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Leggings - got out of fashion?

Leggings were very popular in 80 - x years, recently they returned on covers of fashionable magazines again. Their popularity speaks very easily - leggings are convenient, they go much and allow to combine dresses. But now many women of fashion worry - really leggings became outdated again and it is necessary to wait for 10 - 15 years until they take a place of honor in ten the most popular things in clothes again?

What leggings are actual?

It is enough options offered in shops. Leggings are good the fact that it is possible to choose them practically under any dress for any case and a season. In the winter, in the fall and in the early spring knitted, woolen leggings are actual. They can be under color of a fur coat or contrast with it.

Thin leggings from the most various materials will be suitable for a party or for warmer season. They can be short - slightly lower than a knee, can be long, bright, with drawing and without, with an embroidery and pastes.

The only thing that can be told with confidence - leggings from lycra hopelessly became outdated and suit unless for the gym, but not for issues in any way.

From what to carry?

Leggings can be worn practically with anything. In the winter harmonous legs it is perfectly emphasized warm leggings and high boots, in the fall and in the spring they will approach shoe boots, and in the summer - the closed shoes on a high heel.

You should not wear leggings with sandals, it looks vulgarly. If on the street so hot that you put on footwear with an open nose, then for what reason to get on on yourself these gaiters - many designers think and will be right.

Recently various tunics, short multilayered dresses, long sweaters are popular. If in your clothes the couple of tunics to which you cannot pick up trousers in any way hangs, the dress or a skirt which you consider too short, a sweater which could not be put on, then leggings will save situation. They will give new life to many things which without them would be doomed to get quietly out of fashion in a dark case.

Monophonic leggings of classical black, brown or white color can be worn with bright color tunics and sweaters. If you chose the bright leggings drawing attention and placing emphasis standing, refrain from bright top, otherwise you will look too floridly. Besides, the risk incorrectly is always big to pick up difficult shades that will spoil all impression.

You should not wear dense warm leggings with too thin transparent tunic. And thin summer leggings will not approach warm winter things. It is worth remembering it, selecting a dress.

Some women of fashion try to combine leggings and shorts. It is very courageous option which will go not all. If you are not sure that you are able to afford such choice, it is better to stop on something more conservative.

It is considered that leggings are not suitable clothes for secular parties. But many celebrities disproved this fact own example, now leggings are admissible practically everywhere. Only it is hardly worth putting on them in theater or in office with too short skirt, all - leggings are too thoughtless for this purpose.

To whom are contraindicated?

It appears, there are unfortunate ladies who should not put on leggings under no circumstances. You should not wear leggings at very full legs. In - the first, they assume existence something quite short, and to stout women too short dresses do not go. In - the second, completeness of legs it is possible to hide boots and a long skirt or trousers, but then the sense in leggings will not be perfect.

You should not carry them that who considers a shape of the legs nonideal, especially, you should not put on leggings with shoes - it will only emphasize a shortcoming.

Also leggings do not go to girls with too thin legs. Of course, the form and volume can be corrected slightly in the color, the invoice of fabric and successful footwear, but not all shortcomings give in to such sparing correction. You should not forget about it, thinking of that, to buy fashionable leggings or not. In total - it is sometimes better to be critical in relation to itself, than to get into a ridiculous situation.

If to say about whether leggings are actual now, the answer will be - certainly and. Most of designers of the whole world accepted this fact and issued orders with leggings on podiums. Rare display does without this detail of clothes. Therefore if you want to please yourself with such new thing, it is a high time to make it now.