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How koumiss helps with treatment of tuberculosis? Part 1

is celebrated the World day of fight against tuberculosis determined in 1993 according to the decision of the World Health Organization (WHO) in day when the German microbiologist Robert Koch declared the discovery of the causative agent of tuberculosis made by it Annually on March 24. About features and a wide circulation of this serious illness it is written much, several articles were also published in our magazine.

According to WHO data on our planet with tuberculosis about 8 million people annually get sick, about 3 million perish. In Russia, only on official statistics, over the last 10 years the number of the patients with this illness twice increased, and the vast majority is the share of its pulmonary form. In no small measure distribution of an illness is promoted by deterioration in social living conditions of the population. It is no secret that in Russia incidence of tuberculosis among homeless, bums and so-called guest workers is especially big. It is known that Koch`s bacillus is present at an organism approximately at 75% of the population of Earth, but not everyone gets sick, certainly. Tuberculosis affects those at whom immunity is weakened for any of several reasons. It is promoted not only by smoking, alcoholism, but also insufficient food, stresses, social disorder, as well as a hereditary factor. Not for nothing doctors of tubdispanser at inspection always ask - whether someone had in a sort tuberculosis.

I personally had to face this illness twice in life. And I am inclined to believe that the considerable role was played at the same time by a heredity factor. My grandfather on the mother`s line died of a transient consumption as then called tuberculosis of lungs, long before my birth, in 1933. The grandmother died of the same illness when I was 7 years old, in 1947. In children`s memory the words of the doctor treating the grandmother, told mother at visit that it preserved us with the sister remained and did not allow to be near the grandmother. Neither mother, nor her two younger sisters underwent attack Koch`s sticks . And from eight mother`s children the illness, however, in an initial form, was shown at me and the younger brother, with a difference more than in 10 years though we lived in absolutely different regions. I want to tell not about an illness, and about how miracle drink koumiss helped to cope with a disease.

The illness was found incidentally, at annual routine inspection when made fluorography. I had no guarding symptoms unless the head at small physical activities was sometimes turned. I was young, only worked the first year after university. Therefore words of the doctor that at me not all are normal with lungs and additional inspection in an antitubercular clinic (PTD) is necessary, was like a bolt from the blue. In a clinic doctors made the conclusion that there is a blackout of a top of a lung, long-term treatment in a hospital is necessary, and I have on hands a two-year-old son and the husband in the sea, in long flight. Agreed with the doctor that some time I will give injections (3 times a day) at home or in the nearest policlinic, and regularly to take a pill. About sincere experiences it is better not to remember! Two months later brought the son to parents to the North. And when came to a clinic, the doctor suggested me to go instead of a hospital to tubercular sanatorium to Bashkiria, to the settlement of Shafranovo where treat koumiss. What is koumiss, I then knew a little.

At the end of December, 1963 I arrived to the small Bashkir settlement of Shafranovo. The sanatorium had two offices - pulmonary and urological, settling down enough far apart in which at the same time were on treatment from 400 to 460 people. Living conditions were not especially comfortable - several wooden one - two-storeyed cases with chambers on 6 - 8 people (without shower and with toilets at the end of a corridor), medical cases, club, the dining room, a bath. Medical cases were equipped well for those times, there was also a surgical office where did blowings of lungs and even operation. Work and the attitude towards patients of physicians - doctors, nurses, and all service personnel was just remarkable, attentive, kind, with interest compensated household inconveniences. And the most important, at sanatorium was big subsidiary farm with konefermy and shop on production of koumiss which was made only from mare`s milk.

Sanatorium Shafranovo as told us during fact-finding excursion, it was organized by Olga Viktorovna Shafranova, the wife of the privy councilor, in May, 1882 as a private kumysolechebnitsa. For a summer season could use services of this clinic the person 60. After revolution, in 1919 on the basis of this kumysolechebnitsa the sanatorium on 360 beds was created. During the Great Patriotic War the hospital was placed here. And since 1960 when opened urological office, the sanatorium became an all-union health resort. Now it is the sanatorium of federal importance which is working all the year round, having fine medical shots and strong medical base.

Soon after arrival in sanatorium and an initiation of treatment medicines without what as doctors consider, it is impossible to cure tuberculosis, at me showed the most severe allergy to antitubercular tablets, whether on ftivazid, whether on PASK (steam sodium - aminosalycylate), do not remember any more. Tablets cancelled everything at once, having left only pricks of streptomycin and koumiss. The doctor told that koumiss - very powerful remedy, and sometimes it is capable to extinguish an illness without tablets. The main thing - to observe the mode, to drink it regularly.

Medicinal properties of koumiss are known long ago. Koumiss is an invention of nomad tribes, one of the most ancient drinks famous on the earth. Still Herodotus in the 5th century noted B.C. that the koumiss produced from mare`s milk is a basic element of hospitality at Scythians. Its beneficial influence on a human body it is mentioned in stories of travelers, historians, writers, in works and historical documents since the most ancient times. The Venetian traveler of the 13th century Marco Polo wrote about koumiss: As Drink to them (Tatars) serves the mare`s milk prepared in such a way that it is possible to take for white wine. It is very good drink. They call it kemyz . And known to us as creator Explanatory dictionary of the great Russian " language; Vladimir Ivanovich Dahl, surgeon and second surgical " glove; Russia, the corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, in 1843 wrote about koumiss or as it was called then to a kumyza : this drink as food and as medical property, is worth it that closer to get acquainted with it .

To the second half of the XIX century ways of preparation of koumiss were kept a secret, descended in families. Also it was difficult to receive data on technology of its production. But the glory about its salutary properties grew, and many patients went to the Bashkir and Orenburg steppes though there were no clinics yet, and it was necessary to huddle in tents or yurtas sometimes. In 1858 doctor Nestor Vasilyevich Postnikov opened near Samara the first kumysolechebnitsa on hundred patients and conducted regular supervision about results of treatment. N. Postnikov is considered as the founder of an evidence-based kumysolecheniye, he in three words defined the main properties of koumiss: nutrit, roborat, etalterat - feeds, strengthens, updates . On a kumysolecheniye to it there came Lev Tolstoy and Anton Chekhov. Soon many doctors began to recognize koumiss as the best of all then known means against tuberculosis.

Very much koumiss and to my treatment helped. I drank it three and a half months, and came back home almost healthy. And though some more years observed me in a tubdispanser as speak, held on the account, but the illness left.

In the second part I will continue the story about koumiss and a kumysolecheniye.