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What stones are recommended to be carried to Cancer?

the Main qualities given rise under zodiac sign Cancer - honoring of traditions and sincere care of the family. Emotional and sensitive, Cancers are persistent and consecutive in achievement of the purposes. If to trust astrological properties of minerals, it is the best of all for Cancer to choose jewelry in the form of a beads, pendents and brooches.

In old times it was called an amulet of good mood. This mineral gives a charge of cheerfulness and self-confidence, helps to understand internal problems. Strengthening feelings and emotions, aventurine attracts to the owner of people around. Jewelry with this stone fills soul with feeling of tenderness and constancy. According to litoterapevt, aventurine is useful at treatment of a hypertension, cold, allergic and heart diseases, blood circulatory system diseases.

the Stone of color of a sea wave, once, of course, was a charm of seafarers. Besides, aquamarine was a symbol of firm friendship and the truth. Speak, it changes color depending on mood of the owner. Aquamarine is capable to exert strong impact on character of the person, giving judiciousness and helping to cope with irascibility and intolerance. Aquamarine was considered as the stone prolonging life. Modern researches of litoterapevt confirm its toning influence on immunity. The mineral is recommended at diseases of respiratory system, a liver, an allergy. Ornament with aventurine helps to find peace of mind.

Black " diamond; represented courage and judiciousness. At the same time it was called stone of magicians it was quite often used in various magic ceremonies. To this day many believe that hematite increases mood, forms strong will, allocates with fearlessness and feeling of safety. Respected this stone and for its medicinal properties. Believed in his ability to stop severe bleeding. Jewelry with hematite advises to carry for acceleration of healing of wounds, at diseases of vascular system, kidneys and a liver.
the Emerald
This most beautiful mineral from time immemorial drew attention and won human hearts. It was called a stone of a pacification and wisdom, a charm on travel. And the carrying emerald at itself was confident that it is protected from sorcery and various troubles. Green " ice; as it is called in Colombia, attracts wealth to the house, improves memory, drives away dreadful dreams and melancholy. In a litoterapiya it is used for sight improvement, as a supportive application for fight against heart troubles, urinogenital system, a backbone and diabetes.
Is quite rare modification of pomegranate of green color. Demantoid neutralizes negative impressions, counterbalancing an emotional state after strong experiences. Jewelry with this mineral concentrates vital forces of the person, and even edify on the chosen way. Often speak about its advantage for warmly - vascular system and positive influence on the general tone.

In old times thought that contemplation of pearls reconciles the person with world around and by itself, grants feeling of a sincere pacification. The pearls in many countries were considered as a symbol of youth, prosperity and happy marriage. Mineralogists recommend for healing from treatment of diseases of a digestive tract and a hypertension. Besides, water, infused on several pearls, becomes bactericidal, strengthens gums and normalizes internal processes of an organism.

the Moonstone
the Moonstone was an irreplaceable charm for those whom the full moon negatively influences. Jewelry with this mineral well influences a mental condition of the person, calms at nervous excitement, does the owner pensive and friendly. Also believed that a moonstone in force to attract happy love in life.


the Orthoclase
It is similar to a moonstone, the orthoclase promotes feeling of a peace of mind, balances character merits and demerits. On representations ancient, the mineral stimulates development of talent. It is curious that the orthoclase was considered as a mascot of lovers and an indicator of their feelings. Often note its advantage at treatment of oncology and mental illnesses.
Once people were sure that this the one who has this jewel can understand fauna language. Hrizoberill blesses the owner with the gift of anticipation, preserves against accidents, helps to achieve progress in all undertakings. Litoterapevta are convinced that hrizoberill regulates the blood circulatory system, cures of dermatological, strengthens heart and walls of vessels.

The recommended stones can become for Cancer the keeper with negative experiences and the defender from ill-wishers. It is necessary only to choose the and to believe in its force!

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