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Whether love gaydayevsky Shurik in America and Europe? As Operation Y turned in Operation Y Somehow once again reconsidered

Operation Y and other adventures of Shurik also reflected: and whether love the imperishable classics of Gaidai which was so adored by all of us, Russians, foreigners? Though more correctly the question has to sound so: and whether know there, behind a hillock, about existence of at least one gaydayevsky movie?

of Difficulty of the translation

is simple

of the Logician of reflections: we know heroes Louis de Funessa and Pierre Richard, Steve Martin, Jim Carrey and, naturally, Charlie Chaplin. We even know Norman Visdom who played Mr. Pitkin. We know, we look and we love. So why to foreigners not to repay to us in kind?

In order that people looked at the same Operation or Caucasian captive where - nibud in England or the USA, these movies need to be published. Certainly, such edition has to be adapted for that country where it is published. That is to be duplicated on language of future audience or at least to have subtitlings. And how to translate the letter Y in the name of the movie if there is no such letter in one alphabet of the world, except Russian?

You will not believe, but Gaidai`s movies abroad translate and publish! At least, those who were leaders of hire in the USSR. On the powerful website amazon. com which is the leader in sales of movies and music worldwide can be found, for example, such DVD - disks: Operation Y & Other Shurik`s Adventures , Kidnapping Caucassian Style , Ivan Vasilievich - Back to the Future , The Diamond Arm . The familiar names sounding in a new way, isn`t that so (ignorant English I send to English - the Russian dictionary)? Here to you and a solution with the intricate letter Y .

As for contents of disks, more all were lucky the French, German and English-speaking audience. In these languages these 4 movies are duplicated. And the rest who does not know Russian or the above-named languages should be content with subtitlings (are available Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Chinese, Danish, Japanese, Arab plus subtitlings of the above-named languages).

Unfortunately, I do not have a disk with duplication, but it was succeeded to find the disk Operations Y with the English subtitlings. Before viewing of this movie in such look, that is having felt in a skin, we will tell the American, I also could not present, it was how heavy to translators. And you could even if in perfection knowing English, translate the phrase of the Coward Fly, hurry, buy painting ? Or that popular wisdom of the foreman of SMU which it teaches the Spindle-legs? Yes it is not simple to translate and so that there was a comic effect?

Here and translators, of course, tried, but and close not to compare to the original. And there are also such places where subtitlings simply are not given (probably as did not fight, but could not translate). There are several examples. In a scene where Shurik allures a dog sausage, various options of a nickname of a dog (the Ball, Polkan, Doggy) are translated in a word doggie (from English - a doggie); and Doctor`s and Amateur the translation is not given to grades of sausages at all, is only mentioned in subtitlings some fat ( it is a little " fat;) in relation to the second grade.

There are also lucky finds. Compare Budish the father to listen to mother, you awake candies to eat! with Listen to mum and daddy, then you will eat a sweet candy . Grammatical mistakes were not transferred, but too in a rhyme!

Alexander Demyanenko is better than Jim Carrey .

Well and that American yes the European audience thinks during (later) viewing Shurik`s adventures and other movies of Gaidai? Having attended a set of forums with comments to this cinema, I can tell with reliability: there are no indifferent!

Is curious and interested misunderstood in them scenes. So, at one forum someone took an interest that the put-out student`s hand means (which the actor Nosik plays) after it came into audience for passing an examination. The intelligible answer was right there given: The outstretched arm with five fingers of this student says about what he hopes to receive at examination 5 - the best assessment in Russia .

And there are those (and their majority) who delighted with Shurik and a dashing Trinity in the person of the Coward, Skilled and the Goof. Responses testify to it (the translation of responses from the English author).

The viewer from the USA:

I love this cinema and the guy which is played by Shurika, very ridiculous and amusing.

Is much better and more amusing than Jim Carrey. There is a wish to watch all movies with participation of this actor. I read its biography and found out that he died to young people. It is a pity... Whether you speak Russian or not, but this comedy is worth it that to look at it .

The viewer from Jerusalem:

It is one of a set of good Soviet movies at which any educated person has to look. Here the most talented actors play. In the movie there are a lot of familiar expressions which became current at Russians. Nikulin as always is ingenious, look at his look when he sings the song Billeting, " engine;! And as it plays in scenes of fight against Shurik!

And here a response of the inhabitant of Florida about the movie Ivan Vasilyevich changes the profession :

I have 2 copies of this movie - without subtitlings from Russia and with subtitlings especially for the wife. Not especially it is pleasant to it Russian and furthermore the Soviet cinema, but on viewing of this movie I nevertheless finished it. During viewing I pressed a set of times a pause and explained to the wife movie details. Long it was necessary to explain a word meaning lyapota and to tell about Vysotsky and furthermore about his lyric poet, sounding in the song to which Ivan the Terrible listens. The wife long could not understand why Shurik podpolno buys radio components. But despite all this, the movie to the wife was madly fallen in love!

Here so gaydayevsky masterpieces and his heroes walk on all planet and please the audience of any nationality!