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What it is pleasant to us in Egypt?

Egypt very picturesque country. It is the country which made reasonable amendments to a way of life, without having refused religion in general. In today`s Egypt polygamy remained, however most of indigenous Egyptians are rather emancipated and quite freely feel in jeans and without headdresses.

Egypt - that state on which within centuries the most various people and cultures exerted impact. The Soviet Union also tried to interfere with life of Egypt. I believe, all remember, famous Nasser, the first president of Egypt to which Nikita Khrushchev, making advances to this country, even handed an award of the Hero of the Soviet Union. Egyptians held the kindest in remembrance Nasser, and here forgot the USSR about the help to Egypt at all. With the biggest warmth they remember the French influence and the help in construction of the Suez Canal which became the main source of the income for Egyptians.

But the considerable place in the national income is taken also by tourism. Egypt quickly understood that, having slightly opened the doors for foreigners, they say the magic phrase Sezam open . And having come to such conclusion, Egyptians hastily reconstructed if not consciousness, then, at least, manners and level of service on the best harmony. None of Europeans know that residents of the ancient country think of the half-naked cheerful horde babbling in different languages which tumbled down to them from all over the world actually. But Egyptians remembered well that the slightest disrespect for the foreign guest in prestigious hotel is fraught with deprivation of a lucrative job. Therefore their service though is sometimes a little persuasive, but never passes a decency framework. But it on the coast. As for the capital of Egypt of Cairo, it is necessary to tell about it especially. Perhaps, proceeding them my quite wide experience of travel over the different countries, the term city of contrasts I would apply to Cairo.

In Cairo 22 million inhabitants. Those who for the first time hear this figure are always surprised as nobody can assume that it is so numerous, especially taking into account that a little more than 70 million live in all Egypt. On streets of this unusual capital there is always a cheerful confusion. The matter is that in Cairo there are no traffic regulations. Quite recently there put several traffic lights. But still nobody is able to use them. Cars alternate with hysterically shouting burros pulling the freight many times exceeding the sizes of this animal. Drivers are developed on an oncoming lane, police officers look only behind in time to appear in time to the place of accident, all signal and threaten each other with fists. Nobody passes anybody, and everyone goes as can. But embitternment and irritation which is so inherent in all residents of the civilized cities getting to traffic jams is not felt. Some consider that the one who learned to drive the car in Egypt will be able to get out of any situation on roads.

Residents of Cairo can be divided into three categories conditionally. The lowest is represented by inhabitants cities of the dead . Really huge space in the downtown is occupied by the cemetery which is fenced off from the world by a concrete wall, but that becomes behind this wall, it is well visible from the platform passing over it. In city of the dead quite living ordinary, but not too successful people get. Easier to say, similar to our tramps who did not manage for some reasons to realize itself in life.

In the European countries the problem of vagrancy is solved differently. In Holland, for example, everything, not received residence permit during the last 15 - ti years, are subject to deportation.

In Russia for bums (without permanent residence) are under construction doss houses, temporary shelters with clinics. In Egypt approached this question it is extremely practical - if you cannot normally live, buy to yourself the place on a cemetery and attain the age in a family crypt. For the others inhabitants cities of the dead really died and are recognized as nonexistent. And there are no times them, there is no problem also.

The middle class if in relation to residents of Cairo such term is applicable, lives in unfinished houses from three to six floors in size. These houses for quite practical reasons - in - the first are not completed, it is not required to pay a tax for such house, and in - the second, with emergence in a family of new children or grandsons, the house grows by one floor and so on. Inhabitants even as can, try to decorate the dwellings. They paint them from cylinders with liquid paint, each in his own way. But, despite all efforts, many quarters of the city remind the settlement after a raid of enemy aircraft. And empty eye-sockets of windows, the fittings which are sticking out extensively bring into deep despondency. Here is from what to be depressed if to see this landscape constantly and to live especially in it.

the Highest class of Cairo are multimillionaires, drive to apartments of the houses on smart cars. And all western and Russian oligarchs could envy the level of their luxury.

Glass skyscrapers make surprising contrast with city of the dead and unfinished houses.

But there is one more amazing contrast. It certainly, pyramids. The worried millennia, they passionlessly look at the ants fussing at their bottom. However modern tourists are disappointed at the sight of this magnificence more and more. Skyscrapers in comparison with which pyramids seem infinitely small rise nearby. And that who do not have enough imagination to present what work was enclosed in these ancient structures and what impression they made on those who did not see any house is higher than at most two floors, seem to those people of a pyramid pathetic, not being of any value in the modern world.

But now I would like to return on the coast of the Red Sea and to tell about visitors to have a rest foreigners. Majority of hotels of very high-class Egypt. They quite justify four or five stars declared by them. And it is much better than hotels of Turkey and if to speak honestly, France and many other countries. There faultless service, a cool, marble bowls of fountains, the freshest linen which is unostentatiously replaced every day. Set of channels of television. Including two Russians. Employees decently speak in English. But the majority of them quite not bad know also Russian.

Representatives of many countries have a rest in Egypt. Most often it is possible to meet ubiquitous Germans, inhabitants of Eastern Europe, and, of course, Russians. And, Russians are allocated at once with the fact that they are dissatisfied with everything eternally. Go with funeral persons and complain of everything. Though, apparently, got to really paradise place.

Germans notice only representatives of the nation. The others for them do not exist. It seems, they do not even see them. They spend most of all time about the pool though fine is bright - the blue sea with the curative water sated with minerals, right there, nearby. But they prefer to lap in the chlorinated aquapark and into the sea, apparently, do not come in general. And in Germany pools continually, and there is no sea. Perhaps they are afraid of it? But what sense then to it to go?

But the most amazing picture women from the countries with orthodox Islam represent. To Egypt, for example, often take out the harem most advanced Libyans. In the dining room the unfortunate women from head to foot tightened in the black clothes just do not know where to put eyes, near relaxed Germans and Russians in night-clothes. But, getting at the sea, they change. Black clothes, of course, remain at them, and in such look they bathe. But at the same time joyfully chirp among themselves, being thrilled with pleasure. Ability to enjoy life especially is more sincere than them strikes in comparison with sluggish and indifferent, eternally dissatisfied faces of Europeans which have, actually, much more reason for fun. If at a temperature on the sun in 62 degrees Celsius to dress up someone from our compatriots in black clothes, I am afraid, they would kill the blessed at once. And Libyans walk on the beach, cheerfully lap in the sea. Sometimes quite far from the coast it is possible to meet important floating matron in the spacious black attires fluttering on a sea smooth surface.

Perhaps to us, dear ladies and gentlemen, it is necessary to follow an example of these mild creations which are not raising an eye even on the spouse in certain cases. They are able - to rejoice what so often lacks us to simple things, the sea, the sun, a clear sky, the fact that they live in this world.

However, I impose the councils to nobody. Just I wanted to share what was seen in this ancient country with rich and unusual culture.