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What TV our ancestors had. To remember everything.

the TV now not luxury, but a necessary thing in the house without which it is impossible to do. At many house on 2 - 3 TVs. Nobody attaches special significance to this device: costs in the house as the gas stove, as a usual broom for cleaning of the room.

Were lamp, microcircuit, at some now earlier - plasma. There is nothing unusual. But let`s remember where our ancestors stared.

In 1963 my parents in the village bought is black - the white TV of screen about 40 by 30 centimeters in size. I remember that it was called Verkhovina . The father on a roof put the antenna from from thick copper tubes of 3 by 6 meters in size. Strengthened it extensions that wind did not break. Accepted then only two channels.

We were not the first. In the capital already in 50 - ykh years there were TVs.

Very few people, even from old men, remember now how earlier over the screen it is black - white TVs pasted a three-colored film that it seemed that the image color.

And who remembers TVs 50 - ykh years of KVN - 49 and Leningrad T - 2? It is in general antiquity. The size of their screen made 10,5 by 14 centimeters. Thus it was possible to consider the image only through a magnifying lens which was established in front of the screen.

The lens consisted of two convex glasses connected together in which filled in the distilled water. Distilled, also poured by its method of a siphon, that is involving a mouth liquid in a hose and letting out it from a reverse side. Water had to flow down in a lens on a wall to prevent education in it air bubbles.

Bubbles appeared when water temperature was lower than room. Then advised that there were no bubbles, water to stand about days in the vessel filled up to the top.

Over time in this water the deposit appeared. Cleared a lens by means of a rubber pear which was put on a rubber tube. It was lowered in a lens, and vigorous pressing a pear shook up dregs and exhausted it. This operation was repeated repeatedly. The muddy raid on lens walls if it did not manage to be washed away a water pressure from a pear, was removed a piece of the rubber sponge strengthened on a long soft wire with isolation. It was necessary to clean so that the wire did not touch a lens.

At turbidity of its water it was necessary to pour out, it is good to wash out a lens the distilled water heated to 30 C and then again to fill in with the fresh distilled water. It was not necessary to apply any chemicals to cleaning of a lens.

Besides, there were troubles with antennas and their grounding, with a resistance of a coaxial cable, with sources and devices of power supply, type of stabilizers and autotransformers.

Generally, you appreciate that now the TV does not cause problems and copes easily with the help of DU.