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Who such Leyla from Eric Clapton`s song?

The Blues is a song about the man who has no woman. Or about the man who was abandoned by the woman. Or about the person who has nothing similar to the woman - it was told by Eric Clapton, and told not for the sake of a witty remark. It Okazyvtsya to the great guitarist, the participant of CREAM supergroup about whom enthusiastic admirers wrote on walls that he no more, no less, god love sufferings are familiar too.

At the end of 1960 - x creative were added to love sufferings. Having left the fallen-out CREAM, Clapton tried to create new group - BLIND FAITH, but from - for unhealthy sensations around the project it had to be closed.

In personal life Eric was in extremely unpleasant situation of a classical love triangle, namely - was over head and ears in love with Patti Boyd. Not only that Patti was a wife Beatle George Harisson, so also Harisson had to Eric the friend. Fatal acquaintance of Clapton to Patti took place in July, 1967 after CREAM concert

E. Clapton: I was in love, in love with the first a look and the feeling it became day by day heavier. I drove myself into a corner because to take away the wife at one of BEATLES it was impossible, so does not become. All of them were prominent, famous people, awarded the order Gentlemen of the British Empire. And here, whether you understand, some visiting good fellow like me tries to get into a family illegally. The situation was impossible both for me, and for Patti. For me there was exit one - to be forgotten .

Having got next the heave-ho good fellow absolutely lost courage, began to use drugs, and its torments developed into the song Layla - the real violent entreaty turned to Patti. But why then Leyla ? - you ask. - From where in the song the Arab name well familiar according to the movie " undertook; White sun of the desert ? (you remember Leyla! Zulfia! Gyulchatay! ) .

E. Clapton: Suf, * are more right, one Englishman who began to call himself Sufi gave me the book with the Persian poetry. I was shaken by similarity of the history described in the book to what happened to me in life .

It was talked about Leyla and Medzhnun`s Stories written by the great Persian poet Nizami. The legend takes the sources even since the 7th century and represents the Arab option of the subject Romeo and Juliette . The young man Kays of ibn of al - Mulavvakh fell in love with the girl from a hostile sort, but she was married to another. After that it it is perfect went mad from a grief also devoted all the life to a slaganiye of songs about the unfortunate love. It is even carried to Mecca to cure of harmful passion, but Medzhnun - madman asks God not to deprive patient it high illness . As a result both lovers perish from melancholy, and sufiya in a manner, characteristic of them, begin to treat this history symbolically as separation of soul from a deity.

The song found the embodiment in 1970 when Clapton brought together the next group under the name DEREK & the DOMINOS. The group represented the company of friends and acquaintances who constantly hung out in a huge mansion of Eric. There they drank - smoked, but, unlike many other companies, also continuously created. They could to hollow the same song within five days, creating several options at once. Song Leyla found the finished look during such seyshen.

E. Clapton: I did not know what in it will be Leyla. It was just one more song. When you reach in it up to the end, then the enthusiasm grows, and you understand that you have something powerful. And when I began it, it to me did not seem something special .


Hardly the song would find such success if two more musicians did not take part in its creation. The decisive stroke was brought by Dwayne Ollmen - the guitarist of ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND group. He played on a slide - a guitar the well-known guitar riff which he opens Leyla . The riff represented the accelerated option of the guitar course from Albert King blues As The Years Go Passing By . And the piano epilog in general was an insert from outside. It was written by Jim Gordon - the participant of DEREK & the DOMINOS. Generally he protected this melody for the solo performance, but did not save...

In the same 1970 the group was delivered of the whole double album Layla and Other Assorted Lovesongs . Remembering heavy burden of glory of times of BLIND FAITH, Eric let out a plate without any accompanying inscriptions that his name did not become the artificial catalyst of success. Well so it also did not become. Eric in Derek was not recognized, in the USA the album rose not higher than 16 - go places, and in English tops did not get in general. Only in two years when codes were opened, Leyla published on a single, receives deserved glory and becomes a hit. Next year there is also a concert album DEREK & the DOMINOS. Piece only that the group by then two years did not exist. Clapton began solo career, and in 1974 came to a new round of glory.

From interview with E. Clapton:

- If to look now back, that you think of an album Layla ? Whether you consider it as a masterpiece?

is a fine album, but I do not know whether a masterpiece it - it is very rough.

- But his roughness is an advantage; music Leyla very opened and experienced. Even ten years later the passion of this album still does not leave the listener quiet.

- Yes, passion hides many shortcomings .

B 1993 for Leyla and acoustic kontsertnik Unplugged Eric gets even six awards Grammy . However, by then all weight from Clapton`s music disappeared, and violent shout about love began to sound as the slow melancholic blues

On it could and be finished, but the reader has the right to ask, than history with Patti ended. Well Let`s return back again.

In 1974, not in forces to suffer further, Clapton directly says to Harisson that he loves his wife. Being Beatle philosophically told something it seems Arrive as you know . Harisson`s relations with Patti did not gush forth by then and so, and here Leyla at all took offense at the hubby and moved to Clapton.

All these peripetias acquired legends, the most known of which once sounded Seva Novgorodtsev. Like, the final fate of Patti was decided by guitar duel which two arranged stars and which Harrison lost. Actually, for certain everything was prosy.

Here that Harisson spoke about divorce with Patti:

I would tell that I handed over the wife from hands on hands. When it occurred, my relations with Patti already stopped so, from my point of view, any special problem was not. If not Eric, we should pass through a heap of any unpleasant things which usually accompany divorce, - squabbles, quarrels, a beating of ware and the section of crocks. And so it turned out in reliable hands and that the most important, it was not necessary to change a way of life to which she got used: whisky, receptions, new cars and dresses, not really healthy fun and music - the same, only in other spaces and for a hand with other musician . to

Anyway, but knows one - George and Eric remained friends. And when in the spring 1979 of Clapton and Patti nevertheless celebrated a wedding, at it among others there was also Harisson.

pulls Further to say banality, it seems Love of a prekhodyashch, art - it is eternal . In 1988 Eric left Patti. The love story lasting 20 years ended, but there was a remarkable song.

In 1991 occurred concert tour where Harisson and Clapton acted together. On it George sang the well-known song Something and Clapton - Layla and Wonderful Tonight . All songs were written as Patti`s dedication to

* - Sufism - the direction in Islam where much attention is paid to feeling, so-called mystical love.