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And you had a nurse?

you remember luck of your childhood? Then luck a lot of things seemed is incidentally found in the yard darkly - the blue glass ball, the portion of ice cream won on a bet which is not ruined by the neighbor Serezhka sekretik from candy candy wrappers, covered with a piece of glass and dug under a window, the three which is dexterously hidden from parents on geometry... by

Of big luck of our childhood as - then it was not thought. And they were - the warm and cozy house, a full family, mother, the father, the grandfather and the grandmother loving and indulging you - and it seemed, so will be always.

In my childhood there was one more big luck, a great luck which I could realize much later when the pleasure of continuous communication with this person ended and passed into pleasure of meetings several times in a year. Rare luck of my childhood - the nurse. No, at all not Mary Poppins...

A sort from - under Dankov, kind and foolish, loud and sentimental, grown the orphan, hardworking to self-forgetfulness, with five classes of rural school, wise primordial, deep female wisdom. Lost in the war the groom, not married, grown up still my father, not having the children and therefore loving me as native and calling me in talk with neigbours and girlfriends our maid .

Our maid of taka is good, the taka is good, a rabotyashcha, character gold - it was said in public, probably, to create publicity to the maid . Houses also could shout at me for the fact that I do not do homework, I stand on hind legs and in total about bread heavenly I think.

Costed, sitting at a table, to open the book put from above on the textbook as the nurse with a plate of pies appeared stared at the page and drew a conclusion: Again you read useless books, here I will tell the father - what uravneniyev - the you do not solve, be they are wrong three times. Load the maid unclear what, only clear to spoil eyes as if to the woman - that these equations will be necessary, she, tea, with the husband not of the equation will solve , - further the comment to the school program in which, in nyaniny opinion, everything was not so went.

The comment always came to an end with the same phrase: Study, study, my golubochka though not to that to unut you, at you in a sort uneducated was not, it is impossible to be dishonored - that. Here pie to you baked with apples, you sing, the child, tyrants, from muzyka, solkhvedzha (solfeggio) yes languages everyones " absolutely wore out; .

For a piano under its strict supervision I had to stay an hour and a half daily, all my simple repertoire instantly grabbed it aurally, it was impossible to deceive her. If I began to play, say, the subject Emmanuel she stood guard and right there spoke: You minuvt Bach play also the etude of Common people of the, play music, but not nonsense to a vsyak to a neponyatn .

Juiciness of its rural language kept in all the pristineness, despite for many years, lived in Moscow, we were not tired to admire.

Svistureznul , - she said about someone who just was here - and suddenly suddenly disappeared.

We in the village - have that the thief on the thief. You will sit down - so from under... y will carry away, though do not sit down .

Oh, che was yesterday - that, che was. Polina - that as were linked to Ninka as fought... From - for a muzhuk, well to a shame... Directly Halomeysky (Varfolomeevskaya) night .

The Father - that to a tseln did not sleep night, wrote all hooks in a notebook. Science... Enta integrals. Does not see life behind integrals - that, this world is zastit .

I remember, she explained to the rural relative how to pass somewhere, and repeated: So you, so will reach to Klartsetkin Street, and there will ask. Not to ask Boise - that, here Moscow, the people cultural, not to cost demand of kopek. To Klartsetkin Street, understood? decided to take an interest in

Ya: Nurses, and nurses, and who such this Klartsetkin? Oh, and hto such Klartsetkin, a golubochka, I also do not know. Well and a surname, in the name of God, durolomny, you will break language. Rivolyutsaner not our what, likely. You ask the grandfather .

It began some phrases with the words In printsekh what meant in principle .

Not gorsya, my golubochka, not gorsya. In printsekh, you at us the maid is fine grow. You will grow up - we will marry you to the orphan that from the mother-in-law - not to suffer a sterva .

I did not manage to be married to the orphan, the nurse accepted my husband quite diplomatically, and when our son was born... Eto not the child, eto andel heavenly. - that svovo you do not understand happiness, parents confused. Glavno that? That ate well and would not shout. As he eats - that well, and quiet, well, is pure andel .

Absolutely already old, it addresses by phone of our son the same words that once and me: You, glavno business, a pigeon my company, study. At you in a sort uneducated was not, it is impossible to be dishonored - that .

Pulled out from the village of three nephews to Moscow, attached them to craft, she watched their life up to a marriage, celebrated all three weddings and waited grand, and now and pravnuchaty nephews, all including the children.

My nurse, live long - long. You gave me an example of perfect, unconditional and constant love to all of us, to your children. An example of the life devoted to others, entirely, without the rest.

Thanks to you.