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Monologue of the unaccomplished resident of Anapa

Once upon a time there were we by the sea …

After long years of residence in Moscow area, in the housing estate of Ershovo near Zvenigorod, we with the wife decided to change abruptly the life and to move to the coast of the Black Sea.

Shortly before this voyage we two times had a rest in Anapa in the private sector on the High coast, near the Nut grove. I, personally, so liked the warm sea and clean salty air that I already from the first had a desire here to live. Why I speak about myself first of all, but not about the wife? She somehow was rather indifferent to it and is concrete did not think of it so the predominating role in this decision belonged to me. I on a horoscope Fish and to these, probably, all is told.

By the way, it Cancer, but evolution, probably, made her completely overland being!

Though, no! She bathed and sunbathed with obviously visible pleasure, justifying the sign.

We came to have a rest by car and left it in the yard at home where we removed a recess.

To bathe went since morning, maintained solar oppression of hours to 11, even under an umbrella from

sun, then were wild, become stupid from hot air, about the kicked-up white dust from passing to the sea and from the sea of cars.

We already did the second calling in the late afternoon, well, relatively, of course, hours in 6,

and left, did not become cool to come into water yet.

Between these stages of familiarizing of Fish and Cancer to the water procedures put to us by

on a horoscope the mother Priroda we sometimes did ourselves small tours by the car on the city, coming around in gryaznenky, in potholes and where also clean, hardly licked at shortage of money, back streets of Anapa.

At that time built very little, only - only all this began after disorder and stagnation.

We, also as well as all other citizens of Russia overdriven by growing it is unclear why, food prices, on gasoline, on new buildings, on secondary housing, were afraid, and it is not vain, to get under charms next “ MMM “ or other thirsty builder who is greedy looking in our purse. And as we thanked God for the fact that we passed, and not once, by now, notorious “ Social initiative “ which got us the advertizing in Moscow area.

But all this then. For now we had a rest and enjoyed the sea, the sun, I drank occasionally beer, gin - tonic, under never-ending lectures of my wife about harm of alcohol on a liver and kidneys, dreamed to drink furtively slightly - slightly more than this divine drink for a tone raising. I do not know as at others, but my wife is a teacher of initial classes, and it speaks about much if not about everything. It, most likely, began to bring up and teach lives of others at once after obtaining the diploma of the teacher and continued by automatic machine on me, justifying the name on a horoscope, I mean two graceful kleshenka which it gently concerned my sincere strings, without allowing to embody my dreams of an amber penalty fee in a beer glass. And let to me already for a fifty-kopeck piece moreover with a small tail, I did not manage to become an inveterate drunkard during this time and I do not gather, became much more figurative, more colourful than her lecture, due to the saved-up experience, is even more enduring and as it seems to it, more more intelligibly. I sometimes am rather afraid, as if she from this necessary as it seems to it, on life of mission did not begin to put on airs too. Eh! Beer now! From such long monologue even more in a throat dried up. But, all under control!

Finally the thought of moving and purchase of housing in Anapa after arrival from rest home ripened. Looking at snow-covered fields and the naked rimed wood, at the dim sun over the horizon, I ripened finally and started lectures on this subject.

Now I felt as the skilled lecturer.

I was convinced that it will only be better and it is not necessary to be afraid of anything in lives, and each moving if it took place, introduces in our life a lot of things good and as we moved several times, then it became worse not. On other you comprehend the life, it turns an unexpected side to you, throwing up new decisions and opportunities, but not for the worse.

If once again to look at the name of my opus, you will guess at once that moving was successful! We in Anapa!

And then?...

No, I ran a little forward. To buy the apartment we arrived for the next year in the spring. The wife, by the way, her name is Liouba, invited to drive on rest the car the sister Tatyana.

This trip already was, the, a sort a dashing adventure.

At disgusting quality of gasoline at the majority of gas stations on the route Moscow - Krasnodar when the machine after the parking and rest just did not wish to be started, I consider,

that other problem is the attitude towards us, drivers and guests, the Kuban GAI officers. At long experience of communication with capital and Moscow region guards of roads, I all - will mark out them, more or less, in a mandative, probably, order elementary politeness. The special glory was got among travelers on wheels by several posts on this route. One of these posts on “ to protection of roads of drivers against us “ I did not pass!. As we already rather priustat, having passed long distance and looking at the twilight sky with dream to extend legs, and to take a nap, decided to come around on the paid parking in Krylovskaya`s village. Without knowing where this parking, I in the innocence decided to stop on a post of GAI and to ask until darkened at all.

Companions in shoulder straps and with guns at the ready instantly thought to duplicate a staff my voluntary and sincere desire to communicate to them. Having gone out of the car, I told what supposedly children, I to ask stopped itself, in reply documents demanded from me, twisted in hands and asked to pass on a post. Also the soul to paradise rushed! I understood that it at them is called promotion, counting on weak nerves, maybe, of the monetary client …

Under a hail of the imaginable and inconceivable questions which are obviously not relating to traffic regulations, I got wet as in a sauna, obviously feeling already in something guilty.

Running a little bit forward, hurrying, probably, to the South, I will tell you that I worked in the Ministry of Emergency Situations training center of the Moscow region in the city of Zvenigorod as the security guard at this time. By the way, and my wife was as the senior arrow VOHR of the same center.

As it is ridiculous, but our joint work with the wife in a field of protection of it, the department rescuing all and all, brought us some difficulties in the fastest arrival of our crew on coast of the long-awaited sea.

