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How to bypass traps of a winter season?

of Osenne - a winter season in the heat, and boutiques actively buy spring collections. At the same time the remains of unsold winter things promptly go down in price. At this particular time men are covered by a temptation to get clothes objects with a special seasonal discount. But happens that the acquired thing fits badly or looks. Usually such situations are called traps of a winter season . February, perhaps, the strangest month in respect of acquisition of clothes. At this time the prices fall considerably, from shelves of shops winter things disappear, giving way to new collections. Sometimes changes all of us common sense, and we are willingly bought on the inviting " inscriptions; The Discount - 50% . As a result in a case there is the next shirt, trousers or a pair of shoes which destiny - to remain there for several years, dropping dust waiting for the best fate.

We offer several councils how not to fall into a trap marketing specialists and, using a discount, to buy something stylish, a thing which really will please you.

1. Buy the last issue of the fashionable magazine and study offers of the future season - understand the main directions of fashion and find out what colors prevail. Then safely go to shop as you are already completely prepared and you will not make the wrong choice. The tendency in fashion lasts about about three years therefore you will have time to look round and get really fashionable thing. Only ardent dandies pay a fantastic sum for the novelty which just was available for sale. The people movable by sense of proportion able to save wait for discounts, anyway, and all of them equally not far off.

2. Always check whether the clothes of defects chosen by you have. Surely pay attention to stability of coloring of fabric, otherwise the thing will fade or will fade. Be not too lazy to examine seams - whether there is no defect of a line. It is better to secure itself before you pay money: as a rule, the things bought in the middle of an action are not subject to return. If you find defect, you will have bases to bargain and, perhaps, the discount will be even bigger.

3. Try on everything that you are going to buy. The man, having given in to temptation of a big discount, seldom measures things, and then bitterly is sorry about it. Follow logic: what remained not sold perhaps, has the unmarketable size and for certain will not suit you. As offensively happens to find out that the pleasant thing is hopelessly small or big. Not to wait, really, so far you will grow thin or will recover! Money is spent in vain, the thing hangs in a case and you are only upset, having once again come across it among other things.

Winter clothes

What can be looked for in shops in February? There are things to which discounts, as a rule, extend. Let`s notice: all of them still fashionable, stylish, will also serve you not only the rest of winter, but also a good part of spring.

A jacket

the Sound jacket, such as, the jacket from Kenneth Cole from the Reaction collection, will warm you in the last frosty days of a winter season. Sewed in classical style, it, undoubtedly, will be fashionable and next year. Look for something like that on sales, it will become certain successful purchase at the end of winter.

The classical woolen sweater in rhombuses belonging to the London brand Ted Baker - a fine example of how it is nicely possible to dress up on sale. Wool is heat, and a pattern in rhombuses - always stylishly. Isn`t that so, on such it is possible to spend money safely?

Put on in spring color scale

Spring - an amusing season: still insufficiently warmly, to take off winter clothes, but any more there are no hard frosts to muffle up in warm jackets and a coat. Buy in Banana Republic a cashmere sweater in spring tones - it is a fine way for gradual transition to spring things. For example, light-the blue sweater from silky cashmere looks very elegantly; having bought it to Banana Republic you will add a remarkable subject to own clothes and besides will save money.

Purchases of February

the Lack of the choice and risk to get something got out of fashion does February shopping rather tiresome. You remember: time - money, you should not go for hours shopping in search of a bigger discount. What sense in hunting behind a thing which can become one more in already hammered clothes? Absolutely any. But if the fine shirt which faultlessly suits you occasionally got, safely take. You will not regret!