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Whether guessing on tarot cards is programming?

Very much a popular belief that any guessing programs us. Many do not go to fortunetellers because want to choose the destiny also are afraid that will foretell to them something not that but it will take then and will come true. Let`s understand that specifically occurs in the course of guessing on cards.

The first that needs to be understood, is that the person has no accurately certain future. If all events of our life were predetermined, then it would be possible to go to fortunetellers only for the sake of curiosity because in due time all inevitably will occur and all of us learn why then to hurry events? Therefore at once we will make a reservation - to fortunetellers go just in order that to change the future to the best .

Taro is, first of all, the instrument of work on himself . Cards can consider an information field around you and bring to sensibleness level knowledge of what tasks face you now, and how to be effective in the present moment. And reading your future are no more than one of options of what can be made by means of cards. How the prediction of the future events works?

Proceeding from what happens to the person at present tarolog can see those probabilities which surround the client and to tell: If you change nothing in the life, then to you there will be so and so .

Many fortunetellers go on such simple way - they predict to the person his most probable future counting on the fact that their client will not make any sharp jumps in development and everything happens exactly as they foretold to it. Especially as when categorically declare to the person what waits for him, it on it concentrates also his chances of changing something, still decrease in comparison with a situation before guessing . It also is that programming about which all speak - actually, it is just result of misoperation of cards in which there is no understanding of true sense of the events. But act " this way; lazy fortunetellers. And for not lazy viewing of the future is only the first stage. Diagnostics, so to speak.

And the most interesting begins just then: having come to the fortuneteller you have to receive the answer not on the question what expects me? and on the question What I can make that my future was pleasant to me? . Guessing allows to learn what to do in order that the future to change or correct.

Thus, one may say, that guessing is, somewhat, not programming and rasprogrammirovaniye . We live, being the programmed our avtomatizm, perception templates, habits and installations in a world picture. All this brought us there where we are now, and can bring into our well looked through future quite reliably. And something to change the only way is to change most.

The fortuneteller tells you all this and offers a way of harmonization of your future. She offers you other filter of perception, she helps to redistribute your attention more structurally, she helps if you want, to become more conscious.

You will not be able to change those lessons which you are fated to pass, but you will be able to pass them in less painful form, and even in gift option if in time you realize that occurs. We do not choose an essence of the events happening to us, but we can choose scenery in which it will occur and to live consciously and with pleasure: to develop and evolve not because we are driven into the corresponding circumstances but because we realize our purposes and tasks. In other words, guessing not solves for us and helps to understand, accept and solve .

There is one more category of people - at what the good, happy and beautiful future is looked through. They get to fortunetellers less often, than the others, but it sometimes happens. Then the situation reminds one joke:

The little son Approaches the father - the programmer and asks why the sun rises in the east, and comes in the West.

- That, every time?

- Well.

- And all this time works?

- Well, fathers.

- the Sonny, only touch nothing!

In other words, in such situation tarolog will just explain you that all of you do correctly that you live in sensibleness and contact with yourself. He will tell you what your qualities create to you all this happiness that you went to it more surely and did not turn from this road. It too in own way healthily and is useful - always pleasantly to hear what you are a good fellow, isn`t that so?

Here so, if in brief, about an essence of what occurs when guessing on tarot cards - the thin, multipurpose and graceful instrument of work on itself.