So, having taken mine and my wife documents, having accompanied us on a post and, having handed over other employee for further conversation, the vigilant guard of a road order

went to find out a situation on the site entrusted to it by the state “ grain “ routes. Having checked all documents and having asked all questions, having received on them as I think, the reasoned answers, the new employee of vigilant bodies incidentally came across small discrepancy in signatures in certificates of security guards of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, i.e. in mine and my spouse. What it was a balm for the soul of the vigilant guard of the law - it`s worth seeing! Same, such catch! Having begun us to frighten by consequences for, allegedly forged documents and having painted a horrific image of punishment, not in view of my words that the chief of the center and its deputy signed documents and that it only the admission for our work, and we have no privileges and benefit to use these documents with some purpose, he detained us hour four, being distracted by more important public affairs. During these compelled breaks I, all sweaty and tousled, losing a last straw of patience from the forehead on the got wet shirt, proved to other GAI officer who is thrilled with an idleness, having called him Taras Bulboy for absolute similarity with the famous hero, already in open using foul language at the wife and strangers, risking to go to jail for it, and so, I brought also them to insanity the unflattering reviews of their work, of them and, in general, about Krasnodar Krai, even mentioned about a mess in the state. Potatoes screwed up the face, pretended that this conversation and all epithets do not concern to him. After such long comment on all of them and everything, at my vocal opportunities, in the form of basisty peals and swingings hands from a wall to a wall of their recess, about about three o`clock in the morning us were decided to be sent quickly back home, so nothing from us and, without having had, except the ears which were curtailed in a tubule. With pleasure I will add that after a two-week baldezh and rest on coast of the Black Sea and return home to Zvenigorod through the village Krylovskaya, it was stopped by the same employee, in the afternoon.

Having collected the whole heap automobile and lorries, having exposed a stomach with the huge advantage and importance, slowly bypassing become silent and halfbent from respect, the intimidated and tired drivers, especially without hiding as from sweaty fists of drivers of trucks the crumpled bank notes to it remove to a pocket, it all - though slowly, but approached us. Having submitted and having demanded documents, he probably hardly, with a scratch in brains, remembered something, having frowned in an accordion. Having studied documents, saw the certificate of the employee of the Ministry of Emergency Situations and asked to pass on a post. Well, pancake!

To a post was meters 50 when I saw again, thrilled with idleness, Taras Bulbu in shoulder straps who, having blinked eyes from pleasure and having exposed moustaches towards to the sun, went bananas, with love glancing at the wet nurse the route.

Even at such distance he made out what gift approaches their quiet place. Having instantly presented repetition of my compelled monologue in bright pictures, it desperately waved hands, repeating my night gestures of two-week prescription and nearly touching the passing cars, ordering to the colleague to release good luck me wherever one wishes, as was made to my pleasure, here our desires coincided, strangely enough. I am still tormented by one question if each GAI officer works as my vigilant, already almost familiar kubanets, taking money it is unknown for what, even without checking documents and freight how to fight against a stream of drugs and the weapon. Therefore, probably, its most part is also transported by the motor transport from the South across all Russia. And as this night when detained us, untwisted a young couple from Rostov, hurrying to be bought at the sea! They were stopped in the same way, asked to go out of the car, the GAI officer got into a car interior, rummaged everything in a glove compartment and, having shown them a bag of white powder, asked to pass on a post. Here then I thought that the fellow and the little girl are not bought at the sea shortly any more. And, you will prove nothing on a post at night moreover at such attitude towards us, as to people at the expense of whom they (GAI officers) live. And what is costed by a question of other guard of roads to me when we were stopped for check at Varenikovskaya`s village.

Holding my documents in hand, asked to open a luggage carrier then, with suspicion looking at me, asked why I have such narrow eyes! I answered that such are given me at the birth, and just in case added that I am thoroughbred Russian!. Whether not a silly situation? Even you do not know that it is possible to expect from same as you, people, nothing from you not different, only dressed in a form. Probably, they and without form would be same.

But let I will be excused by militia officials and honest police officers and traffic police! This my private opinion which is taken out from life experience who is honest and incorruptible, about himself, thus, will not think, and my charges do not concern to him!

I will allow later myself to return to this subject still more than once, having brought which - what facts from life of Kuban and Anapa.

For now I suggest to construct our conversation in a different way.

I will construct it in the form of small headings under a certain name.

For example, you read: “ Purchase of the apartment … “ and our conversation on this subject begins further. … Agreed? Went!...

We three together removed a room on the second floor of a lodge on Tamanskaya Street, near the Nut grove, and I drove away every evening the car on nearby located paid parking that suited me simply! I will explain why …

As my wife and her sister Tatyana were teachers by training, their lexicon was almost inexhaustible, so they liked to poshchebetat and did it, without paying to me due consideration, I, frankly speaking, used it with the effect, maximum for myself.

Having driven away the car, I came into the nearest tent, bought a small bottle of beer and, savouring, at pleasure top from participation in an assembly of vacationers, from proximity of the sea, from something like that what heart so with pleasure faded with and excited thoughts, went the longest route to the cheerfully chirping little birds. Climbing ladder steps to our nest, heard the modulating laughter similar to nightingale trills, urgently took a chewing gum in a mouth not to extend aroma of beer that, by the way, helped a little.

My wife, besides education abilities, had a matchless scent on different smells what Mukhtar from the well-known movie would envy to.

Therefore as you correctly understood, I was constantly exposed, but that was already insignificant as pleasures I received the dose, being in the finest mood.

Having woken up in the morning, listening through open windows to the modulating chirping of sparrows on bushes and trees alternating a plaintive laughter of seagulls about garbage containers made plans for this day. Then, having hastily prepared a meal and having had a bite, got into the car in good time given to an entrance and went to watch new buildings in different districts of the city.

