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Why the lover is necessary?...

people get Dogs for various reasons: some need to feel safe, others get dogs of rare breed and beauty to brag to people around, for the third dogs is an object to whom it is possible to direct the unclaimed and unrealized love.

Amazing similarity to lovers, truth?

Perhaps, your husband is bald, small growth and is uneducated, and you will prefer to come to a meeting with classmates with the effective brawny macho. Or your husband is avaricious on tenderness, and your hot kisses to him especially are not necessary, then you need the sensual man, the fan of romanticism. Personally I - not a supporter of changes, but sometimes there are these or those reasons almost at each woman.

Conditionally lovers can be divided into three categories. Certainly, it is more categories, but, as a rule, there is a need for lovers for sex, lovers for communication and virtual lovers.

Lovers for sex

In your husband you accept everything: he is a beautiful person, loves children (if you have them), makes for himself a breakfast and masses to you a coat hanger when you were tired. But in a bed it is full zero. Or he does not like to kiss. By the way, scientists proved that women attach to kisses huge significance in respect of intimacy. Moreover - it is useful to kiss even for health. Well, we - that with you guessed it long ago, and he all the same does not love! And what to do to unfortunate women in this situation? Hormones kill all remained principles, and you look for the lover. Often for the woman it is unimportant, the representative of this category is married or single.

With it it is possible to meet, do periodically what is pleasant to you and to disperse. Love is present not always here (for this purpose you have other object).

Pluses: To find the lover for sex does not make big work. They - everywhere: at work, in park, in the bar or at your entrance.

Minuses: You can soon understand that an orgasm without (at least) love - not an orgasm. And to fall in love you with him or you cannot - he is not such intellectual how your Sashenka, or you do not want - it has a wife and three children, and on figs such happiness is necessary to you?

Lovers for communication

your husband - the giant of big sex but to talk to it there is nothing. Well soccer and its rusty " bothered you; six . And so there is a wish in theater, or to discuss the last masterpiece of Murakami, or just to chat about the good and evil. And yours either cannot, or does not want. By the way, other scientists found out that spouses with identical education level are usually happier, than those at whom levels of professional qualification strongly differ.

And then it appears. You usually call him the friend, either the friend, or just the adherent. To it it is possible to talk about everything and about anything. Sex from it, by and large, is not necessary.

And to what you sex when it is possible to discuss man`s psychology on the example of your husband, to argue to blue in the face on a karma, on Kiyosaki`s book or on the movie of brothers Koenov. It is such intellectual sex with a double orgasm.

Pluses: It is always pleasant to have the adherent and when he from enemy camp it not only is pleasant, but also it is useful.

Minuses: It is possible to fall in love a move, and in the near future your friend will undertake duties of the first category. But, alas, feelings from communication will be already not so sharp.

Virtual lover

At first sight, the safest option. Skilled, sorry, manufacturers prefer it. Thanks to the violent female imagination and fancy modern technologies you receive all above-mentioned rolled into one, or in one chat, and then in the letter. At the same time your conscience can be true - you calm yourself the fact that only you correspond, exchange photos and send the SMS.

Virtual communication allows to be liberated, on the one hand, and with another - to hide all that you at usual communication strenuously try to hide.

Pluses: The first - it is convenient. The second is it seems as well as not change.

Minuses: You will want to contemplate the charming interlocutor in real life soon. In eighty if not you are disappointed in ninety percent of cases. It will appear... not they are not such sociable, not such nice, etc.

As for the remained 10 - 20 percent, read above.

Before taking a step - and to go outside or in the Internet, or to dial telephone number, - properly think. Perhaps, your family endures a difficult period now, and all efforts need to be bent inside, but not outside. Generally, the Ministry of Health everything is warns.

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