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How to turn orange-peel in smooth, how a peach, skin?

Orange - such solar and beautiful, such bright and positive. But that is why - that at the phrase orange-peel women do not have associations of a positive and beauty, only hostility appears. All the matter is that orange-peel in female understanding - it is cellulitis. And not far off summer, and so there is a wish that our skin was not hilly, but smooth and beautiful as a peach. It is lucky those whom the problem of cellulitis did not concern, but nobody from it is insured, and it is warned, means it is armed!

At first sight skin can seem quite healthy and beautiful, but here if to squeeze it two hands, then it can become similar to an orange-peel - it means that cellulitis already on the way. What its reasons?

Genetic predisposition, hormonal violations, food violations, an inactive way of life - all this can become the reason. It is considered that it is impossible to get rid of cellulitis, it in case it already is in final stages of development. In initial stages it is possible to cope with it. Most of experts for many years of research came to a conclusion that the best result is yielded by an integrated approach to treatment of cellulitis, only constant efforts will be rewarded by beautiful, smooth and equal skin.

Phrase constant efforts does not designate everyday, wearisome trainings. Healthy nutrition - the key to success. It is not necessary to limit itself in food and to consider calories. Opinion that cellulitis only the women having excess weight, mistakenly have. The main task of healthy nutrition - to improve a metabolism.

It is not necessary to exhaust itself with trainings, but also to you it is not necessary to refuse the movement and sport. Physical activities contribute to normalization of a metabolism and development in muscles of special substances too - endomorphines which improve microblood circulation in fabrics. If you love such sports as: run, swimming, skis, that disposal of cellulitis will be to you in pleasure.

Do not come across tricks of advertisers and do not buy great mountain anti-cellulite creams, gels, oils, masseurs and so on. They are effective only in case you do not forget about healthy nutrition and sport. If sports you play, eat properly then you can safely get a couple magic creams and in 2 - 3 weeks to wait for the first result. The means containing vitamin A, caffeine, enzymes, a horse-chestnut, seaweed actually improve a condition of skin and hypodermically - fatty cellulose.

In quality magic means it is possible to use also with own hand made. Here, for example, the recipe of anti-cellulite soap, using which 2 - 3 times a week, it is possible to achieve quite good results.

For preparation of soap it is required:

- 2 pieces of children`s

soap - 100 ml of hot

boiled water - 4 tablespoons of the olive oil

- 4 tablespoons of a coffee thick

- 3 tablespoons of coarse sea salt (it is possible bath salt)

Before preparation of soap better to put on gloves hands.

Preparation: grate with

On a large grater soap. Then put the big pan half filled with water on a plate. While water heats up, pour out soap shaving in a small saucepan and add olive oil there. Place a small saucepan in a big pan with heated water. Stirring slowly with shaving, gradually pour in boiled water. Do it slowly and accurately that neither lumps, nor foam were formed. As a result the homogeneous plastic mass to which it is necessary to add a coffee thick and salt has to turn out and to mix within 5 minutes. Soap is ready, it was necessary only to dry up it. Day through 3 it it is ready to the use.

Owners of fat skin can indulge the body such anti-cellulite soap to 3 - x once a week, and here that who has a dry or sensitive skin, it is necessary to manage 1 - 2 times. Before washing away foam from a body, massage skin roundabouts, and after a shower surely use the moisturizing cream or lotion.

The most important that fight against cellulitis did not become sense of all our life. Looking at itself in a mirror, and not noticing result from trainings, I speak to myself: appearance is not the main thing, it is more important that in soul .