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Whether really men are afraid of women?

of the Man can love women, admire, admire, admire, indulge, sponsor. Can be on friendly terms, cooperate, respect. Can compete, tyukat, make mischief, mock, press etc. But do not cease to be afraid because are careful to get poisoned with poison of a beautiful snake. Prefer to find the habitats unsuitable for a survival of snakes in critical situations.

Men are afraid female vyvorot inside out are afraid of their all-consuming love, their besbashennost, especially in a state in love. Yes, it is pleasant and, it is healthy and, adrenalinit - but here so much - it is not necessary . As in Vysotsky`s song: Your rough caress and all other means, it is terrible, how in the fairy tale of very early childhood

The woman continues to remain for the man unclear, despite x-ray abilities of some researchers. It remains tiresomely unpredictable in the turbulences, and this its divergence both attracts men, and pushes away at the same time. Therefore they prefer to play in habitual, accepted in the society of game - compliments, courtings, sympathy, or conscious not - the address of attention, or convenient cohabitation.

And further there is a development in a situation and in internal feeling of the man. Kind speak: Women are better, kinder, stronger than us, men and zhestkorubyashchy summarize: The Woman - not the person . But... let nevertheless sometimes promelkivat nearby. At least for delight of a nature.

But how deeply can (and want) the man to glance in female soul? And this desire - to look for something there and to understand is how strong in them? It is simpler, much simpler to leave unknown object and to pay attention to another, not raged (for the time being) the deep splashes.

Some men think out any theories female monitoring applying for profound knowledge of women. It is the improvised tool to hold a volcano in hands, without allowing a lava to escape outside, the tool - as most to be heated about eternal heat, at the same time remembering that it is impossible to miss eruptions of the burning masses which all take down on the way. And the inspector of a volcano will be born precisely.

Here, to a man`s instinct of a survival, it is possible to carry also other examples of mutations of the princess in the witch - the fine flower turning into a mouth or the huge goldfish who is carrying away the fisherman who was not in time to be delighted in the sea. And also disputes about destroying everything around or to jump strengths of the woman who for some reason sometimes passion as wants to bakhnutsya from all scope by a head winter crop in an abyss, having got a false idea itself a bird. And man`s fears from a resonance with fatal and eternal women`s issue: Why men so seldom leave to those who are passionately loved?

Means in spite of the fact that the Woman gives Life, Lyubov, Pleasure, men see in it and danger of death. And if that, in advance run, run, run, being on the lam and saving the life. So, they want EVERYTHING from us - but little by little, in a harmonious dosage not to eat too much, to burn and to pee the pants at night as from a bad dream, not to begin to stammer or not to fall into eternal apathy after inconceivable euphoria.

And the woman most often is not afraid of euphoria, she also looks for it (sometimes absolutely silly and hopelessly) - unreal eternal euphoria. And first of all it for it - in Love. If there is no beloved, then all not spent natural love sublimates in love of children, in creativity, in business. The woman as the child plays with dreams. Even sitting as the Cinderella in ashes - she sees herself on a ball. That which is able to find a high in everything is happy, in different manifestations of the life, and do not stir it even wooden boots and the scattered peas. Worse that someone for it arranged to the ladies waiting or demanding these fireworks of emotions and bright experiences.

But it is simple to live dragging the burden as the barge hauler does not, it is not peculiar to the woman, though it seems that many quite so live. Just one reconciles and gets used and does not look in the children`s soul, another squeezes out to herself pleasures, using men why those are tired and in a consequence run, and some look for it at the bottom of the dozing volcano.

So, a conclusion - not so - that is a lot of daredevils from among men, persons interested to fall with the woman by a bottom where the lava of her life is born.

But maybe, it and to the best - someone has to stand on the feet strong that was to whom to lean, coming back from flights on the broom?

P. S. This article - the answer to article Why men are afraid of us?