Why new buildings, you will tell? Yes, at one viewing of announcements in the local newspaper“ your good luck“, we would not wait for this good luck! From the prices of old secondary fund our physiognomies involuntarily took a form of three mountain bicycles, is more right than the wheels connected by a zigzag at the level of eyebrows. We silently exchanged glances, and our hope about a modest corner on the blue coast turned into a small question mark.

In several days, after unsuccessful searches of options, the announcement of shared-equity construction caught sight to me.

Having arrived to one of firms on real estate, I do not call it as all of them as like as two peas, a difference only in rooms where they settle down, and this settled down down the street Soviet, we took the address of that house where apartments under final finishing and with payment by installments are on sale.

At a glance, being eager to find options and to come though to some decision until our rest ended, to us this house, of course, attracted for some reasons …

a Row 7 - I am school with stadium, are expensive with running day and night by cars close are not present, also kindergarten nearby, shops, stops of minibuses, the house brick with the fenced territory, garages extended along the house and td. and tp.

This fast jog“ very quickly“ brought then us many unpleasant situations! Running forward, I will tell that we did not make out the rooftop covered with simple wavy asbestos-cement slate with the rafters connected among themselves by a usual wire. This roof at strong winds that in Anapa not a rarity, constantly took down and broke, thank God, without heavy consequences, but that allowed some responsible companions to look constantly in the general purse of cooperative and to spend our blood.

If to attach the fact that in the house put in operation more than five years ago there was no gas to it, and gas meters and lonely pipes hung, storing one stagnant air?. Abruptly? And the bricklaying allowing to hear and day and night, even from apartments of the next entrance a sad pukanye of the distressful resident sitting on a toilet bowl, the resident, who hardly dragged on nearly untied navel, a cylinder with gas on the fifth floor?

I expect your question where we looked upon purchase of the apartment?

Reasonably of you! We looked in the superhonest face companions who got skilled at to talk and convince the simple inhabitant with such look, with such energy, with such incorruptible simplicity and caress that even after severalx the certain periods alternating scandals and showdowns at them it turned out to convince the next time us again to wait a little, and then gas will be started up in the nearest future.

I hurry to afflict those who worry about us! After nearly five years of our accommodation in this house, did not wait for gas and when sold the apartment, this question did not disturb us any more. By the way, one of these companions who was finishing and looking honest eyes at us upon purchase of the apartment, and taking away the look at talk on gas lived itself in this house through an entrance. Just he, some image, bought all entrance, finished and sold apartments, somehow successfully muddling with money and the reporting before tax authorities through one firm which we with the wife nicknamed “Horns and hoofs“, hided in the territory of a bus fleet.

By hearsay, this bug turns along corridors of the Anapa administration now, probably, parting other people already in bigger scale.

Is a match for this hop - the companies there was also a plumber Sasha working some utter debt to it. With its easy, practically anything not able to do, hands incalculable number of times were filled in literally all apartments with fifth on the first floors.

From - for it quickly from ceilings and walls the got wet gypsum cardboard was removed, the laminate reared from water flows changed, everything became with such haste only because would not learn residents of affected apartments which looked forward to the end of prolonged finishing about it. So, other residents of the distressful house nicknamed many taxi drivers of Anapa“ ridiculous or chudnenky“, never missed.

I will explain why called ridiculous …

It seems also not to the builder that on struts, on entrances the five-storey building had to have elementary symmetry, concerning the first floors. As if not so!!!

Our firmochka“ Horns and hoofs“ made almost each apartment unlike on one, with first on the fifth floor! In general that, any apartment is not similar at each other, know, as left! At more fixed looking at all house from outside, you come to a conclusion that the house was built not as it is necessary and as it turned out at masters, for certain similar to the plumber Sasha. Well, all right! I will not be more about it too long, but I will mention that within only seven or eight months of our accommodation in this house, we registered and all, in literal sense changed, documents two times for different addresses! Probably, there was nothing to do with boredom, or from nonsense of administration of that time which twice for half a year changed the name of a site of Lenin Street for Evskin Boulevard, and, upside-down, again for Lenin St.! Well, very cool, if to consider that all organizations, BTI, Registration chamber, a passport office, regularly demanded payment for services, even despite the corresponding order of owners of the city about free alteration of documents.

About administration …

From - for it, all dislike and mistrust for administration and, in general, to any present power in the country, only become more. But, there are pleasant exceptions of which it is more! In my opinion, Anapa promptly got prettier as if a snow-white seagull, having brushed the majority of the plumelets, by the way, for a short time, literally in the eyes.

Pakhomov, as it seems to me, the only mayor who forced administration, sleepy at several previous mayors, after so long hibernation to turn, like a squirrel in a cage.

The previous owners of the city by hearsay, and, maybe, and actually, were engaged in sale of all valuable that else remained in the city, without forgetting themselves and relatives.

I also can already compare what Anapa was one and a half - two years ago and became now.

Though I any more not the resident of Anapa, it is joyful to me to hear, both in the press, and on television as the prestige of this cozy and accurate resort promptly grows.

My only request if the administration could listen to my words, would be request to bring order with garbage removal from the city when every minute give a ride to him by cars in the field between gas-filling station and the Bald mountain, pouring out it even near a seashore edge! At constant stunning winds all this garbage as Christmas decorations, is hanged out on all bushes and trees of the city, without adding it image at all. What to tell, throw out even corpses of the dead of animals including cattle and the mountain of a rotten hamsa! You represent what aroma blows over the city! Only, thanks to winds, air remains, more or less, pure.

If those who have to is lucky garbage to be, so fear of punishment for it have no conscience! In means of the press and on television it is necessary to warn constantly violators of purity, to introduce large, even very large penalties for it.

