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How much is your life? For society

I Feel that many would give my life for the beliefs

Branislav Tsrnchevich, Serbian writer.

At last! Came true! The State Duma of Russia estimated life of the Russian who died in plane crash at more than 2 one million rubles. The price of life of the Russians who died under other circumstances - how many God to the federal judge on soul will put.

It is necessary to tell that this question did not remain unaddressed the scientist Luda. Even it is easy to find information on this occasion in the Internet. However, the part suppressing it carries humanitarian character - a pier, human life it is invaluable, charisma which nobody has the right to select, criminals cannot be executed, only to pardon etc.

In that case why wars happen? Death at least one soldier - infinitely big loss for the country. And with charisma not everything is all right. Opponents of the death penalty, probably, eat potato and it is not known to them that to grow up kilogram of potato, it is necessary to kill about 1000 Colorado beetles, God`s creations with same God`s the right of life, as well as at them. Moreover, the Colorado beetle did not break any God`s commandments and that eats potato, so to him God so defined it. Far worse a situation with the criminal who deserved the death sentence. At least, one bible precept, do not kill it broke.

On this place the author realizes that he tries to prove something by means of logic, and it for the believer an empty phrase because I believe because it is ridiculous also comes back to a path of scientific reasonings, hoping for understanding of the people believing in science.

The most part of relationship between people has economic character.

The economy defines not only the relations buy - sell expediency of production of these or those goods, but also help to patients (paid medicine), insurance business, including life insurance of people. Monetary problems arise also when determining fair compensation to a family of the worker, dead on production, the soldier who laid down life in to a hot spot .

And here again there is a question of the value of human life, but already from the economic point of view.

First of all, we will notice that the economy distinguishes the cost of production (prime cost) and consumer cost.

In relation to the person, the first means all sum of expenses on the birth, education, study, etc. of the child from conception to its first salary. For present conditions of Russia with its average annual income per capita in 57000 rubles we will receive that in 20 years necessary to put the child on legs, about 1,1 million rubles will be spent for it. It is necessary to add expenses on partially free education, medical care, rest, kindergarten, etc. to them. Therefore we will add to the received sum 400 more thousand rubles and we will receive the total price productions the person somewhere in 1,5 million rubles.

As for the consumer cost of the person, it is easy to determine it too.

the Grown-up person begins to work, bring to society some benefit estimated by its salary. At already mentioned average per capita income and believing that in an average family there are two children (on one on each parent) and length of service we will tell in 35 years, it for the life will earn about 4 - x millions of rubles. And as it officially works only 8 hours a day, and 8 more hours are engaged in some another useful matters (something does on the house or just is engaged in education of children), we will increase the received sum to 6 million rubles.

However, about a third of earnings will leave on keeping of the worker (food, housing, clothes, treatment, pension, etc.) . So the general profit on the person for all his life will make about 4 million rubles. And pure the profit (after a deduction of expenses on his education) will be about $70 thousand.

Of course, it is very rough estimate, but, nevertheless, this sum also has to serve as a reference point at determination of the price of life of the serviceman or worker of the dead at execution of official duties . It is necessary to tell that the State Duma of Russia, defining insurance compensation for life of the died air passenger, proceeded from a close assessment in 80 thousand dollars. In the developed countries society approximately is also guided by this figure.

In the countries of the former USSR the situation is much worse. So, in Ukraine insure some professional risks, for example, the risk of the medical laboratory assistant to catch AIDS. But the sums of such insurance are scanty, equivalent to several thousand dollars. Slightly better miners, have a situation even a bitter maxim that supposedly only after death of the supporter the miner`s family begins to live properly.