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Agree or not agree? Whether there are among us criminals?

Russians acquire the software in three ways: theft, robbery and exchange of stolen! I Will begin

with what the offense begins with: you took the program from the friend and install it to yourself on the computer. At installation you read (or did not read) the license agreement and clicked I Agree or I agree or something in this spirit.

Most likely if the program paid - the crime is committed. But it only if you did not ask the friend to remove software from its car, and he obeyed you, that is the software is established in the single copy. At worst - you broke the law on intellectual property. About it you have to bear responsibility or, at least, suffer terrible torments of conscience.

However, morals here to anything - if you already installed the program on the computer, it stops being the piracy copy (except for programs with hardware locks), and becomes just the copy of the program. The origin it can be defined only if at registration the key is sent by mail, in response to a half of the number coupon. In such look I saw several games 1C which always differ in good protection.

If there are no tricks with registration, then it is possible not to worry. And so far you do not copy the program, either do not establish once again, or you will not begin it to extend commercially, no claims to you can be. In it specifics of electronic goods.

Now when you realized all bitterness of the acts and understood the damage caused to mankind, it is possible to tell about those punishments which are prescribed by the Russian legislation. It is known that in this respect is available Law on protection of copyright but if who - or has claims, most likely, business will understand Arbitration court, directly with the owner of copyright.

Perhaps, somebody sometime reflected - from where on the Internet there are so much various keys and Crack - ov. Actually, it is some advertizing moment: in - the first, the program, and in - the second is advertized, at officially working enterprises the documents created only on license programs are lawful. Thus, the drawing, for example, can be made on the program downloaded from the hacker website, but it is possible to register it, having only exported to officially sold version.

Generally, life of the Russian user is difficult and dangerous, but if not to try to nadurit all and everything, then it is possible not to worry about the welfare.