Here about Singapore show and tell that it is worth spitting a pavement or to throw a piece of paper, a stub, by all means will fine several hundreds zelenenky.

And how many residents of nearby areas walk in these places and in the afternoon and in the evening, covered with video cameras and cameras. Interest them in remuneration from penalties, I am sure that city budget will be constantly replenished with the considerable sum of money. And very quickly in consciousness of people the thought will become stronger that at himself near by it is impossible to spoil because everything will be under control.

To wait that this thought itself will come to people, it is unreal, our children and grandsons will sink in mountains of garbage. Bribe takers - GAI officers do not think that in several years and their children they will force to bribe the next generation of workers in shoulder straps.

Corrupt officials in power do not think of the children to whom will get to take a steam bath at full scale. Once Christ drove forty years the people on the desert that the new thinking appeared at people, a lot of time also Gorbachev talked profusely about this thinking! But, voluntarily at itself to change thinking, it is almost impossible!

And on pain of inevitable punishment, it is possible! And it is worth it. The result can be such fast, as do not expect. Especially, it and not to the detriment, but only on advantage! And at the people who are standing up for purity and an order what financial and moral incentive will appear in life! Reasonably?

For some reason in other countries the people are not ashamed to fiskalnichat, and as the result, is visible an order and purity, and other attitude of officials towards people everywhere. And not only from - for big salaries, and something appeared in consciousness of people it that it is already descended, probably, instinctively. A small story about how some organizations … work

Looking from the fourth floor of our former apartment in“ the strange house“, towards a bakery, always came across a view of a huge pool on crossing of roads, one of which goes from Omelkov Street to the market on Industrial, and another from kindergarten to a bakery. As soon as the heavy rain expects to fall, this pool many times over increased in sizes, blocking completely a way from 3 “ and “ the residential district in 12 - y, despite the available stormwater drainage on the center of this pool. From - for abundances of the garbage brought with water flows, the stormwater drainage was hopelessly hammered and did not function therefore the pool practically for weeks did not decrease in sizes, excepting any opportunity to be included from point A in point B. Several times the plot about this pool was sounded on local TV channel and citizens, probably, complained to instances. Thus at everything, still someone stole the big metal lattice closing the stormwater drainage.

Present, in the middle of a pool a deep hole which it is not visible! Probably, someone got there by car if after that on the center of a pool appeared slightly - whether not the whole tree, notifying on danger, and the staid long time. Somehow once, having looked out in a window, saw equipment and the people who are pottering about on this place and thought: At last! Decided to make! The pleasure was premature - the stormwater drainage was just dug and stamped! During the following heavy rain for pleasure, probably, the pool spread on so many that began to resemble Vityazevsky Liman, cutting off the last hope for a crossing. It proceeded very long time, we already sold the apartment, moved to other housing which is available for us. Already then, later long time, passing by this house by car, noticed that in the middle of a pool put asphalt in the form of the “lying police officer“ increased several times similar to those that partition off our streets in many places. This crossing is similar to the dam in St. Petersburg saving the city, and, maybe not rescuing, from a flood. And I thought, and to us, at last, the Petersburgers who rushed after the president, the comer unlike them reached, to work for the benefit of Russia, and they to sort oars and wheels at all local levels of the power. Present, the huge pool, and through it lasts a footpath hillock, zakhlestyvayemy waves from stolen cautiously, across a pool, cars. And there are no other options in brains of heads of this organization, probably!

About work …

Work for people - all this! And, especially, in Anapa.

I very long could not find to myself work, even having a heap of specialties which transfer would take not one minute. All my specialties mastered with big practice, I felt confident where I - worked. But, but, but …

In Anapa even if there are also such works, compensation so scanty to present measures that I would force employers to sit on such salaries. Noticed what I told “to sit“?. That`s it! Got one job at entrance to SU - psekh, having seen the announcement of employment by the turner with stunning earnings, even from 3000 to 23000 rubles, Still not to peck to a gudgeon on such bait!

At interview with the director of it as then it appeared, family business on production of pools and a miscellany, I was suggested to be become the master of mechanical shop, plus RBU at once, i.e. rastvorny knot, with a condition to allocate several workers in my submission. Went to watch lathes and other equipment and at once faded. The understaffed, broken equipment did not leave any chances all this did not allow to repair in the near foreseeable future, especially, money on it is all the same. And at conversation with some few staff of this institution, at careful unambiguous hints and stories about their labor activity and a salary, I understood - here does not shine me anything. And it after only two, three weeks! During this time I made the list of necessary materials and the tool for a start though some work, wrote the application for glass for a workshop where there was no whole window, and it in a terrible holodryga at pouring rains!

By consideration of my applications the management, in the person of the director and his relative of the chief engineer, hinted that there is no money for it, and so I will earn nothing in a month and I should most turn in search of amounts of works. What! It is good that I did not accept any else mythical equipment which is on other objects according to documents and in the service record nothing was managed to be written, and in submission to me nobody was given. And about a salary directly told that I will receive it when I earn!. Even could not think at once that it meant. Equally well I could work, without settling to them. Result? Again I appeared at the crossroads. … Having continued searches, purely incidentally passed by car repair shop on Parkovaya Street, i.e. “Anapa - Kuban - Lada“. Decided to come as before moving many years was engaged in repair of private cars and, by the way, not bad did it by estimates of clients. In the Ministry of Emergency Situations I worked days three, in the remained days earned from painting and a rikhtovka of cars in small car services.

