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On what parts undress pork and what from them to prepare?

Pork is digestible, but on nutritiousness it is worse than some beef. In it more glutinosity and " fat;. So E. Molokhovets in the unique book writes. According to her, the best meat from seven - an eight-months pig, and fat - from fifteen-monthly.

However, we now especially do not touch. Meat - it is meat. As in the first years of reorganization there was only one type of products - food. In late Soviet period there was slightly more: meat with a bone and meat without bones.

Sometimes hostesses try to prepare some refined pork dish according to recipes known in 50 - x years Books about tasty and healthy food - and nothing is impossible.

The matter is that it is necessary to know from what part of ink meat is cut out. In the market, and even in shop, nobody specifies it. At best write on labels: neck " cutting; sacrum " gammon; " goulash; and often not absolutely clear, but accepted recently names of pieces of meat - hazel grouse or apple .

In old times, that is in not it a distant 19th century, each hostess knew on what parts undress pork, and could determine it even by appearance. Also the meat price depended on it. Depending on the location it was subdivided into 3 - 4 grades. For comparison: in the 19th century 1 pound of fresh pork (about 450 g) cost 12 kopeks, and pound of beef of the first grade - 17 kopeks, veal of a back quarter - 20 - 30 kopeks and pound of cutlet beef - 12 - 25 kopeks

For example, now cutting often call just meat without bones with long fibers. Actually cutting is cut out from that part which is in the middle of ink over a backbone under a fat layer.

The neck is not all meat around the head but only the gentle pieces located on the right and at the left behind cheeks between the head and a trunk. At all not withers. The neck is gentle, soft, moderately fat. From it it is possible to prepare both chops, and goulash, and cutlets. Often it is taken on a shish kebab.

Now instead of real of gammon in the market expose a back podbedrok, that is the part of a leg is higher than a knee. Actually gammon is a fleshy pork buttock, the most top part of a hind leg, in the people it is called still back . Gammon suits for roasting by a large piece, for suppression, for salting, for preparation of boiled pork. If there is a strong wish, from it it is possible to prepare good chops which need to be beaten off to thickness of 2 cm, then to moisten in the lyezena, to roll in in crackers and to fry.

Is three more the most widespread a type of pork now - brisket, brisket and a shovel.

Scapular meat at a pig rigid, it it is better to stew. The shovel is an external part of a forward leg above a knee. Sell a shovel together with a big flat bone, butchers do not cut out it as it does not give any gain in soups and sold separately does not give them a monetary gain. But often in the market the shovel at the price is equated to a neck though they a different grade. The neck is higher a grade.

Brisket settles down from both sides of ink below cutting and in the same way on all its length. It is the fattest part, often it is cut out with a stone. It can be fried on a grill, to extinguish, previously having pickled, to cook with it pilaf, ragout and other dishes.

Brisket - part of ink which settles down belly department behind a shovel on each side at once. Usually in our market brisket is pieces of fat with a meat layer. And not vice versa. It type modern bacon if to prikoptit. It is possible to do of brisket anything, except chops and beefsteaks. But most often it is let on salty fat: many love it with cut that is with layers.

Except those parts of ink which I called there are a lot others, for example, an okovalok, a dewlap, hough and other hoofs . Butchers in general undress pork hulk on 40 components.

If it is necessary to make cutlets, it is possible in the principle to make them of any part of ink, already not before the choice of the best pieces. But just one council. Fat we love everything, it expensive, and it is taken for salting now from any part of ink that sellers had no waste. For example, from subbelly part which is between two hind legs near a bladder this place is called still Pashina. This bad fat cannot be determined by appearance, well can, it not such thick, too not to determine it at once by taste. Only way: to singe its skin the lighter - then will show an urine smell.

However, it is necessary and now to learn to choose meat. It will help to reduce expenses. However, it is necessary to prove still to shopkeepers that they are not right. But it is necessary to try.