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Whether depilation is necessary?

the Problem of removal of hair on a body always was and will be actual. Hair serve us for protection against overcooling and protection against mechanical damages, such as, in an intimate zone. Modern living conditions fortunately are that that the vegetation on the majority of zones is not necessary to us for performance of those initial functions any more, and now disposal of it - obligatory conditions to feel physical and psychological comfort. Therefore on a question whether it is necessary to get rid of body hair, we answer firm yes !

There are zones where hair look not esthetically, sometimes they are the place of a congestion of harmful microorganisms and the woman has to have thick long hair only in a hairdress, but in any way in other places. There is a lot of ways of elimination of undesirable hair, and everyone selects to itself(himself) procedure, proceeding from its price, personal convenience and efficiency.

Often we hear the terms epilation and depilation thinking that it is the synonyms meaning removal of hair. Actually it not absolutely so. Depilation is the mechanical removal of hair which is not destroying a hair bulb whereas the epilation is directed just to it. In other words, depilation assumes temporary removal of hair, and an epilation, destroying a hair bulb, fights against their growth.

Depilation is more available from - for opportunities of independent application of its methods and from - for rather small costs of it. By methods of depilation call shaving, removal wax (vaksation), use of depilyatsionny creams. The method of depilation is preferable to each zone of a body.

On a face unattractive vegetation are short moustaches at women. Sometimes such hair become imperceptible at clarification of hair which after each procedure become thinner, but, at the same time, skin on the place of processing is clarified too and then the ugly spot can be formed. It is desirable to delete short moustaches with wax strips. Face hair, most often thin and gentle, but some bringing discomfort, it is not necessary to shave off at all - then they I can coarsen t and to become rather rigid and noticeable. Eyebrows by tradition are pulled out by tweezers.

Hair armpits most often shave off, and for achievement of good results they can be deleted with wax strips. After 8 - 10 procedures hair will begin to grow not so intensively and will become thinner.

Hair standing - an eternal problem of all women, especially in the summer. Shaving, of course, the most available procedure, but after it hair grow and already in couple of days becomes noticeable unpleasant prickly hedgehog . It is the best of all to depilate standing by means of ready wax strips, or hot wax. Mechanical depilators are also popular for removal of vegetation standing. They can bring unpleasant painful feelings at the beginning, but there are special devices which cool previously skin, doing procedure by more comfortable. Creams, mousses for depilation can be used with ease standing because skin is rather steady against irritation there, and hair not too rigid and thick there. Modern hair removal creams easily depilate without razor, and the special components which are slowing down growth of hair often are their part.

Very sensitive skin in an inguinal zone dictates the methods of removal of hair. Shaving most often gives irritation of a pubic zone and emergence of unpleasant red small knots - gnoynichok that delivers an array of problems and complexes. And then, hair in a bikini zone become again seen already next day that the physical discomfort, an itch, irritation also brings. Best of all for depilation of an intimate zone to use wax strips or good cream. Removal of hair in this zone always quite painful, because vegetation there dense, a hard hair. Use of mechanical depilators is undesirable, otherwise there will be a strong irritation.

Also except these zones undesirable hairs can appear anywhere - on a breast, on a stomach, on a face. Such hairs are single and they can be deleted with tweezers.

At any chosen way of depilation it is better to apply the means which are slowing down growth of hair on the processed zones.