Having looked at labor, having talked to me, showed me the room from naked concrete blocks (FS - ok) under a metal roof full of holes and told if he agrees 50 on 50, I can get to work, naturally, with the tool. As there was even not a winter, fully did not represent even as it is necessary to work at a zero temperature in such room where there was never any heating. Anything not to frighten me!

As it appeared, the same conditions were in all premises of station many years.

The management cut coupons, without doing anything for improvement of working conditions, only increasing quotations by all types of works and lifting the plan for those who worked at elevators. If clients knew in what conditions their cars with what work we tried to obtain, more or less, high quality were under repair, practically on one enthusiasm, buying for the blood, remained from sharing in half money, compressors, automatic welding semiautomatic devices, Bulgarians, drills, sprays and hoses, still working in the clothes. Sorry, I do not want to lie - once we were given for many years overalls brightly - blue color, probably, hinting at something.

The water necessary for work in large numbers, was brought every winter by the cars from the house as pipes in rooms constantly froze and burst and these conditions became worse and worse. And, probably, something was dirty in the relations of our management with the management from Krasnodar which very often visited with checks or why - nibud another?, because vanity and bustle on pulling practically of all cars, beaten and unbeaten, at the same time with our personal, for the car service territory began. It seems what to be afraid?

The present management which inherited this station from the father working too, probably, it is in the way, repeatedly tried to impose the grabby paw and on our small things rescuing us from financial tears at work absence, sometimes even long time. On us we had to constrain this impact hardly, saying that we also so free of charge do repair on a guarantee, leaving this money at the disposal of the management for its discretion and desire. At the same time, doing still work on service and repair of own cars of the management it is free. All these several years of work we only undersigned for sheets on receiving ridiculous salaries, without receiving them. A question and what was deducted on taxes and on pension? And how many mechanics also nothing worked under the contracts which, most likely, are not considered anywhere, and anywhere deducting. Appetite grew in the eyes!

Eventually, reading this sad narration, you guessed, probably, that we all - were overcome, coped with us, having suggested to receive by order money only through cash desk, and that at the rate from 30 percent from all us the earned money, under all same working conditions. Well, and appetite was cut through! We were wanted to be equated to dumb slaves who wait for a tip in the form of a salary, still it is unknown what and when! Literally, for several days a good few of workers including I, without wishing to indulge irrepressible desire of the short-sighted head to increase the welfare thus left after that. So also this ended, almost four-year-old, the epic in a field of repair of cars.

About a registration, sorry, registration … what is created under the pretext of registration it is difficult for

to call democracy! The state which now is zealously forcing all country to take from foreign experience everything, allegedly, the best advanced, densely forgets about human rights in the right to him to choose the residence, just notifying this state where he will live.

In Anapa it turned out so complicated that even just it is heavy to tell about it! Terrible turns in pasportno - visa service, the big money extorted for simple printing of some references, medical certificates about inoculations from city hospital, the certificate of analyses on AIDS etc., permission more of regional administration about a registration even if you bought the apartment or any other real estate. Probably, can refuse if something seems to the official not so that you are unworthy to live on a berezhka, it is close from the official. All refer that here a border area. And with what it is eaten now?

No, it is catastrophic fear, century fear of the state, in the form of the official, the own people if it becomes such independent! To be surprised we therefore we, will not be. At even big turns in policlinic, all receive these references, having paid which - to whom, practically without passing any surveys, analyses and procedures, speak about it without hiding any more. Result? And idle time! I saw the rolling syringes in such quantity, practically on all beaches of Anapa suitable for bathing and rest anywhere and never. So what role will be played by these references? Only the fact that they become for money. What to tell, so far as the problem of AIDS will mention already each of us is universal, we want it or not! And a border area in Anapa! We what, after weakening of this mode or its cancellation, in a crowd we will cross the border through all Black Sea to Turkey and further? Or at us unknown persons will loom at every turn, looking out and sniffing up everything around, stealing secrets of our mess. In my opinion, ridiculously, more ridiculous does not happen, Sometime descendants will laugh until sick, reading about it in textbooks of history and they still should explain long what is it and what all this was necessary for. And a huge number of establishments which us it is universal control, issuing references, permissions, by the way, collecting a certain payment from each of us, hinting by the way that it is possible and to accelerate which delivery, having paid, quite officially, on other dachshund.

Can so all this is exaggerated only in Krasnodar Krai? I do not know … I will Only tell

by the way as we with the wife registered in Kaluga recently.

Having come with the passports and several receipts issued in Anapa after an extract in a house management, already in Kaluga, a watch at ten in the morning, having filled on the application form about registration, not seeing any absolutely turn, received the invitation to come for passports next day to three o`clock in the afternoon! Even without having demanded a payment! You penetrate?

We only exchanged glances. … But and occurred next day! And even in the Moscow region it was simpler, than here in Anapa, with a registration, even at all today`s restrictions.

All tenor of life of residents of Anapa is constructed so that of everything from what it is possible and from what it is impossible, to get money though, they are not guilty of it at all. All establishments and the organizations, any, even the smallest office, work about such - return and result, as in last times, but now for money! They say that you will not buy health for money. You will buy! Only it is not an indicator, and guarantees that you will recover, nobody will give us, and will spend money. Reached that, accepting patients, doctors, without hesitating, read about diseases according to the books and advise how to win against an illness, in my opinion, the majority, having chronically lagged behind achievements of present medicine. And at each visit of policlinic, you are convinced of it more and more. In a pursuit of big money the Hippocratic Oath is slowly forgotten, and that it is necessary to study the profession constantly. So, about physicians so far all … If there was a sense in our talk.

