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How to open for itself quality of life? One my acquaintance told

: Life one, and it it is necessary to live strongly and beautifully! For it these words were the motto. For it every minute was worth its weight in gold. It squeezed out everything that could of life, and did it as it is possible better as it is possible more intensively and more fascinatingly. There were no such occupations which would not bring it pleasure and by which he would not be influenced.

Everything that it did, and everything that was presented to it by destiny, he re-embodied in, some kind of, the fairy tale, and admired how it is fine and really sensitive. Quality of life. Level of pleasure and inspiration. He flew, floated, went, fell in love, worked, traveled, met, danced, drew, wrote, dreamed, loved, and all this was for him quality of life, for the sake of what is worth to live and what by all means has to bring harmony and integrity in heart of each person.

He appreciated it, appreciated each lived day. And I envied his passion, his love to life, ability to force and anticipate, see beauty and to create. All this

sounds, probably, ideally. Someone will tell: so does not happen. But it is not miracles or something extremely inaccessible. This attitude, this perception, is control and at the same time full return to feelings. It is difficult, but is worthy.

It is possible to speculate very long on this subject, to prove something, to disprove, philosophize. And it is possible just to look around and to see all this with own eyes. Thousands of examples, millions of options, many people, lives, destinies.

All my friends - such different. Everything, absolutely, so unequal people!

I is sometimes so interesting to stop, distract from itself and to look from outside at others. How they live? What problems are endured? And why?

At school I looked at the schoolmates, and thought: what we will become after school what with us will be in 10 years and which of them I still at least once will see? The school was graduated, there ascended the sun of our new adulthood, rushed before eyes as one all school days, tears, and all were shed. Everything left very far, somehow at once and forever. Everything that remained from there - it is memoirs. All people who seemed such expensive and necessary lost the importance. And there was not enough somehow time any more to think of it and the more so to come back.

Time went, and we changed. We matured and opened for ourselves the world. We formed the views and the principles. And what now I see? All answers to the children`s questions behind which the new chain of questions instantly is born. I meet these people who grew up and grew wiser, beaten by life, but strong and resistant. And as heart trembles, at one stroke getting to the past, to pain. And not to hide enviable pride of those about whom was ill. And not to appease deaf melancholy about those who needed only to be remembered.

Strange. And I come back to the acquaintance who voluptuously tells me about quality of life, and that to it any can come. But how? - I look down, and I imagine that way which it was possible to avoid something and to open for myself quality of life, love and wisdom.

From any starting point there are at least one thousand ways. And, subconsciously or it is realized going in this or that party, each of us makes the choice, huge on the future importance.

From current situation is at least one thousand exits .

And happens, having passed a certain piece of the road, in many years suddenly you understand that again stepped into the same track. And it is difficult to explain why so it turns out why we at least twice in life endure the same situation, perhaps, only in different interpretations. And that fact that if it is good to look narrowly, then it is possible to notice definitely some kind of stereotype of behavior of the person on this or that interval of life is even more amusing. Then that all of us go around, worrying mainly one sort of an event, feeling. Why then all these monotonous experiences in heart of each person sound as something especially improbable, new, unprecedented and unprecedented before. Why? All human wisdom is constructed on the same experiences repeating again and again, a huge number of times according to the same scenario, on the same circle.

I drew on sand a thin plumelet a circle and thought how many time it is necessary to pass it that it broke? My old acquaintance went around too, only his circle was much wider, than at ordinary people. And I asked it what prevents it to break this regularity. He answered me quietly and frankly: When the circle breaks, the principles and laws of life break. All life is similar to a spiral, and the spiral consists of a huge number of circles where one passes into another, and that is in the third. To break a circle there is no sense. It can be overcome to go further, and it is possible long, very long again and again to come back to the former place, to go around, on the same circle and a step forward . So he told. So he felt, he knew. But for me and remained a riddle as it managed to follow all the time forward, a circle a circle, on a spiral only up. I did not trust in it.

I am a person too. As you, as it, it. All of us are people. And, anyway, weakness is peculiar to all of us. I can go, I can stand, I can come back. All this life. Just I very strongly like to live. You know, than the optimist differs from the pessimist? If the pessimist was told that he needed to live only several years, he would go crazy and died earlier. But if the optimist learned that life is much shorter than him, than he planned, then, believe, he would live these several last years as throughout many centuries the history is made. At the level of feeling, feeling, perception, and aspiration to live. And he would live longer. But this difference does not depend on definition optimist or pessimist . It reflects quality and level of consciousness - one my acquaintance so spoke.

He is not a wise man and not the philosopher, but his outlooks on life are pleasant to me. He speaks about quality of life. And it is possible to achieve quality only through huge desire and a maximum of improbable efforts. He says that quality of life is for it, but if to think, then all of us have mainly same values, traditions, desires because all of us go on the same circle, catching up, overtaking or lagging behind. So in what it caused a stir? Let it will remain a small riddle. Let the answer will be born in heart, but will not lay down ordinary words on this page.