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What do not like to tell about, remembering Pushkin?

on February 10 - Day of memory of Aleksander Sergeyevich Pushkin. On the eve of this day in 1837 it was fatally wounded during duel by Dantes in St. Petersburg on the Black small river. Of course, this day the poet will be remembered Both proud grandson of Slavs, and Finn, and nowadays wild Tungus, and friend of steppes Kalmyk . Also we will remember, but let`s do without Pushkin lines somehow. Better I will tell about little-known pages of life of the poet

In what communication Three musketeers and last years of life of Pushkin?

When Alexandre Dumas - the father put the last end to the novel Three musketeers went 1844 - y year. Seven years passed from that tragic duel. And practically right after reading of the novel in Russia, far from Paris, suddenly it was found out that between Dumas`s heroes and the national poet of the northern country there is one interesting communication. The scheme of action of the novel and life of the poet in something are similar.

So, we will begin with Dumas. If to narrow Three musketeers to the main characters (apart from Athos, Porthos and Aramis), " set; performers looks thus. The main character - the king of France Louis XIII. It has a windy wife - the queen Anna Avstriyskaya. Further at the novel there is a fatal man - the duke Bekingem. The femme fatale is the Milady or lady Vinter. There is the chief puppeteer - the cardinal Richelieu. And, at last, the noble defender and the charge d`affaires - d`Artagnan.

Now we will consider the immediate environment of Aleksander Sergeyevich Pushkin. In it to the play of life the main character - directly he. Also are present: the windy wife (Natali), the fatal man (Dantes), the femme fatale (Idaliya Poletika), the chief puppeteer (the baron Gekkern is the senior), and at last, the noble defender and the charge d`affaires (Zhukovsky).

And here and there the plot develops in such a way that the windy wife brings pepper of Chile in a measured tide of life, contacting the cute foreigner. In both cases the husband tries to protect the rights, having understood with friend of the family . It is possible to refer, of course, to the fact that Idaliya Poletike to the Milady as on oxen to Beijing, but you should not forget that she played not the last role in a tragic outcome of life of Pushkin.

It is necessary to notice that in both cases business comes to an end with tragic untimely death. Unless at Dumas the fatal man perishes, and Pushkin has a main character. But in something these stories are similar.

History develops on a spiral. Isn`t it?

As Pushkin and Natali married Ekaterina Goncharova?

I since the childhood was interested in a question: as the brilliant gentleman and red tape Georges - Charles Dantes married Ekaterina Goncharova who for eyes was called chernushka . But somehow touching memoirs of the prince Trubetskoy, I found the answer to the question.

And business was so. Once Pushkin was home (they lived then in the country) in not absolutely fixed time, approximately for three quarters of hour till a lunch. Quietly made the way to Natali`s room and became the witness of how Natali cooed with Dantes. Without telling the word, Alexander Sergeyevich runs out from the room and directs on kitchen. A minute later - another comes back to the spouse, tastefully kisses it on the lips and speaks: Expensive! Let`s have dinner a little a bit earlier today, I already got hungry! . And right there leaves in a corridor.

Excusing watches Natali at Georges supposedly I am not guilty that he did not invite you to have a dinner. That knowingly nods and holds up lips for a farewell kiss. And when leaves the room, in a corridor faces Pushkin. That suspiciously peers at Dantes, and then flies to the room of the spouse.

An hour later the boy the servant brings to the loveful Frenchman a note from madam Pushkina in whom she reports that on his leaving the husband made it terrible row. And she to dispel a storm, admitted that Georges hinted it that he flares love to Ekaterina and is going on it to marry.

The note threw Dantes in shock. It and in thoughts had no intention marries Kitty. But also that there was a wish to set up favourite Natali not really-.

The solution became clear several days later. It appears, the cunning Ethiopian descendant decided to arrange check. Having gone to kitchen, he intentionally stained to himself lips in soot what neither the wife, nor her admirer paid attention to. During a matrimonial kiss of a part of soot removed on Natali`s lips, and then and Dantes. Them is that and the jealous husband considered

But if there is a wish for tranquility whether it is better not to repeat such test Pushkin Wrote

verses every day?

some fans of poetry have an illusion that Alexander Sergeyevich dipped every day a feather in ink and removed immortal lines. It far not so. Especially in the last one and a half years of life.

The first sharp recession took place in September, 1835. Then the poet came to restore health and to leave melancholy in loved by Mikhaylovskoye. But the muse not really - that hurried to Pushkin. He suffered a cruel depression, and nothing could return him a working condition.

Having arrived right at the beginning September, he wrote to the wife on September 25. Imagine, I still did not write lines .

And though crisis continued something about a month, further full disorder of nerves returned to it with a new force. The certificate to that is the letter of the sister of the poet O. Pavlishcheva who wrote to the husband from St. Petersburg: I do not remember it in such disgusting condition of spirit .

At this particular time, at the beginning of February, at Pushkin three duel stories were one by one played, and in each of them the poet was an instigator. Nothing similar with it was since his rough youth. This sincere disorder not really - that matched writing of immortal lines.

The third most severe crisis burst at Alexander Sergeyevich at the end of March, 1836. On March 29 Nadezhda Osipovna Hannibal, mother of the poet died, and the son himself saw off a coffin with a body to the Svyatogorsky monastery. And then, as if having a presentiment of the death, according to the friend poet Pletnev, appointed beside a grave it and himself the place, having made for it a contribution to monastic treasury .

From now on in Pushkin`s plans there is persistently repeating motive desired death . It is enough to see its such works as Commander or incomplete fragments We spent evening at the dacha Maria Shonning

Why Lermontov became famous for the poem Death of the poet ?

18 - the summer young man Mikhail Lermontov idolized Pushkin, knew almost by heart Eugene Onegin but those days when in St. Petersburg said goodbye to the genius of the Russian poetry, he could not visit there - itself had a serious illness.

He wrote the poem right after news of Aleksander Sergeyevich`s death, but it was not succeeded to publish it in newspapers, then strict censorship worked and it was practically impossible to write about it.

The initial version consisted of 56 lines and came to an end with words:

the Shelter of the singer is gloomy and close,

I on lips its press.

And only then, several days later, having despaired to achieve publication (the poem went in lists), the young poet was up in arms on the power also added 16 lines which are known to us most of all:

And you, haughty descendants

the Known meanness of the glorified fathers,

the Heel slavish the trampled fragments

Game of happiness of the offended childbirth!

you, greedy crowd the executioners standing at a throne,

of Freedom, the Genius and Slava!

conceal you under a shade of the law,

Before you court and the truth - all be silent!.

(and further in the text).

They were not familiar, but Lermontov was in the friendly relations with Ivan Goncharov, Natali`s brother, with whom served in one Labe - Guards Hussars , of

the Poem shook Russia. Dying, Pushkin as if passed on baton to young talent. It is a pity that Mikhail Yuryevich plainly did not manage will dispose of the talent - four years later died on duel too