Having put in the empty field barriers, barrels under water, and that not always and not everywhere, Cossacks cut bank notes from everyone to have a rest by cars. All right, if so, would be responsible only for safety of the property left on their care and the four-wheel friend and would do something for improvement, occupied by them for this purpose, to the territory. No, money forward! From the Nut grove nothing will remain soon, is even believed that quite recently it looked more attractively. Not controlled flow of vacationers by cars, a never-ending smoke and ashes from fires of the shashlychnik cutting branches and the whole trunks of a hazel grove, dirt after them, heaps of beaten glass and other garbage, do not leave any chances for a survival of this green corner of Anapa. By the way, about shish kebabs! It is possible to think that, without having eaten the portion of a shish kebab, plentifully prokopchenny on a fire and flavored, also with all the heart, whitish dust from the cars rushing by, at the scorching sun, preventing surrounding people to breathe fresh sea air, you will not consider yourself as the holidaymaker! And someone as we think, will tell that they in vain spent time., if did not do a shish kebab! More imagination is not enough how to have a rest and surprise with stories about the spent day off. I noticed that in the majority, people of such build are engaged and fond of shish kebabs, as it is unsurprising. Personally already feels sick me at a mention of a shish kebab, and I represent how again the next summer will come, and through everyone three - four meters will smoke from each other fires with the sickening, bothered smell of a shish kebab which I adored earlier reasonably, leaving to burn down a fire far away from vacationers on Moscow - the river. And here everyone strives to approach closer the water, wishing to derive all 23 pleasure, forgetting that at the sea it is necessary to restore health, but not to suffer then from surplus of excess weight and cholesterol. And what shish kebab, at such abundance of the rolling syringes, garbage, dust and the child? In my opinion, it is better to have a bite houses, and at the sea to have a rest! Nevertheless himself should be respected and respected people around!

Here, apparently, expanse for work of ecological militia, the same public place with all that it implies! No, it is visible nobody. … And everything will be as is!? Let`s look whether the situation will change further.

About education …

My God, I never also thought, looking at the TV screen that with horror I will catch myself on thought that we in Russia will have in such quantity absolutely illiterate people. I speak about the younger generation, with the senior more or less everything is all right. I am terrified, most often, looking at MTV channel broadcasts. In Anapa on this channel there is a chat allowing to communicate among themselves with the help of the mobile phone now than use, in the majority, young people and children. Already on one it as they dullly illiterately communicate among themselves, it becomes clear that may be with Russia in the future. Write as talk, doing the maximum quantity of mistakes in each word! It is just an indicator of the general illiteracy from - for deficiency of the read books, from unwillingness in general to read, from - for that, as education at all levels is put on a financial basis. It is simpler to student to pay, than to study persistently, learning elements of future profession moreover he is compelled to it. I do not speak about those who perfectly and honestly study, understanding as it is important to have a profession in which you think and you feel confident. The continuous domination of bloody fighters, frank sex, infinite reasonings on rich oligarchs, is unknown as, in the majority, got the wealth, led already to the fact that at youth the concept about honor and advantage, about love, about conscience and decency was displaced. Look, recently, practically in all movies on the television screen and in hire, plots about universal bribability and corruption in law enforcement agencies are told and shown in a huge number, up to FSB, about the deputies of the State Duma involved in doubtful affairs about communications with crime, about the manual vessels operated by phone! Such domination of plots about it leads to a conclusion that not to cope with it any more, even in the long-term future and that it became reality of our life. What it is necessary to do, swelled up from inaction, without any appropriate control from parents, to teenagers in free time? Here also youth groups, gangs of the little morons who are brought up by our real reality appear if it is honest, then ourselves, the children who were left without supervision part over all country, orphanages are filled by the thrown kids. To Bibles it is written about a doomsday, dates of its beginning are given in articles of different authors and if it already practically occurred in our consciousness? We so devil-may-carely treat to each other, the nature, animals, we and should not wait for this doomsday! Perhaps it already happened? In anything human life is not appreciated, you understand, looking at severe reality. In a pursuit of an arrangement to us of the West, abolished the death penalty, leaving in the living geeks killing tens of not guilty people now reaping a rich harvest on a field of the increased number of maniacs and pedophiles.

We will understand it later, the same as understood that not vineyards are guilty of alcoholism of the people of Russia, and something, probably, another. Keeping a tight rein on the own people, constraining his talents, thinking out an increasing number of unnecessary instructions and permissions, we will not give to the future children and grandsons any chances to remain at the level of the majority of civilized countries and chronic lag from them will turn back incalculable losses for the country, in the near future, if already not now! Perhaps not so terrible picture what I to you painted? Let everyone will think of it! To stop for a moment in this mad race what our severe reality arranges to us, to look around, at neighbors, at the people passing by you on life, at the children, a little bit with other eyes, to forgive all and to regret! The Lord every time is not tired to give us chance to think of it and just to manage to change everything in life, to everyone in the remained time.

If, someone does not believe that after our mortal life there is also another, I can tell only one - I personally trust in it! I can try to explain it … to

the Most part, practically, even more than a half of past life, I to religion as to that, belonged, softly did not reflect to tell, indifferently, just about it.

After a stage of such relation, from - for several cases in my life, long reflections on this subject, comparing both other facts and incidents which, probably, there is a lot of also at other people, I can tell that the Nature is not so wasteful that such quantity living and living, and future generations, disappeared completely and for ever. Can not as we are spoken by religion, can do everything occurs in a different way! Learns everyone about it, already in that life, just at a certain moment! It is concrete that occurred in my life, I will not tell, your business to trust or not to trust, it will remain at me. Do not convince of such cases. Everyone, probably, had a lot of things in life of it that cannot be explained, simply there were no time to think of it!

