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Whether it is necessary to develop attention at the child?

Originally at the child only the involuntary attention takes place. In the first months of life the attention of the child is drawn by various strong irritants (for example, loud sounds, bright light), sharp changes of an external situation (for example, transition from darkness to light), moving objects (for example, a brilliant ball which is moved in the field of his sight).

Special value in the organization of attention of the baby have those objects and those their properties which are directly connected with satisfaction his organic requirements. So, different sound, light, mechanical irritants accompanying feeding of the child early begin to draw his attention and to cause the corresponding responses.

as a result of accumulation of the corresponding experience, formation of temporary communications in a head brain of the child, the increasing number of the objects surrounding the child begin to draw his attention. If earlier to force the child to concentrate and to stop the foreign movements, neobkho dimo was that the food got to it into a mouth, is later for this purpose often enough that mother approached its bed that he saw a horn with milk or that it was taken on hands before feeding.

Further development of involuntary attention is closely connected with formation of children`s interests.

As the child begins to be interested in more and more wide range of surrounding objects and the phenomena, more difficult and manifestation of its attention becomes more diverse.

So, the prepreschool child can potter already long enough with some subject, is attentive consider any toy, monitor with concentration the speech and acts of surrounding people.

of High development reaches involuntary attention at preschool age. Emergence of new interests, participation in new kinds of activity force the child to concentrate on such parties of reality which remained unnoticed earlier.

At the preschool child increases stability of attention, ability is long to be engaged in a certain business or a certain subject. Preschool children can play for hours some interesting game, draw or design. Crucial importance in development of involuntary attention the organization of educational work has

. Acquainting the preschool child with surrounding reality, inducing it to display actively this reality in the games, occupations, graphic activity, the tutor causes interest in new objects and the phenomena, forces the child to concentrate on them the attention involuntarily.

If reaches involuntary attention at children of preschool age of a high step of development, then the attention any begins to be formed at them.

Carrying out orders of adults, performing some duties in kindergarten and at home, taking part in collective games, the preschool child even more often faces such conditions where it is necessary to pay attention to what is necessary for implementation of the planned task that corresponds to verbal instructions of the adult or requirements of children`s collective. Thus, the new vital conditions which are specially organized by parents and tutors lead to formation of any attention.

Originally any attention at the preschool child is very unstable. It is usually necessary that the adult organized his activity and accurately defined the task facing him. Only under these conditions preschool children can find any attention at the beginning.

One teacher tells that it somehow changed a usual arrangement of toys and furniture in one of kindergarten rooms, placed the new book on a show-window, but children did not pay any attention to it. Then she put before them a special task: to note every time, coming in the morning to group what changes happened in their room, having given to this task nature of game - competition (who will more precisely and better notice the happened changes).

after that children, coming in the morning to group, with concentration considered a surrounding situation, noting the slightest changes which happened in it since yesterday.

So, having organized as appropriate activity of children, the tutor forced them to pay intentionally attention to some features of a surrounding situation.

at the senior preschool children at the appropriate organization of educational work appears further ability more independently to organize the attention, without the every minute help from the adult.

at the same time is important experience which the child saves up in the course of collective games with rules, during obligatory occupations and when performing simple labor tasks.

Need to follow the famous rules, to subordinate the actions to certain requirements develops ability to intentionally focus the attention on consciously planned object at the child. The role of the speech, the second alarm system increases in the organization of children`s attention that gives it any character.

Education of any attention plays an important role in training of the child for school training.

Ability is any to pay attention to what in itself is not attractive, but it is necessary for assimilation of school knowledge, it is required by the teacher, is the most important condition of success in educational activity.

throughout preschool age arise only rudiments of any attention. Its further development and improvement happens at school age under the influence of school training.