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Colors and paints what they influence?

of Colour and paint just as also music can make different impact.

Colour is very strongly connected with each of us. The child can precisely define what color is necessary for him at this or that moment, for this purpose it is necessary to pay what attention of color of a thing interest the kid.

Proceeding from it, parents easily can define what clothes the child that to it it was comfortable and in what toy he will become interested at present needs to dress.

Every color exerts various impact on mood and behavior of the person. What is necessary color for your child, nobody will be able to prompt to you as all children are individual, and the requirement them strongly changes depending on mood.

are useful To children the most different shades: from quiet pastel tones to bright and shouting.

Green and blue shades soothingly influence the child, and they make fast and intensive impact.

of Colour blue and brown have the weakening influence.

Yellow color promotes intensive intellectual development, has positive influence on nervous system and strengthens it, and also gives joy.

Red color influences excitingly, he aggravates all feelings and awakens thirst for life.

Pink color soothingly intensively influences all human body, but with this color it is necessary to be careful as the calming influence can be replaced by some concern, and in certain cases and aggression.

Parents need to develop since the birth at the kid color perception. the First color which are perceived by the child - red it can confirm to

the fact that most often small children prefer toys of red color.

At further development of the kid needs to use as much as possible flowers and their shades, but only when the kid is able to perceive them.

The child needs to show constantly the same color within 3 - 4 days, and then it will begin to distinguish this color from others.

of Colour strongly influence children therefore the child should be dressed in clothes of that color which improves to it mood.

We live in the color world. Ourselves can sometimes choose colors among which ourselves are, sometimes impose us this or that color scale. We not always pay attention to what colors surround us at least, not always we realize it. However our subconsciousness pays to this question much bigger attention.

White color
in large numbers is capable to appeal uncertainty, sad thoughts, even a depression and fear. In rooms of white color people to a bowl feel cold. It is caused by what white is associated, in - the first, with hospitals, and in - the second, with snow, ices, permafrost and the other ziyena - frosty attributes.

At the same time, white is a hint on innocence, naivety. Therefore the clothes of white color are worn most often by people kind, but coldish, not inclined to give in to emotions, or people persons interested to emphasize the sincere purity.

is color of a cool too, but at the same time is associated with the clear spring sky and water. Indoors, where very hot, blue will create feeling of freshness, will make the small room visually more.

Blue will remind of the sea, salty wind in hair, of huge open spaces and long journeys, will give to cheerfulness and energy. If you love long reflections, blue very much will suit you. At the same time too large amount of blue color is capable to create feeling of depression and uncertainty in itself.

Violet - a starlit night, the air smelling in the tropical flowers. Violet it is mysterious, extravagant, but it does not frighten.

In blue, blue, violet colors put on as the timid, quite shy, and opened by heart people, and still - the people dreaming of travel.

Yellow and orange - colors of the sun. Warm, bright, they are associated with the South, in the summer, oranges, so and with rest. Yellow (not poisonous and not bright canary) weakens, orange lightens mood.

But here it is important to adhere to golden mean - bright colors in large numbers are not pleasant for eyes and can even cause a headache.

the Clothes of these flowers are worn by the people loving laughter, fun, active pastime. They are as a rule shumna, they should be noticed. They soul of the company, leaders.

Pink speaks about infantility, vulnerability, naivety. Pink, it is color of nurseries and Barbie dolls, the business woman in a pink suit a nonsense, the man in pink - the unprecedented phenomenon. Pink in large numbers irritates and tires. It is pertinent among children, there where speak about love, romanticism. The clothes of pink flowers are worn by the people who did not leave the childhood yet, or seeking to make such impression.

Red - very aggressive color. In a house interior or in its your flower bed it is necessary to dose strictly. It is color of life, but if it dominates around you, be not surprised that all - and you - will become irritable, nervous soon, will begin to be angry without the reason.

It is impossible to be too long near the danger signals, irritants causing rage. Namely it is also red color in large numbers. If the person is dressed in red it emphasizes or his fighting character, aggression, or on the contrary, excessive uncertainty, complexes which he tries to hide behind a " mask; fighter .

Green, it is color of the nature. Leaves, grass Green will help to relax, will calm the upset nerves, will appease excessive nervousness. Easily excitable not for nothing recommend to people walks on parks and gardens where it is possible to admire greens.

If you look for rest, you love tranquility, are inclined to meditation, green - your color. The clothes of this color are worn by people counterbalanced, knowing the own worth, not inclined to hysterics and any rough manifestations of feelings.

Brown - quiet color. It gives feeling of reliability, quiet force. Darkly - brown in large numbers results in gloom, and here light-brown will help to feel protected. The clothes of brown flowers are worn, as a rule, or people with strong but quiet character, or persons interested will not be allocated.

Black - color of night, secret, danger. Darkness, blackness, frighten us. And any person will not surround himself black in large numbers: it suppresses will, causes phobias and fears. Black in a combination to light - also business, strict color, from here such popularity of black accessories.

Black it is eternal and universal as evening small black " dress;. If you have in clothes only one pair of shoes, in 90% of cases it - black color because black approaches everything, it is neutral.

will acquire Clothes of black color or the gloomy, avoiding society people, or natures extravagant, wishing to attract attention on the general background.