It is sometimes thought, the Nature could not, having thought up life, at achievement of peak of experience and physical development, to turn it into ashes, finally and irrevocably! She can occupies the Universe thus, suggesting to pass a trial period on Earth?

Perhaps the aliens arriving in the plates it also are, those people living once on our planet? Perhaps they in another dimension who accumulated experience in mortal life, having eliminated the worst of this experience, reached the highest level and opportunities? At us on Earth, the country, having shot ahead on wealth, level and power militarily, practically, always tries to crush the countries which are weaker than it, sometimes launching wars, killing at the same time the infinite number of people.

And, in view of that the alien reason is present among us, without creating violence and without interposing in our terrestrial matter, having such technologies and a level of development, it is necessary to become same not aggressive as they, to remake the thinking, and as soon as possible! Otherwise, the Nature itself will deal shortly with us, sending more and more fatal viruses to our unreasonable heads. What viruses, and ourselves?

Every year we with the wife drive the car to the to parents and relatives to the Kaluga region, in the spring and in the summer, and is closer to fall. And, beginning the way from Anapa and coming to Kaluga, you clutch at the head, seeing that people on the earth create. Everywhere everything burns, burned fields and coppices, continuous ashes in air as though after nuclear explosion, it is visible from the route! So, probably, and over all country? Before it was not. Probably, reason at people in those, recent times, was more, than now. We, living in Moscow area, sometimes could not open a window leaf to breathe clean air because everywhere tens and hundreds, the located dumps, so-called grounds burned, even the name hints at war us against itself! And every year they become more and more. In Anapa it is felt very strongly in calm, and our rescue in what here always winds and the atmosphere manages to be aired. But in calm - it should be seen and felt an own nose! Looking from the Bald mountain at the next vicinities, you see only, the smoke rising to the sky from uncountable quantity of fires in kitchen gardens of the residents of Anapa living in such fertile place, and not thinking of consequences for the health. And it is constant, any morons, without having any crinkles in the head, set fire to a grass where it will only want them, without giving any report, than all this can end. Ourselves to ourselves shorten life, even in spite of the fact that it is already short. I, at all, do not want to have a reputation for the prophet and to teach people as it is necessary to live, it is my thoughts at a leisure, it is visible came to time to stop in never-ending run of life and to become thoughtful that I wish to make also another. It is necessary to treat people so what relation we would like to have from them to ourselves. There is no place more simply! Still, being a pupil of the tenth class, standing on the bus-stop to leave after school home to which there were 4,5 kilometers, freezing from a fierce icy cold as long there was no bus, and empty cars and office buses a trip rushed in the direction of our settlement, even without paying attention that all of us chorus raised hands, I became the witness of one history. The elderly person, jumping out almost on the road, tried to draw with waves of hands attention of the drivers passing by us. As none of them stopped, the man commented on the events in such unflattering expressions and so long that at all ears, especially at youth which did not get used to hear in opened such turns of speech in those days faded. After the long and bothered sayings, one grandmother, without having sustained, in a fit of temper told that he shut up as he never placed anybody on the road, passing by by thin bus. The man densely grew brown and sweated, despite a frost, probably did not expect such shameful turn of events moreover at such number of the people. It is good if this case changes its attitude towards people further to the best.

Inattentively treating people, standing in queues, in any organization, her grief - the worker has to understand that he will come why nibud in another and will receive to himself it - the relation and so on on a chain.

Of course if to touch on all issues which arise in our life, to try to tell at once about everything in one narration, it will take a lot of time and porridge, indigestible for readers, will turn out. Therefore, I try to construct our conversation in the form of small short syuzhetik on a certain subject. By the way, forgot to tell you about one fact confirming recent my thought of aliens! Walking with a camera along the coast on slopes of the Bald mountain, decided to remove a decline which to me attracted the tremendous beauty. Over the sea in clouds the sun sat down, I made only one picture of this decline with average increase. Took a walk, shot views of Anapa and vicinities in different foreshortenings, and left home when darkened. Next day, overtaking pictures on the computer, fixedly considering them and sorting, noticed on one, against a decline, distinct and familiar, according to numerous publications, the UFO silhouette which hanged over the sea. The fact that it is UFO I do not doubt because, it is not similar to anything another. If I saw a plate when shooting, of course, would try to make pictures more. As left, so left. In a picture date - 17 is recorded. 11. 2007. On an inclination of a silhouette of UFO it is possible to assume that the object, probably, flew up from water! Other option, can be sat down. All my fellow workers, and all acquaintances to whom I showed a picture, agreed that it is a plate, but not something another. Here and you arrive at idea that near us too someone is, and we see all this more often and more often. Can alien razum, and can those who live near us on Earth too, but only in another dimension, seriously felt the threat proceeding from us in relation to the nature, and influencing even them?

And all negative in the form of energy streams, accumulating more and more, forces them to worry not only for us, but already and for himself.

When show documentaries about travel over the countries and life of the people living there even it becomes is a pity for our people! Some countries which are also destroyed in wars, also lost many people somehow shot over time ahead, caught up, and then and overtook on a standard of living even those countries which were not at war!

And to us from stands our people`s deputies everything repeat that it does not suit us, we have the mentality, we go in the way. All right, if the Russian people were not able to work, would not prevent it to do it freely, without foolish restrictions, and there would be a fast and tremendous result. Only those to whom it is not favorable that the people were rich and independent can doubt it. Who extracts oil, does gasoline cheaper for the citizens as this their general wealth. No, at us exactly on the contrary! Increasing the prices at sale abroad, at the same time increase also for own people as though to learn there is nobody.

