeared from your life, to you to part to anything around it so much noise. You should relax and move away only him from the thoughts. That`s all .

Richard Bach.

needs to struggle With fears. To try to get rid of fear and alarm, these feelings prevent to live, rejoice normally to pleasant events and to feel more confidently in any situation. If it is difficult to cope with the fears most, it is the best of all to address the psychologist who will help to forget about these experiences.