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How koumiss helps with treatment of tuberculosis? Part 2

Koumiss is similar to fragrant drink from the paradise river... This fertile drink inhales life and cures a sore body - the Central Asian author of the 16th century Ibn Ruzbikhan wrote.

What defines curative properties of koumiss? At anybody of animals milk does not contain so much sugar, as in milk of a horse. When milk it begins to wander, the part of sugar turns into alcohol that impacts to koumiss special relish. And kumysny yeast at fermentation allocates the antibiotics operating on a tubercular stick.

This fermented milk product contains enzymes, minerals, vitamins A, B1, B2, B12, D, E, and especially With, wine alcohol, lactic acid, carbon dioxide. Depending on the content of lactic acid and alcohol, and also endurance term, koumiss is subdivided on weak, average and strong.

Weak koumiss - the one-daily allowance, contains only 1% of alcohol, is not strongly aerated and foams a little. On taste sweetish, subacidic and almost does not pinch language. Weak koumiss on density reminds mare`s milk. Average, two-day koumiss , already contains 1,75% of alcohol if to shake up a bottle before opening, then foam and when you pour in a glass, then foam accumulates not at once is formed. Taste is sour, sharp, pinches language. Such koumiss is more liquid than mare`s milk. Koumiss with endurance three and more than a day, alcohol in it - 3% is considered strong. It more liquid and sour. Strongly foams, in it there are a lot of gases. It has to be stored koumiss in glasswares, no more than five days from the moment of flood as it is considered that it keeps the medicinal properties no more than a week. Though happening in Kazakhstan at relatives, I learned that some like to drink koumiss older, even sustained about two weeks there, it at the same time becomes quite intoxicated and escapes from a bottle it is similar to champagne.

In Shafranovo koumiss we were given in half liter bottles. Doctors prescribed all patients two bottles per day, it is necessary to drink not less than 300 g (one and a half glasses) in 20 minutes prior to food three times a day. At first I watchfully treated unusual drink, it was necessary to overcome ourselves to drink a glass of koumiss. But very quickly got used, two-day, average koumiss was to the taste to me. And many men preferred strong, it quite replaced with it beer, and they even tried to buy additional bottles of this curative drink - in the settlement freely sold it in shop. But unlike beer, koumiss even if to drink it much, except advantage, brings nothing.

Koumiss has the all-strengthening and rejuvenating effect, normalizes a metabolism and well influences composition of blood, improves work of heart and vessels. It is useful to use it at treatment of neurosises, at the increased intellectual and physical activity, at stresses and still a number of diseases. Researches of the last years undoubtedly proved the content in koumiss of the vital hormones and its influence on immune system of an organism. And of course, promotes treatment of various forms of tuberculosis. It was necessary to learn at first hand that the artful illness can unexpectedly be shown where you do not expect it at all, to strike any human organ.

There passed 35 years after my treatment in Shafranovo, there was a lot of different sores but the harmful bacillus of Koch did not prove. In 1998, soon after death of the husband, perhaps, from - for stresses and a nervous tension, eyes began to hurt - inflamed, reddened, feeling - as though filled sand there, the head often hurt. The oculist in policlinic made the diagnosis - glaucoma. Glaucoma is shown by sharp increase of the intraocular pressure (VGD) and if in time not to treat it, can lead to full loss of sight. Wrote out drops - three times a day, appointed pricks. However pressure did not fall, the condition of eyes did not improve. Sent to the eye center on procedure with difficult memorable name of a trabekuloplastik - influence approximately laser radiation. Pressure decreased, but all for a month, and then rose again. And then the doctor decided that urgent operation is necessary. So I got to a hospital, to eye office. On my happiness, the manager was very skilled doctor, God grant to her long life. Having examined my eyes on different devices, she told that operation cannot be done, it is possible to lose in general sight as there is an inflammatory center and what property - cannot be defined at once. Ten days gave injections in eyes, under a conjunctiva to lower VGD. And then directed to inspection in a city antitubercular clinic (PTD), in eye office.

There collected a consultation, made analyses, reaction to Mant, asked whether my eyes in the childhood hurt a scrofula. And in several days made the conclusion as a sentence: You have a tuberculosis of eyes, long-term treatment is necessary! . Till that time, and me already was under 60, I did not even assume that there is such disease. It turned out that the tubercular bacillus can strike in an eye a cornea, a conjunctiva, a vascular cover, an eye bottom, an optic nerve and vessels adjoining to it, a vitreous body etc. Later it was necessary to learn also many names of eye diseases: iridotsiklit, keratit, peripheral uveit, horioretinit, panuveit etc. Sometimes and the illness broadens our horizons!

Having come from a medical office to chamber, I burst out crying. In chamber there were seven women of different age, with different problems of eyes, many were already long treated with variable success. And here one, grown wise experience, told: Do not sob and do not cry, it is even good that such diagnosis, will register in PTD, at least, will treat free of charge, and once a year will be able to go to eye sanatorium. And if just glaucoma, then you are run on clinics, and no money will be enough for treatment, especially for the lonely pensioner . Also added that it is necessary to drink koumiss, and in sanatoria eye koumiss is registered surely. Passed more than 10 years since then, and I remember that woman all the time. It appeared the rights. Having treated in eye office of a clinic about four months, received the direction in specialized ftiziooftalmologichesky sanatorium near Vyborg.

It is a little specialized sanatoria with diseases of tuberculosis of eyes in Russia - in the Leningrad region Vyborg - 3 or it is called still Red hill (by name the settlement), near Luga - Red shaft and big eye office in tubercular sanatorium Reach in the Ivanovo region. Small eye offices are in PTD on places, but nevertheless the most skilled doctors work in these large sanatoria. Therefore to treatment there come people from all our immense country. In Red to a shaft near Luga, was only once, did not go to the Reach as it is far. Within eight years, mainly in the winter, I for two months was treated in eye sanatoria. Here, besides traditional pricks including under a conjunctiva, in the mornings all are given koumiss. It is, of course, not that koumiss that is made in Bashkiria from mare`s milk. The sanatorium prepares it on cow, adding the special kumysny ferment received from Institute of food. And of course, it concedes on the properties to the real koumiss, but exerts beneficial influence. And it must be said that at me for these years intraocular pressure was normalized, never exceeded admissible norm (of course, eye drops it is necessary to drip daily), sight almost did not worsen. And in general health considerably improved.

In conclusion I want to wish all a good health!