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Mistress. Mean razluchnitsa or just unfortunate woman?

Recently, digging on the Internet, I came across a forum where the subject of mistresses was discussed. What only words they were not called as soon as did not kosterit After that I decided to describe life of the mother to prove that mistresses are just women, with the weaknesses. At someone weakness - money, at someone - sex, and at someone, as at the woman who presented me life - love. The love is sick, incurable, such which and to the enemy you will not wish

Seven years are much? And twenty four years? Looking for what. When a difference between the man and the woman in twenty four years and it seven years at it in mistresses, it as? It is a lot of? Normally? But there is precisely a lot of. And when the mistress, on anything, without hoping, gives birth to two children? She knew what she went on, you will tell. Yes, knew, I will answer. Because I am her first child. Because I have native sister and the brother. And still I have all - let in five years, but the father appeared.

Mother met him in 25. To it there were 49. Suntanned, gray-haired, but fantastically charming, it, according to mother`s stories, fascinated her instantly. She came to have a rest at the sea, and the father was the director of recreation facility. The holiday romance did not end as they were from one city. Mother did not hope for anything, it had a family, but she so fell in love that she decided to give birth to me. The father against was not and promised to support financially. And it turned out.

To tell that I in the childhood was deprived of love, it will be dishonest. I was carried on hands by the grandmother, the grandfather and the uncle. The father came time in three days. For a couple of hours. The town at us small, all know each other, the father was the famous person, and mother worked in the newspaper, on the professional duty was always at all in the public eye. Many knew about their relations, but were silent. Why? I do not know Mother told

, about one case. To me was years two, it is no more. We walked on the boulevard, and the father suddenly appeared, he met halfway and did not notice us. Around there were many people, in summer evening left to sit on shops, to walk Mother did not manage to blink also an eye, and I already at full speed rushed with heart-rending shout " forward; father! . He hastily retired When to me was executed by

three, mother absolutely consciously became pregnant for the second time. Then the father already said that he will leave to us, but only after his son graduates from the institute. This argument was very powerful. Little boy, only 22 years! Parting of parents - a huge stress! This event injures it, he can throw higher education institution. And you, my dear pregnant mistress and the three-year-old daughter, already long wait, suffer a year more. Unless it is term in comparison with the endured six years? Is not present? Here and pat-a-cake.

And we waited. And it all did not come, delaying time H . When till the birth of the little sister there was a month, the father told that his wife knows about everything, and it leaves. On the one hand I sympathize with this woman. She did not guess seven years anything. For it news about our existence became shock. The strangest that she learned about everything, from the girlfriend who came to stay for a while from other city, and probably heard rumors. And on the other hand, as it behaved later I understand that the offended woman is ready for a lot of things, but not to give even socks with pants, to go to the chief of the ex-husband, demanding dismissal, to jinx to death It does not give in to my understanding All this

occurred just when reorganization began. The father lost work. He retired. Money was not absolutely. But there were we. Mother broke in flat cake that though to support us. The father turned too as could. But at the same time it was dissatisfied with everything. Soup is put too much salt, cutlets are underdone, houses is not cleaned I can swear that mother the tremendous hostess and always her was. Each dinner she waited for a sentence tastelessly Very seldom heard thanks . She prefers to forget all this, but I, though was small, I remember that atmosphere of fear which was at home. Not love, not respect, but fear of the father.

The father maintained the relations with the son who was engaged in business. All communications and experience acquired by the father were to his services. Gradually it became to be untwisted . Then married and changed the surname for a surname of the wife. He knew where to beat. Where it will be more sick. The matter is that boys in a sort except it after death of his brother did not become. He was the only successor of a surname. It was extremely important for the father. After treachery of the only son, the father broke up with him communication.

Mother decided to give birth to it to the boy. In thirty eight years. He at that time was sixty two years old. In a family there was not the best financial position. Moreover, on the mother`s line found cancer in our grandmother at the last stage. And all - at me is the brother who is younger than me for ten years and who carries a father`s surname. And he as I and the sister very much wants that mother divorced the father.

Probably, it is unnatural when children wish parting of parents. But we cannot quietly watch any more how the father exhausts mother the jealousy, reproaches and grumble. However, now everything is already not as sad as was about three years ago. At mother on a lot of things eyes, and not without our help opened, it is necessary to tell. But all the same, painful dependence on it remained. Mother still woman young and interesting in every respect. She could be with ease with the man who appreciates it, but prefers marriage, without love and respect.

What is it? Fear of condemnation? But she decided to give birth to us without husband. Maybe mother just is afraid to lose that which she waited for seven years? And let it at all not what drew imagination of the woman in love, but it, native, LONG-AWAITED