Double robbery and only! At own country! Some of our neighbors, across the former USSR, having gone to independent swimming, the USA just scoffs at Russia, in a pursuit of an arrangement of NATO countries to them, especially, and we sell them gas cheaper, than pays own people, still this gas is not in many areas and areas and! The same and with the electric power!

Whom we are afraid to offend if the country behaves with such governments as favourably and it is necessary for ourselves? And will strike an attitude as Ukraine and Georgia, without having managed to grow from children`s panties, so all of them are equally independent countries, let turn and justify themselves before own people in silly and unreasonable acts until these people give a kick on the back to the short-sighted government. Respecting itself, keeping, it is proud and sure, before other countries, we will respect ourselves and each other in the own country! One follows from another! To receive a slap in the face and to turn other cheek, on Christian precepts, at the level of the countries unreasonably, from it advantage any, only harm for own people.

And as we are able to be at war, being protected from an aggressor, then to work, restoring destroyed, many countries can learn to it at Russia, just our government should create conditions for work, to clean obstacles in the form of unnecessary instructions, to move away officials who prevent to make it and then it is possible to say with confidence that Russia will revive finally and irrevocably! You see what thoughts appeared in my head, probably, the Black Sea dispose to reflections when you have a rest, looking at its boundless open spaces and serenity, and minor problems become worthless and far. Leaving Anapa for the reasons which my wife, in connection with change of the climate which did not suit it especially in the oseena - the winter period, from - for problems with brain vessels faced at sharp changes of weather, I will come back all the same here constantly and I will never stop loving these places!

I do not regret that some certain piece of my life was connected with the Black Sea, with an ulterior motive I am a Fish on a horoscope, and stars are not mistaken! Also believe, Anapa will be better and better if all protect it! For thrift money is not necessary, they are necessary for cleaning of garbage! So not to litter cheaper!

I will return for a while to an episode on the bus-stop. … It I showing you as quickly everything changes in life. A driver`s experience at me since 1971, in those days, traveling about on roads, having seen the car standing on the road with the lifted cowl, the thought to help was the first thought, than you can! And it is the truth! And now we are warned it to do and, in my opinion, it is correct. Passable by car through Aksay, towards Moscow, somewhere already on departure, meters for two hundred to the spontaneous market which was on the left side from the road we with the wife saw how standing near a roadside, near the car, the person waved hands and, having rushed towards to us, showed a hand under wheels somewhere. Probably, he counted on a certain reaction from our party. I with the long-term experience did not feel in behavior of the wheelbarrow any deviations, naturally, did not stop here - and decided to pass almost to the market and there to look and warm up. Having gone out of the car, having passed on the right side, wanted to bend and look already that happened. At this moment saw the young guy who was promptly approaching from the market, on the left side, our car. He, naturally, did not expect that it will be noticed. And now, present what he made during the next moment? He stopped, without reaching very little us and told that we have something with the right wheel! What!!! Did not think even that it was very stupid and senseless, I am still sure that it did not reach it what nonsense he talked nonsense. When I in reply asked it how he could see for two hundred meters that at us with a wheel, it evaporated in the eyes! And here such cases with me on the route already collected much therefore, I warn you against mistakes too. There`s nothing to be done, ourselves suited ourselves such life in a pursuit of money, without thinking that over time to us it will halloo.

Look that is created around, trade in drugs, even employees of militia “protect“ narcobusinessmen, forgetting to whom they serve. I will not begin to list some examples again, behind them it is not necessary to go far, about it constantly present us with a fait accompli means of the press and television. My opinion such is! Only toughening of the Criminal Code it is possible,

though somehow, to reduce quantity of crimes, already the severity cutting the most part of the people who did not make them yet. Present if you know what for and threatens you, well, very big term, and can be and the death penalty, risks to go to it only mentally ill people or mentally sick people will be able. But all the same, it will be incommensurably smaller quantity of crimes that is already good. I, though do not hear your answer, but I think that you agree with me! I read, in Thailand for scanty amount of the drugs found at any person, that is threatened by inevitable death! And, in my opinion, in Thailand citizens of the country do not suffer from a remorse before the whole world? And we something too often glance towards the western countries, expecting a reproach from there, for as we pay off with the lives and the children. In general though slightly - slightly, statesmen should count a situation in advance, they for this purpose have all power of science, means for this purpose, examples from international experience, it will halloo also on them.

I advised to think also to heads of the enterprises who try to exploit the workers in the most different ways, nothing without helping him.

I returned to a subject of car service where I had to work. To milk dry a cow to such an extent, practically never without feeding up her, without creating for work any elementary conditions, so, that she kicked the bucket, agree with me, it sverkhglupo, does not add respect for such head at all. I speak with full confidence about it therefore - that certain time, in the Perestroika period for the country, worked in small enterprise. Both survived and only those from them who, without hurrying, caring for the subordinates, created, at least minimum developed, conditions for work and valued the collective. The others disappeared completely, without having left any mention. On me, kind memory, than ill fame from - for momentary is better than benefit. In general, it concerns, practically, all relations among people whom we would not be in this life. On boorishly, without thinking of the people surrounding us, without thinking of the impact on the nature, we do not even notice that the huge number of species of plants, animals and birds, through our fault already disappeared from the face of the earth! It is so possible to remain lonely in the middle of the desert, from hunger over time, beginning, to eat each other. Of course, I bent, nevertheless, probably, we will stop and we will think, and, God grant, we will not be late it to make!

For now we will enjoy the sea, to admire risings and declines, we will think that to us nobody will make anything bad, and we will make to nobody, and our life will be long!

And I will be, every time, coming here, to speak: - Well, hi, Anapa! Hi, sea! Here and I, your Small fish!